How To Get Verified on Instagram

How To Get Verified on Instagram
How To Get Verified on Instagram

There are over 1 billion daily active users of both age groups on Instagram. So even if you have a rare name of your account, there’s a high chance someone else with your name already exists on Instagram. If you have a personal page or account for your business, someone else may have a similar or identical username regarding this.

Having Instagram verified badge on your account is the answer. It’s a tiny blue tick sign that proves you’re “legit and official on Instagram.”

But it’s not that’s easy that anyone can get it. There is a lot of information to know before going further can even hope to get verified.

Why needs to be verified on Instagram. 

 According to Instagram policy and terms and conditions, accounts having the verified badge “mean Instagram notifies that an account is the authentic presence of your public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents.

In other words, we simply say, when you see the blue check on anyone’s account, you know the truth that you are following the Instagram verified account as opposed to a fan account or an account not officially recognized as legitimate via verification.

In different ways, the blue verification tick you see beside any big influencer’s name is a sign of status and publicity of username. Only the most popular and influential Instagrammers will ever have a blue tick on their account, no matter the number of followers, so good to go. In fact, it can be incredibly very difficult for general users to get verified on Instagram.

 Most of the other social networks also provide verification or status symbols. There is no surprise that other social handlers Facebook, Instagram owners, operate a similar verification form for their account handlers. Twitter has run its Profile Verification system since 2009 for its users. 

How to Get Verified on Instagram 

To request a verified badge for your Instagram user name.

You can request a verified badge. To complete this process, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account and check out Instagram Settings from the menu on the top right shown here
  • Inside Instagram Settings, hit on “Account” and select “Request Verification.”
  • fulfill the required fields and then hit on the send button to start the review process.

As Instagram mentioned in their policy, just because your profile on Instagram may be eligible for a verification badge doesn’t mean it will be designated to be verified. 

What Happens After You Apply For Instagram Verification?

After you have sent your request on Instagram, Instagram will review your request for which you apply. You can receive a notification in the “Activity” section of your account within 30 days after applying for verification to let you know if your account has been verified or not yet.

You might receive a similar kind of notification if your accounts get verified.

This type of notification you can receive if your accounts do not get verified.

If your request gets denied by Instagram car, you can submit a new request again after being denied for 30 days. But note that applying for an Instagram verification badge multiple times before receiving a decision will cancel your application and may also affect your Instagram handle account.

A few things to keep in mind after submitting your request to get verified on Instagram are:

  • Instagram will not reject your verification request based on a specific follower count only because it’s not a specific criterion for verified badges.
  • Instagram does not give you any specific reasons for denying your verification requests.
  • There is no way to manually submit the news articles in which you or your brand has been featured and prove to be original.

Is Getting Instagram Verified Worth It?

There’s a lot of effort and strategy involved while applying for Instagram verification, so make sure you have a good and valid reason before you get applying for a verified account. There are a large number of benefits to being a verified profile on Instagram.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

No followers don’t matter while applying for verification of your account. If you want to get a verified account – you have to have at least 10k followers, but the number of followers doesn’t reach you to your verified badge.

Can you pay to get verified on Instagram?

According to Instagram policy, terms and conditions, “Only some well-known celebrities and brands have verified badges on their social account. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge for anywhere.” 

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