How To Boost WiFi Signal?

How To Improve WiFi Signal Strength
How To Improve WiFi Signal Strength

Slow internet is the most annoying thing when we are doing important work and need an urgent high-speed internet connection. In this era, WiFi is as important a utility as water and electricity, and it can be very irritating if your WiFi connection is weakened or disconnected. Several factors affect WiFi speed and it is important to have a brief knowledge of them in order to avoid such scenarios.

If the internet isn’t working as fast as you’d expect, it may be a good time to consider something. Let’s look at the steps we can do to improve WiFi signal strength.

Run a speed test

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 There are many reasons why there aren’t many WiFi signals, and it’s a great way to start from the basics. We can run a simple speed test to see if you’re getting the speed your Internet Service Provider promises. To check your internet speed, follow these steps:

  • Go to the search engine and search
  • There just hit the “Go” button and you will get to know how well your WiFi is performing.

Relocate Access Point to improve WiFi signal

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 If the access point passes the speed test but the WiFi signal is still low, it may be due to a bad location. Not all locations are suitable, even walls can interfere with WiFi signals to some extent. The best location for WiFi is the central location, which is most likely to reach the edge of the location. You may also notice a slight increase in the WiFi signal as you move the access point off the ground. It’s true that the location of the access point affects WiFi coverage. To significantly improve your WiFi signal, simply changing the location will greatly improve the WiFi signal.

Update AP firmware

This is one of the most important things to check on your access point. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve their software, improving their speed and signaling. Updating the AP firmware also protects you from a large increase in malware attacks. Updating the access point is very easy. Follow the steps below to update your access point firmware:

  • Log in to your access point’s network.
  •  After logging in with your administrator username and password, you have the option to update the current AP firmware.
  •  You need to click this update button because you can easily find the update process in the management interface.

Add a wireless AP to your network

 Suppose that you have tried all the above techniques and the signal still has not been improved significantly. If that’s the case, you must add a wireless AP to your network. All the access points are actually a part of a single wireless network, which shares the same SSID and same password. You can also add one or two “Extenders”. A WiFi extender is a small device that amplifies and extends the range of WiFi signals. You need to connect these devices close to your WiFi access point to ensure you receive reliable signals.

Switch radio channels to select the less congested channel

Signals from other wireless networks can have a significant impact on your WiFi speed. There are several WiFi channels that WiFi access points broadcast. If the signal is lost simply switch the radio signal in order to select the less congested channels.

Check the number of simultaneous users on the network

If you want to boost your WiFi Signal, You must know the number of concurrent users in a particular network or access point. These are users who are connected within the network or distributed to different APs. Now suppose that as more users connect to a particular access point, you feel that your WiFi network has no signal.

If there are a lot of users to a single network, it’s obvious that the WiFi strength weakens. In such cases, the concept of “roaming” becomes useful because it can automatically redirect the user to another AP, which usually has a stronger signal. Only works if multiple APs are configured on a particular workstation.


We have listed some of the steps you could follow in order to boost and improve WiFi signal strength in your device. Hope you find these steps useful.

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