How To Hide Apps on iPhone

How To Hide App in iPhone 13
How To Hide App in iPhone 13

In this article, we will instruct you on how to hide apps on iPhone. There might be several reasons that you may have to hide certain apps on your iPhone so that they don’t appear on your home screen.

When you download a new app, its icon displays on the home screen of your iPhone, generally on the final page. This convention enables users who have a causal connection with their applications to remember all they have. Keeping your home screen nice and organized might be difficult, though, due to these settings.

You’ll need to find a better way to organize your app collection if you have too many apps on many pages of your home screen or wish to keep certain apps secret. iOS features a feature that allows you to hide applications you don’t use or don’t want to see all of the time.

The App Library, which was introduced with iOS 14, is the simplest method to manage your iPhone apps. Apple’s current operating system makes it simple to remove apps from your home screen and find them in your library. Here are several methods for starting to hide applications on your iPhone.

Why Hide Apps on iPhone?

If you’re addicted to a particular game or monitoring your Facebook alerts like I am, you may need to hide apps on your iPhone from prying eyes or from yourself. You can ask that an app not be presented with Smart Suggestions for Apps (thereby hiding the app). App folders may also be used to hide an app on your iPhone.

You may go one step further and hide the app from iPhone Search and your App Store purchase history. You can also hide the App Store and remove most of Apple’s pre-installed apps while you’re doing it.

Steps to Hide Apps on iPhone 13

Step 1: Grab the application you want to hide. A menu appears.

Step 2: Select the option highlighted in red to uninstall the application.

Step 3: You can permanently remove or remove the application from the page.

Want to Remove unnecessary apps and free up some space from recently used apps. What if you need to hide the entire Application page?

There is something for you.

How to hide the App page on iPhone

Sometimes hiding one application is not enough. The screen is so cluttered that it needs more space to work efficiently. You can hide any app page using the iOS 14 app library.

Step 1: On the page, you want to hide, grab an empty area of the screen.

Step 2: Press the small navigation button located at the bottom where all the screens are shown with checkboxes below.

Step 3: Check the boxes that appear on the pages you want to show and uncheck the boxes for the pages that you want to hide. If you change your mind after hiding the application page, you can display the application page.

Now Press and hold the screen and tap the dots to see the screen you want to hide or show. A homepage is created.

How to hide iPhone 13 Apps: Apps Hidden in Folders

Step 1: To hide the apps in folders on iPhone 13, you can use the Folders option. Click and hold the apps that you want to hide until the app starts moving. This will take about 4-5 seconds.

 Step 2: To create a folder, hold any application and drag it over to other applications. After that a folder would be created, and you can release the application over there. Now rename the folder that you created using the text bar that is located at the top.

Step 3: Select the app that you want to hide in that folder. Hold the app down until it disappears from the view. Drag it onto the next page in the folder. To hide applications, you can create folders with up to 15 screens.

This will not completely hide the application, but it will make it more difficult to accidentally find the application. It also makes it difficult for any person to find those hidden apps.

Step 4: After you’ve transferred all of your applications to the new folder, you may move them to the next page and hide them. It’s simple to do; simply tap and drag the desired app to the folder’s right side until it appears on the second page. Carry on using this procedure for any additional applications you want to keep hidden.

Step 5: Finally, we recommend giving the folder a more modest name. For example, our folder is called “Dictionaries.” On the first page of the folder, we have put a few dictionaries. Remember that the home page will still show all of the applications on the folder’s leading page, but it will be considerably smaller than usual.

How to Hide Apps from Smart Suggestions

Siri’s intelligence is used by Smart Suggestions to forecast and propose apps or shortcuts based on your usage habits. However, you may get suggestions for applications you’d like not to use as much (anyone else trying to cut back on Pokémon GO? ), or apps you already have a separate widget set up for and don’t need to see in suggestions. Here’s how to stop Smart Suggestions from recommending apps to you:

Step 1: On your iPhone Home screen, your Suggestions widget will appear as a standard cluster of app icons.

Step 2: Hold down the icon for the app you want to keep out of Suggestions.

Step 3: A menu will appear on the screen. You’ll receive a bottom message if you tap Don’t Suggest “[app name].”

Step 4: Give your phone a second or two to reply after tapping the red option that reads Don’t Suggest “[app name].”

You’ve just disabled Smart Suggestions for this app! Don’t worry, the app will still be on your phone; it will simply not appear in your Smart Suggestions widget.

Step 1: Open settings.

Step 2: Search using Siri.

Step 3: Activate Siri and search

Step 4: Select the app you wish to hide from the app area by scrolling down.

Step 5: Toggle off Show on Home Screen for the app you want to hide from Search. The toggle should be gray after you’re finished.

Step 6: Remove an app from the iPhone’s home screen

To restore access to apps on your iPhone’s Home screen, repeat the process, but instead of turning off Show on Home Screen, turn it back on.

How to Hide Apps on the iPhone from Your App Store Purchase History

Anyone in your Family Group can view and download the applications you’ve paid and downloaded if you’ve enabled Family Sharing. You may conceal certain of your applications from your App Store purchase history if you want to keep them private. Don’t worry, you can always go back and look for hidden app purchases if you need to!

Step 1: Navigate to the App Store. 

Step 2: In the top right corner, tap the profile symbol or your photo.

Step 3: Select Purchased.

Step 4: Locate the app you wish to conceal.

Step 5: On the app, swipe left.

Step 6: Tap Hide.

Step 7: Rep for any additional apps you’d like to conceal.

Step 8: In the top right corner, tap Done.

The software will not be deleted or hidden from your iPhone or iPad. This technique just removes the app from your App Store purchase history. Even if you hide the app from Purchases, you can’t conceal app subscriptions from the Family Organizer under Family Sharing. Do you need to track down concealed App Store purchases? It’s not difficult.

Can You Hide Apps on the iPhone That Come Pre-installed?

Apple allows users to conceal Apple apps that are pre-installed on their iPhones in various circumstances. Apple’s standard apps are concealed in the same manner that third-party apps are. However, you are only uninstalling the app’s icon; the app’s data is not deleted.

Step 1: Tap and hold the app you wish to hide from the Home screen.

Step 2: Select Delete App from the Action Menu when it appears.

Step 3: The app cannot be removed if the Delete App is not available in the Action Menu.

Step 4: Repeat all of the stock applications you wish to get rid of.

Step 5: If you decide you want to use any of these applications again in the future, just re-download them from the App Store.

How to hide apps using iPhone 13 app library

Whether you’re using iOS 14 or iOS 15, iPhone 13 automatically includes the App Library. Here is some additional information about the application library. You can hide the application by holding down the app and clicking on the button. A menu appears. Click Uninstall Application. A second menu will open. Click to go to the application library. This will hide the application from the iPhone 13 application library. You can easily find hidden applications in the application library. You can also add it to your home screen later if you change your mind.


It’s as simple as that. You may easily transfer your apps on iOs devices elsewhere if you decide you no longer need to hide them. You just need to drag them out of the hidden folder and back onto the home page. Simply activate Edit Home Screen mode to accomplish this. This method may be used to hide any app, whether native or third-party. This simple method will allow you to fast and simply hide your native apps.

Hope this article helped you understand the steps on how to hide apps from the app library on iPhone 13 or simply hide the application.

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