How To Format Pendrive Using Cmd

How To Format Pendrive Using Cmd
How To Format Pendrive Using Cmd
While utilizing USB for information transferring or storage. Issues with USB flash drives increase. Format a Pendrive is one of all the highest problems. Here’s How to Format Using CMD.

As data formatting can take away all saved information on the USB drive. If your USB is accessible, ensure to back up valuable USB information. To a different secure location before. If you like a simple and fast method to format USB. Otherwise, you got to format to Ext 4/3/2, devour CMD various format tools for ease.

How to Format USB utilizing CMD (Command Prompt)

USB flash drive is worldwide used for storing information and transferring files. Even so, sometimes, USB could corrupt or become inaccessible. Because of RAW or invalid filing system, bad sector, or alternative errors. a fast method to resolve these issues is to info USB utilizing CMD.

Steps to Format Pendrive (NTFS or FAT32) utilizing CMD

Format USB utilizing CMD in Windows 10:

  • First, connect USB to your computer and press Windows Key + R keys.
  • Then, go to the cmd within the Search box and hit Enter to name command prompt.
  • After that go to the next command lines one by one and hit Enter every time:
  • Go to diskpart
  • Then, go to list disk
  • After that, select disk + variety (Replace two with the quantity of your USB drive.)
  • Clean the disc

Enter ‘clean’. This command can permanently delete all files and folders, and with success clean up the disk.

  • Then, enter Create Partition Primary
  • Then, list volume
  • After that, select volume + variety (Replace 10 with the quantity variety of your USB flash drive)
  • Now opt for the format option.
  • format fs=ntfs fast (You can even replace NTFS with FAT32 or exFAT.)
  • Assign a Drive Letter

You may assign d Drive Letter by, entering Assign.

  • At last, exit

CMD additionally works to repair Windows. Which was unable to finish the format error. In your computer hard drive, USB, or alternative storage devices.

Format Pendrive using command prompt in Windows 8 or Windows 7 PC

If you’re employing a Windows 8 or Windows 7 PC. First, go to the command prompt. And type the next command lines one by one. And hit Enter every time:

  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk 2 (Replace two with the amount of your USB drive.)
  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • format fs=ntfs
  • assign

Then, exit DiskPart and you’ll save information to your USB flash drive once more. Even so, as Linux filing system Ext2/3 isn’t compatible. With Windows Operating System Software.

Why does one Format Pendrive?

The storage devices that are widely used these days are usually HDDs and SSDs. That is forever started on a PC/Mac to put in the operating system software and store information files.

Meanwhile, there are several different sorts of prevailing devices. With a lot of versatile options for various functions. Yes, they’re removable storage devices. Like USB flash drive.

The truth is that despite what drive you are utilizing. It should have a sound filing system so. Windows will acknowledge it and place it to use.

What’s a lot of, it’s inevitable to develop dangerous sectors. Or corruption problems on a nominal flash drive when a long-time use.

By data formatting. You’ll be able to fix any USB flash drive, pen drive or memory stick that’s write-protected. Virus-infected, corrupted, damaged, unreadable, unrecognized by laptop and Mobile.


Because of its portability, flexibility. Massive storage size. And affordable value. The USB flash drive remains the No.1. External storage device round the world. This is all about How to Format Pendrive Using CMD. For any query feel free to use the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. Why do we format Pendrive?

Ans. Formatting a flash drive is that the best method to prepare the USB drive to be used by a laptop. It creates a filing system. That organizes your information. Whereas releasing more room to permit for extra storage. This optimizes the performance of your flash drive.

Q 2. What is the format command in CMD?

Ans. The format command could be a command prompt command. Accustomed format a given partition on a tough drive (internal or external). Disk, or flash drive to a given filing system. You’ll extra format drives while not employing a command.

Q 3. How can I make my C drive 100 GB?

Ans. Find the C: drive on the graphic show (usually on the road marked Disk 0) and right-click thereon. opt for Shrink Volume, which can refer to a dialogue box. Enter the quantity of space to shrink the C: drive (102,400MB for a 100GB partition, and so on). Select on the Shrink button.

Q 4. How can I format a C drive without losing windows?

Ans. To Format C drive without losing Windows follow the steps-

1. First, confer with the quality path to the Settings.
2. Then select the Windows menu and move to “Settings”.
3. After that go to “Update & Security”.
4. Then, “Reset this PC”.
5. After that “Get started”.
6. Then,  “Remove everything”.
7. After that, go to  “Remove files and clean the drive”.
Now follow the wizard to end the method.

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