How To Fix ‘This Site Can’t be Reached’ Error

How To Fix 'This Site Can’t be Reached' Error

While surfing the web, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Some error codes, such as Error 404, are simple to comprehend. Others, such as “This site cannot be reached,” are far more ambiguous and provide no guidance on how to resolve them.

There are various possible explanations for Google Chrome’s “This site cannot be reached” error. Understanding what those causes are will assist you in determining which troubleshooting method(s) to employ so that you may visit the website you require.

This page will discuss what causes the “This site cannot be reached” error. Then we’ll go over seven solutions.

What Is The Main Reason Behind the “this site can`t be reached” Error?

In most cases, some websites will not be accessible in Google Chrome and you will see the message “This website cannot be accessed” on the screen. People who use Google Chrome on a regular basis find it a bit annoying.

 This error may be due to Chrome settings, DNS settings, or a firewall blocking the connection. Whatever it is, some troubleshooting tips will help you.

Fix 1: Reboot DNS Client

 This method has to go through the steps mentioned below:

 1. Go to the Start menu. Write Services to open the Services Window.

 2. Find the DNS client in the next window. Right-click on it and select Restart from the drop-down list.

3. When you are done, restart your computer system and you may not see the “Unable to access this website” error.

Fix 2: Reset the TCP / IP stack

 Follow these steps to reset the TCP / IP stack.

1. Open a command prompt, press Start, type cmd, and select Run as administrator.

2. Starts running the following command.

 Ipconfig / release

 Ipconfig / all

 Ipconfig / flushdns

 Ipconfig / refresh

 Netsh int ip set dns

 Netsh winsock reset

3. Once all of the above commands are run properly, simply restart the computer system.

Fix 3: Change IPv4 DNS Address

 When you are getting This site can`t be reached on Google Chrome issue, you might need to approach these steps as well. This step most likely can solve the issue quite easily.

 Press Windows Key+R, to begin with.  In the run command, type ncpa.cpl and click OK. Double-click Internet connection. Click the Properties button. Now find the Network tab, find and click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Change the IPv4 DNS address

  • When you are prompted with the option to set the DNS address manually, enter the server address:

  • Select the Validate settings on the exit check box and click OK.

 If you still don’t see your changes, restart your computer. Hopefully, the “Unable to reach this page” error will be gone by then.

Fix 4: Check experimental QUIC logs

 Follow the steps below to disable the experimental QUIC protocol.

1 Type chrome: // flags / in the Chrome search bar and press Enter.

 2. Scroll down or type Experimental QUIC Protocol to search.

3. You can see that it is the default value. Click on it and select it from the drop-down menu to disable it.

 4. Restart Chrome and see if this works.

Fix 5: Try Network Troubleshooting

 1. Press Windows + R again and type ncpa.cpl.

 2. Open Network Connections, right-click on the connected Internet and select Diagnostics.

 Try network troubleshooting

3. You may see a message that DHCP is not enabled in “Wireless Network Connections”.

 4 Click Next, then click Try these repairs as an administrator.

 5. Then click Apply this fix.

 6. Restart your PC to save your changes.

 While using Windows 10, you might not face the situation of This site can`t be reached.

Fix 6: Update Drivers (Wireless Adapter)

 You can choose to update the driver by going through the process of Windows + R> devmgmt.msc. Find your Network adapter and update it.

Fix 7: Reinstall Chrome

 Can’t this website reach the error with still flashing google chrome? Finally, you can retry uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome.

  • Go to Control Panel and select Uninstall a program under Programs.
  •   Once done, download Google Chrome once again. 
  • Restart the computer system once again, and try again.


 We have explained to you various fixes for this site can`t be reached error; we hope you can easily get back to the website you have been waiting for on Google Chrome on Windows 10.

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