How To Fix Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 11/10

Fix Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 11/10

If you’re trying to print something from your device and you’re getting the error message “Printer driver not available” and you’re urgently looking for a solution to your problem, you’re in the right place. This issue usually occurs when the printer driver installed on the device is out of date or incompatible.

In this article, you will learn about some simple and easy fixes that you can perform on your Windows 10/11. After following these fixes, you will be able to print again hopefully. However, before proceeding, try these initial workarounds, which consist of doing some tricks testing on your device.

Initial workaround-

Description: Solved: Cant print documents, Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10
  1. Check the printer for any problems (hardware errors, connectivity issues, misplaced cartridges, etc.).
  2. Try disconnecting the printer, reconnecting it to your computer, and printing something again.
  3. Restart your computer. After rebooting, connect your computer to the printer and try printing something.
  4.  Make sure you are using an administrator account when printing.

If you are not on an administrator account, just sign up with your Gmail or Microsoft account and then log in with your administrator account and try to print again. If the above-listed initial workarounds do not work, try other fixes mentioned below.

1. Press Windows key and R together to start executing, choose “Printer Control” and hit Enter button.

 2. Now a list of printers will be displayed to you, choose by right-clicking on the printer causing problem, then select the “Remove Device“option.

3. This option would remove the device from your pc.

4. click ok to confirm the removal of the device.

5. Pressing the Windows key and R together would open the Run window. Under the Run Window, write “devmgmt.msc” and then click on “OK“.

 6. In the final step, go to the Device Manager window, there right-click on the printer, and click on the “Uninstall device“ option.

7. Click Uninstall to confirm the initialization of the uninstall process.

Note- If you can’t find your printer device, don’t worry. It may have already been uninstalled from your device because you disabled it in the previous step. In this case, try to Restart and Reboot your windows. Launch the printer again and connect to your computer via your WiFi or Ethernet Cable. Wait for a while again. Then print something to see if the error still appears.

Install the printer driver in Fix2 compatibility mode

1. Press the Windows key and S together, then type Control Panel.

2. Choose the “Device Manager” option that appears in the search results. In the Device Manager window, expand Print Queue from the list of devices.

3. Right-click the offending driver and click Uninstall Device.

4. Click Uninstall to confirm the initialization of the uninstall process.

5. Next, go to the web browser, search and install the latest driver for your printer device from the printer manufacturer’s website.

6. Then open the Printer driver that you installed through the website.

7. Then right-click on the printer driver you installed and choose Properties.

8. Under the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and check Run this program in compatibility mode.

9. Then select Windows 10/11 from the drop-down menu.

10. Select “Run this program as an administrator”.

11. Click Apply and OK to save your changes to your computer.

12. In the final step, you would have to double-click on the printer driver package to start the downloading.

13. Restart your windows after the downloading has been completed. After restarting, try to print something again. This will work 100%.

If the problem still appears, don’t worry we have got the next solution in queue for you.

Reinstall the Fix3 printer driver

 1. Press the Windows key once and type “Control Panel”.

 2. Click Devices and Printers on the right side of the search window that appears.

3. Then right-click on the problematic printer in the list of printers displayed.

4. Then choose the Remove Device option.

5. Then click Yes to confirm the removal of the device. Restart your computer. Reopen the device and printer.

6. Then, in the Devices and Printers window, click Add Printer.

7. Then click Not listed required printers.

8. Windows should automatically detect the printer.

9. Now, check the “Set as the default printer” and then click on “Finish“. Try to print something.


Hope that the above-listed methods would be helpful in resolving your printer driver issues in windows 10/11.

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