Best and Popular Hashtags For Instagram in 2022

Best Hashtags for Instagram
Best Hashtags for Instagram

Are you looking for Instagram hashtags to increase your post’s likes and followers? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot because this page includes a selection of 2022-relevant, hand-picked Instagram hashtags for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube.

The following is a collection of Instagram hashtags that you can copy and paste into posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube videos to quickly gain likes and followers. These hashtags are frequently used by users of Instagram to increase the number of likes and follows.

Importance of hashtags?

Hashtags are essentially Instagram’s categorization system. With about 95 million photographs submitted on Instagram every day, Instagram struggles to properly distribute the appropriate material to the right people. Hashtags aid in the discovery of your content by people who are most interested in seeing it.

Hashtags, in essence, are a better method to organize your articles. They assist you in reaching your target audience, and more crucially, they assist your target audience in finding you. Because your article is precisely what they were looking for, these individuals are more likely to interact with it.

In this article we have listed the best Hashtags for Instagram which could be used to attract the followers, read the article further to choose the best Instagram hashtags to increase your followers. 

Types of Instagram Hashtag

Hashtags are little chunks of text that may be used in a variety of ways. They can help you develop a community, increase the visibility of your account, or just attract others who share your interests.

Take a look at the most frequent Instagram hashtags you may use and their classifications before deciding on a collection of hashtags for your posts.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Businesses

Whether you’re a company’s social media manager, the owner of a small business, or alone proprietor, you may utilize the hashtags listed below to increase your exposure on Instagram.

• Hashtags for a product or service: Product hashtags are used by businesses for posts about their products and services. This is generally something general, like #hairsalon or #knitwear.

• Hashtags for certain industries: These hashtags are narrower than your product or service hashtags and are used to represent the specialized task you undertake. #blackhairsalon and #handmadeknits are two examples.

Hashtags with a brand: Branded hashtags aid in the development of a community centered on your brand or business. This may be a catchphrase. It might also be the name of a certain product you provide or even the name of your company.

• Hashtags for campaigns: If you’re running a sponsored ad, you may use a unique hashtag to keep track of campaign activities.

• Hashtags for user-generated content: This hashtag is designed exclusively for your consumers. These are distinct from product, branding, and campaign hashtags in that you, as the firm, have no control over what is posted. Visitors to this hashtag can view unfiltered and unsponsored photographs of your goods.

• Instagram hashtags for your industry’s community: These hashtags are useful for increasing your visibility among other Instagrammers who do the same thing as you. For example, if you were a knitter, you might use the hashtag #knittersofinstagram.

• Hashtags for an event or conference: You may use these hashtags as a firm or business owner to join the conversation around a certain event or industry conference.

• Hashtags for cultural movements: Instagram contains hashtags for cultural movements such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Pride, and feminism (#BlackLivesMatter, #Pride, and #feminism, respectively). Use these hashtags to raise awareness, disseminate information, and make your company’s position known.

• Hashtags for specific locations: These are excellent for targeting users in your location. Consider the hashtags #hairsalonld and #swissbakery.

• Hashtags are phrases: Phrase hashtags like #workeveryday and #befearless might give people an idea of what you do while also encouraging them.

Individuals may also participate in popular topics by using daily, acronyms, and holiday hashtags.

Top Instagram Hashtags for Individuals

Do you have a personal Instagram account? Examine the hashtags that are available to you.

• Hashtags unique to you: You use these hashtags particularly in postings about yourself. Consider the hashtags #myself, #selfie, #lovemyself, #vacation, and #lovemylife.

• Hashtags for the day: Daily hashtags, such as #workoutwednesday, #throwbackthursday, and #motivationmonday, typically have a theme.

• Hashtags as acronyms: Consider the hashtags #ootd (outfit of the day), #potd (photo of the day), and #tbt.

Hashtags for the holidays: Use special holiday hashtags, such as #DiaDeLosMuertos or #IndependenceDay, to express how you’re spending your time on these days.

You may utilize phrases, cultural movements, events, and geographical hashtags just like corporations.

TOP Instagram Hashtags

  1. #follow (675.8M posts)
  2. #love (2.1B posts)
  3. #instagood (1.5B posts)
  4. #fashion (1B posts)
  5. #photooftheday (972.4M posts)
  6. #art (863.8M posts)
  7. #photography (836.6M posts)
  8. #instagram (785.2M posts)
  9. #beautiful (779.7M posts)
  10. #picoftheday (682.5M posts)
  11. #nature (681.5M posts)
  12. #happy (661.6M posts)
  13. #cute (651.7M posts)
  14. #travel (600.4M posts)
  15. #style (595.3M posts)
  16. #followme (587.5M posts)
  17. #tbt (584.4M posts)
  18. #instadaily (570.8M posts)
  19. #repost (550.7M posts)
  20. #like4like (536.3M posts)
  21. #summer (521.1M posts)
  22. #beauty (482.8M posts)
  23. #fitness (476.7M posts)
  24. #food (467.4M posts)
  25. #selfie (460.7M posts)
  26. #me (459.9M posts)
  27. #instalike (454.5M posts)
  28. #girl (441.6M posts)
  29. #friends (429.7M posts)
  30. #fun (427.5M posts)
  31. #photo (427.4M posts)
  32. #smile (421.7M posts)
  33. #family (405.5M posts)
  34. #life (402.2M posts)
  35. #music (390.3M posts)
  36. #ootd (388M posts)
  37. #makeup (361.4M posts)
  38. #likeforlike (358.1M posts)
  39. #likeforlikes (335.4M posts)
  40. #model (328.7M posts)
  41. #dog (325.8M posts)
  42. #design (302.1M posts)
  43. #follow4follow (300.1M posts)
  44. #amazing (299.1M posts)
  45. #lifestyle (297.2M posts)
  46. #motivation (297.1M posts)
  47. #sunset (295.1M posts)
  48. #igers (294.3M posts)
  49. #explore (290.4M posts)
  50. #handmade (290.2M posts)

How to Look for Hashtags on Instagram

To find Hashtags on Instagram follow the given steps:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen, then the search bar at the top, to search for hashtags on Instagram. 
  • By selecting the “Tags” option, you may search for hashtags and similar hashtags depending on their popularity.

