How To Get Dark Mode on Snapchat (Android & iPhone) 2022


Snapchat is a free app to download for sending messages and sharing photos, videos, text, and drawings. This app becomes hugely popular in a very short space of time. It is also one of the most user’s favorite chatting apps with its lots of cool features like the Snapchat Lenses which allow users to add fun real-time special effects and sounds, change their voice in videos, face swap with friends, or even super-impose a face from your photo gallery onto your face and other its popular feature on the app is Snapchat Stories in this you can take photos or videos for all their friends to view and upload them as a story.

Snapchat Stories last for 24 hours and can also be viewed more than once a feature of sharing Snapshots of their lives from the last 24 hours with all of their friends and users also like these features. This mode will drain the battery slower than a light mode. (Dark Theme needs less light to display).

What Is Dark Mode? How To Get Dark Mode on Snapchat?

The Dark Mode feature is present in a Display setting this mode displays a grayish or light text on a dark background instead of dark text and graphics against a white background. It has a different name depending on your phone or app like a dark theme, dark mode, night mode, black mode, and lights out. Bright lights at the night are very uncomfortable for the eyes which can cause headaches also. 

Now, a day most popular websites and social media apps include dark modes like youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.

How To Get Dark Mode on Snapchat

To Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on iOS (iPhone)

  • Click the Bitmoji icon in the top left corner to access your User profile.
  • Now, open the system settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Now, you should see a list of various settings. Find the “App Appearance” option.
  1. Here, you see three options are present. Choose the one that you like, for a permanent dark mode we do recommend “Always dark”.

By, following these steps shown above help you to get dark mode on Snapchat on iOS (iPhone). 

How To Get Dark Mode on Snapchat (Android)

For Android users, the Snapchat app does not natively support so you have a hard time activating the dark mode option. (Snapchat is one of the few social media apps which does not natively support android).

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Next, Go To “Display”.
  3. Now, you should see the “Dark Theme” option > Turn ON.

(Turning ON will make your Android Phone have a Dark Background)

  • Now, Snapchat should change to Dark mode.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q. Why Should I Don’t Have Dark Mode on Snapchat?

In this case, if you do not have a “Dark Mode” on Snapchat means you are an Android User and Snapchat has not yet released the dark mode feature for Android users.
But Android users can activate the Developer mode on their devices which helps to give access to how the phone will work.

Q. How to get Dark mode on Snapchat?

Ways to get the Dark Mode feature in Android’s Developer Mode –
1. Go to Settings and tap “about phone” (This will be located at the bottom when you scroll you get it).
2. Find the “Build number” (This presents in the ‘about phone’ settings). In some of the phones, it is present in the ‘Software information’.
3. After getting Tap the “Build number” 6 times to enable developer mode.
4. After following these steps you should have enabled “Developer Options”.
5. Go back to the main “Settings” list and click “System” and then tap newly uncovered “Developer Options”
6. Locate and Turn ON the “Force Dark Mode” panel.

Q. Is Dark Mode Available on iPhone?

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