How to Hide Likes on Facebook

How to Hide Likes on Facebook
How to Hide Likes on Facebook
It is simple to feel overexposed on the platform. Luckily, You may hide your likes on Facebook. To limit the amount of data shared with distinct users. So on reclaim a touch of your privacy. So, here’s How To Hide Likes on Facebook.

For quite a very long time, Facebook has been performing in various ways. To enhance the mental state of its users. First, the corporate introduced the Take a possible feature on Facebook. To limit folks with whom you don’t need to move with. And now, the corporate has unrolled the choice to cover. Like counts on Facebook to all or any users globally. You’ll be able to hide likes on your posts furthermore as disabled like. Counts for posts from all people on your Facebook newsfeed. Consultants say this may have a positive impact on users. Thus Facebook has brought that option to users.

Disable Facebook Like Counts on the web

If you browse Facebook on a desktop web browser. This tutorial can assist you. To hide likes on the Facebook website. Here are the steps you all have to compel to follow.

  • First, open Facebook (website link). And click on the arrow icon at the top-right corner. After that, select “Settings & Privacy”.
  • Then select “News Feed Preferences“.
  • Now on the page that opens, scroll down and click on “Reaction preferences“.
  • And Then, change the toggles for “On your posts” and “On posts from others”. Thus it will hide likes for all your posts and others posts on Facebook.

Hide Facebook Likes utilizing Android/ iOS Mobile App

You’re utilizing the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Follow the below steps to cover likes. Certify you’ve got updated. To the most recent version of the Facebook app from the Play Store or App Store. I’m utilizing the android app for this tutorial. Even so, the steps stay identical for iOS users.

  • First, open the Facebook app and move to the hamburger menu. On the top-right corner (present at very cheap right iPhone). Then, scroll down and expand the “Settings & Privacy” menu. Then, the faucet is on “Settings”.
  • Now, beneath the “Preferences” section, the faucet on “Reaction Preferences”.
  • At last, change the toggle for “On your posts” below the “Hide range of reactions” section. It’ll hide like counts on Facebook for all your posts. If you would like to disable like counts from posts of people.
  • Activate the toggle for “On posts from others” likewise.
  • You have with success disabled likes on your Facebook posts.

Note- The reaction counts can still seem on Reels and Facebook Marketplace posts.

How to Hide Page Likes on Facebook

Apart from user posts, you’ll be able to opt to hide likes for specific page classes on Facebook. This includes the likes of restaurants, movies, music, sports groups, food. And wear, among several others. By default, Page likes are set to public, and everybody will see. Once you like your favorite k-pop band, football team, or that obscure wear complete. You don’t need others to understand (but they do).

Well, follow the steps below to vary who will see your Page classes audience. And conceal Page likes from others on Facebook:

  • First, open And visit your profile. By clicking your profile image at the highest right.
  • After that select “More” from the menu bar below your profile name. Choose “Likes” from the list of choices that seem.
  • And on the next page, click on the ellipsis (three dots) icon next to the “Likes” heading.
  • After that, opt the Edit the Privacy of Your Likes.
  • Then, click on the world icon next to the Page class whose audience settings you wish to vary.
  • At last, choose the amount of privacy you wish for your Page likes on Facebook. If you don’t need different Facebook users to check what music pages you wish, choose the “Only Me” choice to hide them. You’ve got three different choices to decide on. From Public, Friends, Friends except for acquaintances, and a Custom List.
  • Choose “Close” once you’ve got created the required changes. And that’s it. Different users can now not see your Page likes in their newsfeed on Facebook.

Hide Facebook Likes utilizing an Extension

For some reason, if the settings page for activity. Like counts aren’t out there on your Facebook account besides. You’ll be able to install an extension or an add-on on your computer’s browser. Follow the steps below.

If you’re a Chrome or Microsoft Edge user, install the Hide Likes extension (Free). And if you use Firefox, install this add-on in your browser (Free). The most effective half on this extension. Is that it not hide likes on Facebook, even so, Twitter and YouTube furthermore.

Now, you don’t get to do something. Open the Facebook website, and like counts can disappear for all posts in your newsfeed. Even so, detain mind that others can still be able to see like counts on your posts. So yeah, it’s higher to use Facebook’s inherent feature to cover likes on the social media platform.


This is how to hide likes on Facebook, despite if you’re utilizing the mobile app or browsing Facebook. Through an internet browser on your computer. I have as well enclosed the steps. To cover likes. With an extension, if the settings page doesn’t show informed your account.


Q 1. Can you hide reactions on Facebook?

Ans. Choose Settings & Privacy option, After that choose News Feed Preferences. Then opt for Reaction Preferences. Next to On your posts, select to show on this setting. Choose to show this setting off at any time.

Q 2. Who can see my likes?

Ans. Only your approved followers will see your posts. Together with any likes and comments. After you sort of a public post, your likes are visible to everybody. And your username is clickable below the post. Even so approved followers will see your posts.

Q 3. Why cannot I hide like counts?

Ans. For some users, it should take longer to receive an update. If you are having hassle searching the choice to cover likes. See if you are utilizing the foremost recent version of Instagram. By visiting the App Store (for iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (for android users).

Q 4. Can Creator accounts hide likes?

Ans. Hiding likes reduces the necessity. To shop for fake likes on the platform. As currently, content creators will hide their likes.

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