How To Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android


While most individuals own a smartphone and spend a lot of time with it, having a complete knowledge of all your phone can do is rare. In some respects, this is understandable; after all, you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. However, we entrust so much of our lives and information to our phones that being unaware of security flaws might leave you in hot water. There are various hidden apps on Android phones.

With this in mind, we’ve created a guide that will show you how to identify and locate hidden spy apps or malware on your Android phone, as well as how to remove them.

Signs of spying on your Android Phone

You didn’t do anything, yet your phone is rooted.

This is one of the main signs to find hidden spy apps on android phones. Rooting is the process of bypassing certain of your Android device’s security features in order to have more control over it. While rooting is not especially difficult, it does necessitate some technical understanding and is not something that should be done on a whim. If you discover that your phone or tablet has been rooted and it wasn’t done by you, your device has most likely been hacked.

Though malware can be loaded without rooting your Android device, security protections prevent some of the spyware’s functionalities from being fully utilized.As a result, hackers who want to obtain access to specific services or data on your phone would frequently root it first in order to acquire control. Hence it can help in detecting hidden spy apps on android phones. 

Someone has access to much too much information about you.

It may seem unusual, but if someone seems to know where you’ve been before you tell them, or who you’ve been talking to before you tell them, they may simply be monitoring your phone activity and spying on your android phones.  We commonly think of hackers as outsiders and criminals, but an alarming amount of spyware is being placed by those closest to its victims for both personal and financial reasons.

Unexpected noises when on the phone

If you hear beeps or other strange noises while on the phone, it’s possible that you’re being recorded. This, however, could just be due to inadequate reception. This can help you to find hidden spy apps on android phones.

Increase in data usage

Spyware normally operates by transmitting a large amount of data from your phone to the spyware provider’s servers, which the hacker can access whenever they want. They can also listen in on your phone calls, track your position, and read your texts in real-time. To send all of this information out, your phone will need to utilize a lot of extra data. It’s possible that your phone has been hacked and someone is spying on your android phone if it’s using a lot more data than you think it should.

Weird phone behavior

Is your phone turning on or off by itself, or have you discovered apps on your phone that you didn’t install? Any strange behavior on your phone could suggest that it is being spied on.

Unfortunately, none of these methods are 100% accurate in determining whether or not your phone is infected with spyware or is being spied upon.. The best way to find hidden spy apps on android phones that are spying on you is to use a spyware detector.

How to find hidden spy apps on Android Phone

You may take a number of precautions to keep your Android phone from becoming infected with spyware and finding hidden apps on your Android phone.  Here are some helpful hints:

  • Never click a link in an email unless you know who sent it and what you’re clicking on.
  • Apps should only be downloaded from reliable sources like the Google Play Store. Spyware may be included in apps downloaded from other sources.
  • Always read app reviews before downloading an app, as if other people have had problems with spyware, it will usually show up in the reviews.

How to detect hidden spy apps on Android Phones

If you’re wondering how to locate hidden spy apps on Android phones, you can do it manually by running a series of tests. When looking for hidden spy apps on your Android phone, keep the following in mind:

Look through your apps to see if there are any that you don’t recognize.

This is one of the best methods to find hidden spy apps on android phones. Many of us have pages or folders full of downloaded games or apps that we’ve only used a few times before forgetting about. A simple technique to find a surveillance app is to go through all of the installed apps on the  Android phone. It’s crucial to note that your phone comes with a certain number of apps pre-installed; if in question, do some Google searching to see if the apps you don’t recall downloading are a standard part of the Android setup.

Keep an eye on the symbol for your current location.

When an app uses your device location, Android smartphones display a little symbol in the notification bar at the top of the screen. If you notice that this location icon appears frequently but you aren’t using any apps that have permission to access your location data, it could be a hint that an unseen spy app is tracking your whereabouts in the background. This method helps in finding hidden spy apps on android phones.

Check the permissions you’ve given your apps.

Manually doing this may take a bit longer, but it’s critical to figure out whether apps have access to your microphone, camera, or location data. This could disclose whether an app is watching you without your knowledge or consent, making it a fairly solid signal for detecting hidden spy apps on your android phones.

If you don’t have time to go through these procedures manually, you can download the

For any third-party Mobile Security app, go to Privacy Audit and see a list of all the apps you’ve loaded, as well as which ones are accessing your GPS location, camera, microphone, or other device functions.

To manually check, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select Apps or Manage Apps from the drop-down menu.
  • Select App Permissions from the drop-down menu.
  • To check which apps have access to each permission, tap it and adjust accordingly.

Google Play Protect is turned off.

Another Method to find hidden spy apps on android phones is by disabling google protect. Android comes with a built-in virus and malware scanner called Google Play Protect. It’s designed to run in the background, scanning every app you download onto your Android phone for viruses and malware. Because Google Play Protect is turned on by default, it’s possible that it’s off because someone has installed something harmful on your phone and is required to turn off the protective scanner to do so.

To manually check your Google Play Protect settings, go to:

  • Launch the Google Play Store application.
  • Select Menu > Play Protect > Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Check that the device’s security threat scanner is turned on.

Who’s spying on you?

Many people online steal and sell your personal information, gain access to your bank accounts, and use your accounts without your permission., this leads to spying apps on your android phones. What drives people to put up the effort and take time out of their day?

  • Most likely, they’ll assume you’ve got what they’re looking for (money, sensitive information, etc.),
  • Gaining your personal information will be beneficial to you (e.g., cheating spouse),
  • Need to feed the addiction (but hackers/phreakers still require work to do something useful),
  • Alternatively, you may be hired.

Because information can be diverted multiple times to other locations, it’s difficult to establish who is spying. Your best bet is to stay away from anything that could jeopardize your safety. Install anti-malware software and stay away from the internet in order to be safe from the hidden apps on android phones.

Conclusion: How to uninstall hidden spy phone apps on your Android phones

Be aware of software that has been pirated. Advertisers use ad/app bundles to obtain information about you. Read the permissions that an app asks for and decide if it’s worth it. Keep an eye out for clones of popular apps and websites. Smishing is a new technology that generates an overlay on top of banking log-ins in order to steal personal information. When entering sensitive information, make sure you’re on a secure site (the IP address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP).

Third-party programs can be useful, but they can also be dangerous if you obtain them from an untrusted source. Android spyware can also slip through the cracks in the Play Store before being discovered. If you’re having problems with an app, uninstall it and restart your computer.

If you’re still having issues, try performing a factory reset. On their Android smartphone, no one wants viruses, monitoring apps, or malware installed. Nevertheless, as we move closer to online transactions, hackers are finding it increasingly profitable to devise even more complex techniques of fraudulently accessing your data.

Checking for spyware is the first step in resolving this problem. Use the tips listed above to see if your phone has spyware or tracking software installed, and if so, take the appropriate actions to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to install spyware on a phone from afar?

Yes, spyware can be installed remotely if certain circumstances are met. One of these requirements is that the target should be able to access the spyware’s target URL.

What is the purpose of phone spyware?

Spyware can capture data from your phone, including personal information such as internet browsing habits, SMS content, user logins, passwords, and bank or credit account information. Spyware can potentially mess with your phone’s controls by installing extra software or diverting web browsers.

Is there a difference between spyware and malware?

Yes, technically. Spyware is a sort of malicious software. Malware is a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of harmful software, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, and other threats.

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