How To Hide Photos and Videos on Android

How To Hide Photos and Videos on Android
How To Hide Photos and Videos on Android
It’s not clicking the photos, we tend to additionally use our smartphones as a tool. To store our data. Whereas we would like to stay these reminiscences handy. There are some personal. And confidential photos we would need to stay private. Here’s How to Hide Photos on Android.

You have got an android phone, there are many methods to put photos private. Even so distinct ways defend your photos more than others. For instance, some motion pictures are out of your stream. So that once you hand your phone to a friend or relative, those photos don’t show. The foremost secure apps, though. Make sure pictures stay out there inside the app. And need authentication whenever the app is accessed.

Hide photos utilizing Google Photos Archive Feature

The archive provides a fast method to move pictures out of your main photostream. Even so, anyone who has access to your phone will access archived photos. And archived photos can still show in albums and search results. Take into account Google Photos archive as a fast and simple method to move photos out of reading. Not a secure method to shield pictures you wish to stay private.

To hide your photos with this method:

  • First, open Google Photos on Android.
  • Then tap to pick out one or a lot of pictures.
  • After that tap the three-vertical-dot menu within the upper-right corner.
  • Then tap Move to Archive. This team selected photos with all different Archived photos.
  • At last to access photos in Archive, faucet the Library at all-time low right, then faucet Archive.

Use Open supply Third-Party Apps to cover Photos

Many privacy-focused professionals like open supply applications over personal. Proprietary applications, since open source code, will review. This enables programmers to review code. To see that a program is not doing something villainous together with your photos.

1. Professional protection: CameraV

CameraV provides a camera that takes photos, as you’d expect. And thus the app will save the photographs among the app. You’ll be able to set up a passcode that has got to enter to access the app and pictures.

CameraV is one of many apps overseen by the Guardian Project. That creates apps to serve mobile journalism. And support efforts. The app offers journalists (and others) a secure thanks. To document sensitive activities. Like human rights violations, in hostile places. Due to this, CameraV includes a panic possibility. That deletes all app contents straight off. Once deleted, you won’t have access to your photos, even so, the one that takes your phone won’t get them either.

Simple Gallery Pro- Pic Manager & Editor ($1.19 as of September 2020) is an open-source app. Supposed to figure on most android devices and to produce an alternate. To default Google apps. easy Gallery professional offers the flexibility to cover photos. you will shield hidden things or, if you wish, access to the app, with a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. The developer, easy Mobile Tools, additionally offers many different apps. Like Camera and straightforward File Manager professional apps. That function open-source alternatives to many proprietary android apps.

3. Explore distinct Android Vault Apps

As a true vault seeks to secure valuables you place in it, vault-app guarantees to shield your digital content. A vault-app enables you to choose and place photos, videos, or different files into the app. Then needs a PIN, passcode, fingerprint. (or, in some cases, different biometric authentication, like face recognition) for access.

A search of the Google Play Store for “Vault” can come back as an extended list. To spot potential vault apps to do. Investigate the number of downloads still. Because of the star rating, each of those shows is in an app’s Play Store listing. In general, seek apps that have many million downloads and a rating of four.5 or above. faucet “Read more” to examine the app’s details to seem for the “Updated on” date. Generally, like apps that have received one or extra updates within the past 90 days. And exclude apps that haven’t been updated within the past year.

4. Extra choices to hide Photos on android

Check with your android device maker to examine if they provide a way to secure pictures. For instance, Samsung offers Secure Folder on devices that run android candy 7.0 or newer. And personal Mode for phones that run older Android versions. Like- LG offers a Content Lock feature to shield pictures and videos on some devices.

Once designed, these vendor-provided strategies need a PIN, pattern, or word. To access protected photos. In each case, these strategies create your photos a lot of privacy. Then the fundamental Google Photos archive feature.


It’s up to you to safeguard the privacy of your photos at the least time. And confirm random people can’t still swipe. And inspect the rest of your photos. As a result of the temptation could also be overwhelming. So this is all about How to Hide Photos on Android.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q 1. How do I hide photos in Google Photos?

Ans. Called Archive, the feature is currently out there. For both android and iOS users. Yet because of the desktop version of Google Photos. To cover photos, you only ought to choose them and select Archive to hide them.

Q 2. How do I hide photos on Reddit Android?

Ans. Keep them in a very folder with a file referred to as .nomedia can hide it from your gallery! This can be the simplest approach. If you are attempting to form certain nosey friends do not discover the pics in your gallery. Produce a new file in the folder and name it.

Q 3. What is a private mode on Android?

Ans. Private Mode is meant to allow you. To hide specific files inside a couple of Samsung apps so that they are not visible. Once you are not Mode. It works within the Gallery, Video, Music, Voice Recorder, My Files, and web apps.

Q 4. Is incognito safe?

Ans. It will not defend you from viruses or malware. It will not keep your internet service provider (ISP) from seeing. Wherever you have been online. It will not stop websites from seeing your physical location. And any bookmarks you save. Whereas private browsing or concealed mode will not disappear. Once you switch it off.

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