How to Hide Likes on Instagram

How to Hide Likes on Instagram
How to Hide Likes on Instagram

In this article you will learn many ways to hide likes on your Instagram post, Instagram recently introduced a new feature in its latest update that provides it’s followers an option to choose whether to hide their likes on posts or not. So are ready to read about how to hide likes on Instagram? We will cover all the necessary information in this article, Read till the end to know!

How to Hide Instagram Likes?

 In the Instagram Popularity Contest, Instagram introduced a new feature to hide Instagram likes on your posts so that no one knows how your posts are doing.

Instagram is responsible for your Instagram account and posts and gives you choices about how the platform handles your likes or How to turn off likes before posting?

Disabling Instagram posts like before sharing is as easy as a few taps on the screen. Here’s how.

  • Create an Instagram post as usual.
  •  When you reach the last screen before posting, scroll down and click More Settings.
  • At the top of the screen, click the buttons next to ‘Hide likes’ and ‘Views for this post’ to enable them.
  • Click the back arrow and then click Share to post the image or video. Screenshot of Instagram advanced settings options.
  • Screenshot with an option to hide Instagram likes in advanced settings.

How to Hide Instagram Likes on Already Posted Posts It’s as easy as hiding Instagram likes under posts you’ve already shared.

 Auto Post to Instagram

 You can now schedule photos and videos directly to Instagram without push notifications!

How do hidden likes on Instagram work?

 It’s important to note that if a user chooses to hide likes from their account, they don’t completely remove likes. The total number of likes is hidden from followers, but users can still see who liked the post with just a few taps.

 The new ‘personal likes’ design when scrolling on Instagram looks like this: Mark Zuckerberg explained, “No likes when scrolling through the feed.”

 “You can simply view which of your follower liked your photo or video. You can click to view [the full list of people who like your post] and add them all yourself if you have time.”

Can you still view the number of likes you have got on your Instagram post? The answer is Yes, if you have some followers You can view the number of likes for a post even if you can’t see it.

 However, the number of likes is not automatically displayed under the post. Instead of that, you need to click “Other” below the blog post to see the total number of likes.

How to Hide Instagram likes you can hide or revert likes by changing the app settings.

The major drawback in hiding your likes is that you will no longer be able to see likes on other followers’ posts also when scrolling through your Instagram feed.

 Users can also hide the likes of a post by clicking the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of a published post. See Users will still be able to see the number of likes and other interactions through analytics, even if the feature is turned off.

How will removing Instagram likes affect influencers and brands?

The big question is, how will removing likes affect influencers and businesses?

 After completely removing likes from test users in several countries, many influencers said engagement rates dropped significantly. This is a key metric that brands use to measure the success of their influencer marketing campaigns.

 Why? Followers don’t show likes and are less motivated to click the like button. For businesses, removing likes is also problematic when validating influencer metrics.

 Fortunately, there are tools to test influencer metrics. For example, Performance Report generates an automatic report that is updated every 24 hours with the latest performance.

 This latest update on Instagram allows users to decide whether to like each account or not.


Hope this article was beneficial for you! If a large number of users decide to hide their likes, this can affect engagement rates. This is something for brands and creators to keep in mind.

 However, this follow-up approach is the only way Instagram can balance its community, especially given the social pressure and anxiety that  Instagram likes.

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