How to use hashtags on Instagram?

You can include hashtags in your post’s caption or comments. The post will appear on the relevant hashtag page if you have a public account and include hashtags in it.

To add a hashtag to a picture or video:

  • Post or take a picture or video.
  • Choose to add a filter, then tap Next (iPhone) or (Android).
  • Tap Enter a caption by writing #flower followed by text or an emoji.
  • Tap Done or Share (iPhone) (Android).
  • Edit the caption or add your hashtag in a comment to a post you’ve previously submitted if you want to add a hashtag.

Once you’ve added a hashtag to your post, you may tap it to access a page that displays all of the images and videos that users have posted using that hashtag.

Is there a hashtag limit on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram has a hashtag limit. On Instagram, a post cannot have more than 30 hashtags. 10 for a story, please. So, be sure to adhere to the limit while adding hashtags for your postings. One strategy for doing this is to stick to hashtags that will be more effective in driving relevant traffic to your content.

Top reasons to use Instagram Hashtags

There are many uses for Instagram hashtags; here are a few:

Obtain more followers

One of the best strategies to increase your Instagram follower count is by using relevant hashtags. By extending your audience, hashtags help more people find your work. They’ll likely follow your account if the stuff you post is pertinent to them.

Receive more likes

Instagram users who are interested in a certain subject are probably going to look for relevant hashtags. As a result, including Instagram hashtags in your content gives you the opportunity to expose your posts to an interested audience.

Generate sales

Instagram hashtags have many purposes other than just increasing your online presence. While this is a useful result of using Instagram hashtags, you can also increase your sales by incorporating them into your plan for publishing on Instagram, especially if you locate some of the most popular Instagram hashtags in your industry.

Where can I use these hashtags on Instagram?

Using these well-liked Instagram hashtags with your posts and stories will increase the number of likes you receive for your pictures and videos.

Facebook Instagram Hashtags – Facebook is one of the most well-known social networks in the world. If your facebook page is on an Instagram-related subject, you should select the top Instagram hashtags and use them with each image and video you post there to quickly gain fans.

Youtube Instagram Hashtags – If you’ve just launched a YouTube channel for Instagram and your recently uploaded videos aren’t receiving any views, copy these top Instagram hashtags into your video to quickly grow your channel’s subscriber base.

TikTok Instagram Hashtags – If your Instagram-related tiktok videos aren’t receiving enough views, you can easily copy and paste these trending Instagram hashtags into your tiktok video to gain likes and followers right now.

Instagram hashtags for Twitter – As Twitter’s popularity soars, including the appropriate hashtags in your tweets will help you quickly gain a large following. If you’re seeking Instagram-related hashtags when tweeting about Instagram, you can copy the ones above and paste them in your tweets.

These Instagram hashtags were compiled from a variety of social media platforms based on their popularity in 2022. You can use them on any social media platform, including Tumblr, ello, tiktok, twitter, linkedin, and others.

Third Party Apps to generate Hashtags for Instagram

You can find the most trending Instagram hashtags for your specialty by using a variety of Instagram tools. Here are a few possibilities:


You can use TagBlender, an Instagram hashtag generator, to find effective hashtags for your social media posts. You may create the ideal collection of Instagram hashtags using TagBlender for a variety of niches, including “People,” “Urban,” “Fashion,” and “Art.” You can test it out for yourself because it’s free and easy to use.


A website called provides pre-made collections of well-liked hashtags. It includes hashtags for a range of topics and events, like “Hair” and “Throwback.” The website has a ton of the top hashtags for likes, which you can use to increase the social media profile of your business.

3. Seekmetrics

This analytics tool gives you comparable stats so you can understand how you are doing in relation to your rivals. To discover the hashtags associated with your keywords, Seekmetrics leverages the Instagram API. Enter a hashtag and press “Generate” to use the hashtag generator.

4. HashtagsForLikes

Another excellent tool for creating Instagram hashtags for your company is HashtagsForLikes. It’s simple to navigate, so you may find the greatest hashtags quickly. Start by adding a hashtag associated with your industry, or assess your profile utilizing the dropdown.


We have gathered the top trending and popular hashtags from the internet. The best hashtags for you to copy and paste can be found online. You may quickly browse through famous hashtags organized by category, copy them, and paste them into prominent social networking sites to increase the number of likes and followers on your profile there. To increase your Instagram following and likes, choose the most popular hashtags.

By making it simpler for people to find your photographs on Instagram, hashtags can be utilized to increase likes or followers. Users of Instagram have access to a hashtag search feature, which returns all images on Instagram that include the specified hashtag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


On Instagram, hashtags can be used in a variety of contexts. To link to certain initiatives or groups of postings, include them in your profile bio. Or, to reach a larger audience, use them on posts in your feed or Instagram Stories.
You can use hashtags in the description or the comments when posting to your feed. In the next inquiry, we’ll get into the specifics of this.


While some people like to add hashtags to the comments, others use them in their post descriptions. There is no clear winner when it comes to which of two ways to use to add hashtags to your article is more effective.


Hashtags that have been prohibited by Instagram as a result of spam complaints or other community rules violations are known as banned hashtags. Posts that contain prohibited hashtags will be hidden from the public.

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