Free Amazon Prime Account (August 2022)

Free Amazon Prime Accounts
Free Amazon Prime Accounts

Do you also want to watch some amazing videos and web series for free on Amazon Prime? Are you looking for some free amazon free accounts and passwords? Then, my friends, you have landed up in the right place. 

Free Amazon Prime Membership in August  2022. Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping platform, and it has recently launched Prime Video, Music, and other apps. So, if you want to use all of Amazon’s applications, you must purchase an Amazon Prime subscription. That’s why we’re here with this post, in which we’ll provide a Free Amazon Prime Membership and password technique that will allow you to use all of the premium features for free.

Free Amazon Prime Account Username and Password is the most incredible way to acquire a free Prime membership. You only need to copy the provided email addresses and passwords and enter them into the Amazon Prime Video app.

So now just read the amazing article to get an amazon prime id password and grab a free prime video account.

Free Amazon Prime Accounts August 2022

Amazon Prime Membership is a utopia for those internet geeks who enjoy online shopping, watching movies, and streaming music. Because if you have a Prime membership, you will receive free online shopping from Amazon, you will be able to view limitless movies, programs, and web series on Prime Video and you will be able to listen to unlimited songs and music on the Music app for free.

You may purchase a Prime membership from Amazon for up to Rs.999, which has grown too expensive for many of us. As a result, everyone is hunting for a way to receive a free Prime account. So read the entire post to find out everything.

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There are three Prime options available for purchase or subscription.

Monthly Plan: You may purchase a monthly plan for Rs.129/month, which must be renewed each month to prolong your subscription.

Quarterly Plan: At this location, you may get a three-month plan for Rs.329, which must be renewed quarterly after three months.

Prime Yearly Plan: This is the greatest plan since it just costs Rs.999 for a year and allows you to save up to Rs.300.

Features of Amazon Prime Membership (Benefits)

  • Videos on Amazon Prime (Thousands Of Movies & TV Series & Web Series)
  • Amazon Prime Music is a free music service provided by Amazon.
  • Amazon Express Delivery (1 Day or 2 Day Delivery)
  • Advantages of Coupons
  • Benefits of Subscribing and Saving
  • Exclusive early deals before promotions such as Prime Day and exclusive offers

Amazon Prime Videos: Watch online programs, movies, original web series, and a variety of other premium entertainment. Amazon has already launched an app called Amazon Prime Video for this purpose. You can watch premier videos on both Android and iOS devices.

Amazon Prime Music: Prime is one of the greatest apps for listening to music and songs online. Here you will discover a wide range of music in many languages and regions. There is an app for this on the Android Play Store and the IOS App store.

Amazon Free and Fast Delivery: With this service, you receive the pleasure of having your purchases delivered for free and extremely quickly. You will receive your things in as little as one day. That is the finest benefit for everyone who enjoys shopping online.

Free Amazon Prime 30-day Trial

One of the easiest ways to get free amazon prime 30-day trial account and password is to use a trial pack. Amazon is providing a 30-day free trial to any customers who have never subscribed to Prime membership. During the trial, you will have access to all the membership advantages. So, if you haven’t tried the trial yet, you must first subscribe for the trial before you can pay money and receive a Premium account.

  1. First and foremost, you must go to the Amazon Prime Page.
  2. Sign in or create a new account
  3. Select Start Amazon Prime Trial.
  4. Now enter your credit card information for billing (don’t worry, they won’t deduct your money)
  5. Now finish the process and subscribe.

 That’s all there is to it! Enjoy a free amazon account for one month for free.

Create an Amazon Prime Student Account

Amazon is providing a free 6-month trial to all students as part of this promotion. All users who have registered as a student will be able to take advantage of this offer and join the Prime Student service. This can be the best way to grab a free amazon prime account along with a password to use. 

So, if you are a student, this is the ideal option to acquire an Amazon Free Prime membership, since you can have all of the benefits of Prime for 6 months for free, and then you just need to pay $6.49/month, which is incredibly low in comparison to the standard price.

  1. Simply go to the Amazon Prime Student website.
  2. Select Try Prime Student.
  3. Sign in or Make a new account.
  4. Provide all necessary information.
  5. Following proof that you are a student. You will be granted Prime membership for free.

Amazon Prime Video APK Mod

The greatest modified version of the original Amazon Prime video app is the Prime Video Mod apk. You may view all Amazon Prime premium content for free with this app. This customized Android app has gathered all of the material from the Amazon OTT app and made it available to you on this platform. It is, without a doubt, the greatest Prime video app option.

This is the finest app for free streaming of all the top TV programs, series, and movies.

Simply clicking on the above-mentioned button will take you to a download page where you can store the apk file and then install it on your smartphone for free. And you can have free access to amazon prime accounts. 

