How To Fix “The Media is Write Protected” in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Write protection is a feature that intends to prevent users from accidentally deleting or altering data on a disk or other storage device. Sometimes Windows does not work because the drive detects as protected.

The good news is that are various fixes for the “Media Is Write Protected” error in Windows. Starting with the most obvious fixes.

Removing Write Protection Files and Folder.

Write protection of specific files disk entire easy to fix.

These steps are as follow:

  1. Open Explorer File.
  2. Navigate the files and folder write protected.
  3. Select files or folder.
  • Right Click to select properties.
  • Open the General tab, box labeled Read-Only is unchecked.
  • Select OK button.

Selected files and folder confirm to attribute change also be applied to all files inside the primary folder.

Update Your Operating System.

Make sure your system is running on the latest Windows OS updates on your machine.

Go to your Windows Update, and check for updates and it’s available. To access the Windows Update section, you can simply update your system. This method works all the Windows versions.

Clean your temporary files and folders.

Clean your temporary files and the Disk is Cleanup.

And use your internet browser, in your computer accumulates various junk files.

Junk files affect your computer processing speed is very slow various error codes, including ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT error code.

Remove your unnecessary file and try writing data on the problematic device again.

Check System Files Corruption.

The piece of prep work when trying writeable again on the drive to run your File System Checker (SFC). They will compare all the crucial file systems to standard originals. If the file is corrupted download the new version and install your PC.

Check Your Media for Write Protection Switch.

If you are formatting trouble or writing SD card, and USB flash drive or external storage, check to write protection switch.

If pushed to the write protection position, you will not be able to format or write to the drive back. If you are sure eject the drive first before toggling the switch.

Full Malware Scan.

Malware writes to protect drives prevent their own deletion. Most likely you are getting the write protection error,   scan malware is quickly and easy to perform anyway. Removing malware from your system does not fix the issue.

Check your disk errors.

Windows 10, you can run disk using the prompt command.

Start Command administrator type chkdsk c: /f this command is followed to check the disk error.

Install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to remove write protection of USB flash drives. The tool was created to format the USB drives on computers that run older Windows versions. The UI strikingly Windows XP’s format option.

Why a disk becomes write-protected.

The write protection error, must be the possible cause.

  1. The physical write protection switch USB drives and SD cards, move the switch to the unlocked position. Using any antivirus software.  The SD card stick full.

   Remove disk write protection using CMD.

  1. Click Windows Key + X select Command Prompt menu.
  2. Press Enter to disk part.
  3. Press Enter to list disk.
  4. Select disk # to write protected disk press Enter.
  5. Press Enter the attributes disk clear read-only.
  • Press Enter to the exit and check Command prompt continuously.
  • Re-plug your USB flash drive to solve the write protection error.

The media is a write-protected error on the internal hard disk.

Malware cause various issue on your system, including error. Your computer is fully scanned in order to detect the malware running on your computer.

Registry using CCleaner.

The repair of your registry to use a dedicated tool, such as CCleaner. Don’t forget the first backup of your registry anything goes wrong.

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