How To Fix WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage

How To Fix WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage
Fix WaasMedic Agent Exe

WaasMedic is additionally known as WaasMedic Agent Exe. That represents the Windows Update Medic service. WaasMedic is an element of the Windows 10 OS. The most purpose of it’s to confirm that the Windows update method is swish. And uninterrupted so that users will receive the most recent patches. With no issues Here is How to Waasmedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage.

What is WaasMedicAgent.exe?

WaasMedicAgent.exe stands for Windows Update Media Service. It’s in the vicinity of Microsoft Windows OS. And a legitimate service digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation.

Its main role is to create the Windows update method sleek. And with no interference that’s why it keeps running within the background. and also the user will have the most recent patches and avoid corrupted downloads.

If most Windows are turned off thanks to some malware or the other activity. Then it’s the work of WaasMedicAgent.exe to switch those corrupted files. Though it’s too traditional for a method like that victimization of 100% of the disk usage isn’t usual. And that I apprehend you’d be trying to disable it. Even so, bear in mind disabling WaasMedicAgent.exe ought to be the last choice.

Is WaasMedic agent exe a virus?

It’s completely safe as WaasMedicAgent exe. Could be a legitimate program digitally signed. By Microsoft Corporation and most users haven’t found it safe.

As it is legitimate thus hackers would attack the program to create changes. And do their misbr activities through agent.exe

But still, to get on the safe aspect you ought to check if there’s a virus or not:

  • Press along Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.
  • Go to Details and appearance for WaasMedicAgent exe
  • Then, right-click on that. After that choose the Open file location.
  • If it’s settled at this address C:\Windows\System32

And if it’s not within the given address then it would be a virus or spyware. Thus my recommendation is for you to run a full system scan with the ease of your anti-virus program put on your PC.

Can you disable WaasMedic agent exe?

Yes, you’ll disable WaasMedicAgent exe. Even so with the ease of a third-party software system called Windows update blocker.

As you can’t manually disable it you wish to be careful. And check that you download the software system from an authentic website.

Turn On DEP to repair Agent.exe

If you’ve got Malware or the other quiet virus it will result in agent.exe high disk usage.

So, turning on DEP(Data Execution Prevention). Can shield you against threats and viruses.

Here’s how you’ll activate DEP:

  • Click on the Search icon set below within the Taskbar.
  • Type regulate the looks and performance of Windows
  • Click on the open option to launch.
  • In the Performance choices window visit data Execution prevention.
  • Click on the radio button next to show on DEP for all programs and services except those I choose.
  • Then click on Add and seek for WaasMedic.exe.
  • Now click on Open and it’ll be adscititious below the protection of DEP
  • Then click Apply and okay to save changes.
  • After restarting your laptop. Check if WaasMedic Agent.exe’s high disk usage is fastened.

Disable/Uninstall Your Antivirus briefly

Sometimes your antivirus program becomes too protective. And conflicts with WaasMedic Agent.exe on Windows 10 and leading to high disk usage.

As you’ve got bought the anti-virus software system. Thus it keeps doing its duty. And finds it as suspicious activity and interference WaasMedic Agent exe.

So let’s uninstall the antivirus program:

  • Press the Windows key and R which can open a dialogue box
  • Type “appwiz. CPL” within the Run dialogue box and press Enter
  • Program and options can open wherever you’ll hunt for your antivirus software system. Put it on your laptop
  • Right-click on your software system and uninstall it. And delete all its files from your laptop
  • Now restart your laptop and check if WaasMedic Agent.exe high Disk usage on Windows 10 is solved.

If the agent.exe still returning then follow the consequent answer.

Use Windows Update Blocker to Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe(But Try This At Your Own Risk)

The least you’ll do to repair the agent.exe error is to utilize a third-party software system. As you may get errors whereas disabling WaasMedic.exe manually generally.

And as it’s a Windows service thus disabling it would stop some applications from operating.

Here’s how you’ll disable WaasMedic Agent.exe. Utilizing Windows update blocker on Windows 11:

  • First, download Windows Update Blocker from a trustworthy website.
  • Then, extract the nothing file and run Wub_x64.exe.
  • And now click on Menu then choose Windows Services.
  • So after that hunt for Windows Update Medic Service and double click on that.
  • Now copy the Service name and open the Windows Update Blocker directory.
  • And now launch the ini file and paste the service name below dosvc=2,4 and put =3,4 ahead of it.
  • Then, gain launch the Windows Update Blocker and hit the Apply button.
  • And after disabling WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage is fixed.
  • If at your time in the future you would like to alter the service. Then open Windows Update Blocker and choose to alter.

Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage From the Task scheduler

Disabling and tasks associated with agent.exe can fix high disk usage.

So here’s how you’ll disable WaasMedic Agent.exe through Task Scheduler:

  • Click on the Search icon set below within the Taskbar.
  • Type Task scheduler and click on to Open it.
  • From the left pane double-click on Task scheduler Library > Microsoft.
  • Again double-click on Windows > WaasMedic.
  • In the right pane check for any task that’s scheduled and right-click on that and choose Disable.
  • After restarting your laptop. Check if WaasMedic Agent.exe’s high disk usage is fastened.

Perform Disk Cleanup to repair WaasMedic Agent.exe High Disk Usage on Windows 11

There won’t be enough storage space on your disk resulting in WaasMedic Agent.exe. On Windows eleven and lowering the performance of your system.

So, you must delete the junk files on Windows 11.

And you’ll try this by utilizing the Disk Cleanup tool on Windows 11.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Search icon set below within the Taskbar.
  • Type Disk Cleanup then click on that to Open.
  • A window can appear wherever you may choose the drive on that Windows 11 has been put in then press Enter.
  • Now check the box for the files you would like to delete.
  • Then click on the finish off system file button.
  • And then press OK.
  • Now restart your laptop for WaasMedic Agent.exe high disk usage on Windows 11.

Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe Via register Editor

If the higher than answer didn’t work for you. Then what you’ll do is disable WaasMedic Agent.exe to avoid high disk usage.

Remember if you don’t follow the steps you’ll crash your laptop.

Here’s how you’ll disable the agent.exe:

  • Press Windows key + R to open the run dialogue box.
  • Type regedit and press Enter.
  • In the register, the Editor pastes the next address within the address bar.
  • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc
  • In the WaasMedicSvc folder double-click on begin.
  • Now modification its worth data to four then click on okay to save changes.
  • After restarting your laptop. Check if WaasMedic Agent.exe’s high disk usage is fixed.

Update Windows 11 to repair WaasMedic Agent.exe High Disk Usage

Sometimes your obsolete laptop is the main reason. For the WaasMedic Agent.exe high Disk Usage. And will increase central processing unit usage.

For the most effective performance of your central processing unit. You wish to create positive that your Windows OS is up. Thus far and it’ll ease fix agent.exe Windows 11.

So here is how you’ll update your Windows 11 OS:

  • Click on the Windows icon
  • Click on the settings icon
  • A new window can appear
  • Select Windows Update from the left menu
  • The new window can appear
  • Then click on Check for updates button.
  • If there’s any update it’ll begin changing the laptop
  • It will take your time to update Windows OS and afterwards, you’ll restart your laptop.


I hope that when applying the higher than fixes. You bought obviate How to Waasmedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage. In Task Manager on Windows 10.


Q 1. Why is WaasMedic using all my disks?

Ans. Misconfiguration and conflict with antivirus package put in on your pc. Is one in every one of the explanations for the WaasMedic.exe high C.P.U. issue. Your computer is monitored by all antivirus packages. And also the antivirus package tries to dam any suspicious activity.

Q 2. How do I turn off Windows Update medic?

Ans. Double-click on begin to open the Edit DWORD (32-bit) price dialogue box. head to the worth information field and alter it from three to four. Exit the registry editor and restart your system. The Windows Update Medic Service is currently disabled

Q 3. Why is my laptop disk at 100%?

Ans. If your disk is at 100% usage, you will be ready to lower disk usage. By checking for viruses, resetting your memory, activity a clean boot. Or wiping your Winchester drive. a straightforward restart may also clear up the problem.

Q 4. Can I keep Windows 7 forever?

Ans. Windows 7 is no longer supported, thus you higher upgrade, sharpish… For those still utilizing Windows 7, the point. To upgrade from its passed; it’s currently an unsupported operating system software. Thus unless you wish to go away your laptop or pc is receptive to bugs. Faults and cyber attacks, you best upgrade it, sharpish.

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