Making Use of Virtual Cards

There are several mobile apps and websites on the Internet that provide free virtual credit for simply signing up on their platform. Once you have the credit card, you may use it to sign up for the Prime Free Trial offer, and can gain access to a free amazon prime account and when the trial time finishes, immediately before canceling the premium membership; you will be able to view Prime videos for free.

Several apps provide free virtual cards to their customers. You just need to create a new account on these applications. You may use this card to purchase any subscription, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

Cookies from Amazon Prime Video

Cookies are the greatest option for every web browser. All you have to do is import cookies into an extension and save it. The Cookies will then link with an account, so try now Amazon Prime Video Cookies to gain free access to a free amazon Prime video account and enjoy plenty of premium material.

Free Amazon Prime Account Username and Password 2022

In this part, we will discuss and provide several functional Amazon Prime ids and passwords. This is the most often asked question on the internet concerning Prime membership since it is the simplest method to obtain an Amazon Prime premium account to access Prime video and the Amazon music app for free.

Amazon Prime UsernamePassword
We will add more emails & passwords soon

Amazon Prime Membership Free with Airtel

Customers can now profit from telecom providers by subscribing to Amazon Prime. Yes, you heard correctly. Airtel is giving customers using their company’s plan a free, one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. The expense of an Amazon Prime subscription is no longer necessary if you have Airtel because you can acquire one for free.

Access to premium Amazon Originals, popular Bollywood films, and local films. With Amazon Prime, you can stream movies and TV shows without limits and enjoy free shipping. Observe Party Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil films are among the various genres.

Best Amazon Prime alternatives

Here is the list of best Amazon Prime alternatives that you can use if you don’t have a free Amazon prime account: 


You may find a sizable selection of legally accessible movies in many genres on YouTube, which continues to offer some of the greatest streaming available and the best free amazon prime alternative.  However, it’s crucial to be aware of the sizable amount of films that have been illegally put on YouTube when looking for streaming options.

There are still many films available on YouTube that are available legally, despite the fact that YouTube’s upper management works hard to identify and delete films that are streaming on the site unlawfully.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a terrific option if you’re just looking for TV series because you can view the most recent episodes and won’t miss any of your favorites. The biggest selection of content is available when you choose the $8/month Plus option, which also gets rid of the intrusive advertising that has long been an annoyance to Hulu’s free users.This is one of the best Amazon Prime alternatives available for free.  

You may watch the top stars in the world in the most popular series with South Park, Empire, Mythbusters, CSI, Law & Order, and The Tonight Show. Although the collection isn’t as good as most other streaming services, Hulu Plus does provide movies.

Sling T.V.

One of the most well-liked and highly recommended platforms is Sling TV. Sling TV is a newer streaming service than most of them. Sling TV is a wonderful free Amazon prime substitute. You can watch your preferred South Asian TV stations on Sling TV as well. Apps for Sling TV are accessible on PCs, smart TVs, iPhones, Roku, Xbox, and XBOX.

They offer a whole package of Indian channels for somewhere between $10 and $45. With Sling TV, you can pick and choose the networks you want to watch while paying for each one separately.

Yupp T.V. 

Yupp TV offers a variety of packages including South Asian channels. They provide excellent device support. Prices for their bundles range from $10 to $25. Use this, and you won’t need a free Hulu account, a Hulu username, or a Hulu password anymore. One of the biggest online TV providers, YuppTV offers more than 200+ live Indian TV channels, seven days of catch-up television, and the most recent regional and Bollywood/Hindi films. You can now watch your favorite TV shows, films, and programs in a variety of genres, including news, comedy, sports, romance, and family drama, thanks to YuppTV.


In the preceding section, we discussed some practical and effective methods for obtaining a free Amazon Prime account to access Prime video, the Amazon Music app, and other premium Amazon features. You now have a quick concept to acquire after reading the entire post.

If you liked this post and were able to receive all of the perks and services of Amazon Prime premium memberships for free, please share it with your friends and family. Also, please leave a remark if you are having difficulty.

Free Amazon Prime Account FAQs:

Does Amazon offer free accounts?

It costs nothing to open a basic Amazon account. An Amazon Prime account is the only paid account.

How can I create a fictitious Amazon account?

Create an identity that is close to your genuine one by using the fake name generator. Create an email account in that name, purchase a gift card online, and have the gift card sent to your new address via email. Create a new Amazon account using your fictitious name, fictitious billing address, fictitious email, and fictitious gift card number as the payment method.

Do I need a credit card to start an Amazon account?

Set up an Amazon account. Making an Amazon Account is the initial step, and you may do so without providing your credit card information.

Why do I need to connect a debit card to Amazon?

Giving clients the option to use a debit card might also be a method to keep offering rewards to those who don’t use credit cards. The corporation has been taking measures to incorporate low-income customers in Prime, most recently providing discounts on membership to those receiving government help such as food stamps.

Is it secure to give Amazon the details of my bank account?

Even if you get a call or email from someone claiming to be associated with Amazon, under no circumstances divulge your password, credit card information, or bank account information to anyone.

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