How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working? (2022)

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working
How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working

Are you also facing issues in Instagram music? Is Instagram not letting you add music to your stories? Don’t worry friends, we are here with the solution for How to fix Instagram music not working.

Even Though The corporate claims that the Instagram Stories feature is currently utilized by 400 million users. Users will add music to their stories by utilizing the music sticker obtainable. 

Several users have said that they were unable to use the feature of Music to Instagram stories frequently. The users complained that the music sticker on Instagram Stories wasn’t operating for sure. If you’re facing an identical drawback. And thus the music library on Instagram isn’t operating. You’ll follow these troubleshooting steps to repair the matter. The steps underlined below would permit you. To feature music to your Instagram stories once more. Here’s How to Fix Instagram Music, Not Working.

Why is Instagram music not working?

Instagram music stickers were launched back in June 2020 that enables its users. To feature their favorite piece of music in the story they publish. It offers unique expertise to those who interact there with the explicit story. Generally, you will see that Instagram music is not operating downside. No worries! We have an ideal resolution.

If your Instagram story music is not working, you can fix it by:

  • Adding the audio the right way
  • Updating your Android/iOS app
  • Switch Instagram from personal to business mode (or vice versa)
  • Uploading directly from Spotify/Soundcloud/Shazam/Apple music
  • Using a VPN

 Within the coming back section, we’ll have a more in-depth exploration of a way to solve this issue.

Let’s start!

Solutions To Fix Instagram Music Not Working

We have provided 13 best solutions to solve the issue of Instagram music not working. Go through all the solutions and choose the best one for you to resolve the issue.

 Check If Instagram Is Down

Instagram music issues can occasionally arise for reasons other than app bugs. Sometimes Instagram itself is to blame, and its various services or servers are just unavailable. Verifying that Instagram is truly unavailable is a smart idea.

 Use a Different Network Connection

There is a very strong probability that a bad internet connection is the source of the missing Instagram music stickers or the broken music search box. Poor, unstable, or disconnected networks can cause a number of issues, even when users are unaware of it. If this is the case, we advise changing to a different network connection to investigate the issue.

Update Instagram app

Update your Instagram app as an important  step in solving the Instagram music issue. Just upgrade it to the most recent version by going to the Google Play Store or the App Store. Ensure that Wi-Fi is active on your phone.

Check if you have got the music sticker

Start by checking if the music sticker is obtainable and dealing with the faucet at the highest of the screen so, within the dropdown menu, tap Story, select a photograph or video to feature in your story.

Now you’ll be able to faucet the Music icon or faucet Stickers so choose the Music sticker. Either way, you must see an in-depth list of music choices in Instagram’s music library. If you do not, attempt some of the next troubleshooting steps.

  • Start the App Store app.
  • Tap the Search icon at rock bottom right and look for “Instagram.”
  • If the app has an update offered, the button can say Update — faucet it. Otherwise, it’s going to say Open, which indicates you’re already up to date.

Reinstall the Instagram app

Working out and back in once more did not resolve the matter. There may be a tangle along with your installation of the Instagram app. Or the app’s information cache might be corrupted. And stop the app from operating properly. Either way, a simple fix is to uninstall the app and set up it. you’ll have to log back in along with your usual account credentials. Even so, nothing in your Instagram account is lost. This would help in fixing the instagram music not working error. 

If you are utilizing an iPhone, here is the way to uninstall an app from your iPhone. You’ll be able to uninstall Instagram from your android device. Afterwards, install a recent version from Google Play or the App Store and log back in.

Fixing “The Song Is Not Available Right Now”

This Instagram music not working issue may be occurring for one of two reasons. 

(1) Some songs aren’t available in your country; 

(2) The musician might have taken down the specific song from Instagram. As a result, users are prevented from using it. Making music into a video file, which is easily shareable on websites

 like Instagram, is a quick solution to this problem. Users can convert music into an MP40 file type using a variety of websites and applications, which they can then upload as Instagram Stories.

Switch To Personal Account 

Using a business account can cause this issue.  After converting their account to a business account, some users have complained that the Instagram Music story function has been lost. Therefore, you can try switching to a personal account and enjoying Instagram Music once more. To switch back to this:

  • Visit Instagram’s settings
  • Open the Account section.
  • Select “Switch to Personal account” from the menu.
  • Be patient; the Instagram Music Story sticker will start working again soon.

Switch To Creator Account

For many users, this hack was successful in resolving the Instagram Music Not Working issue. You’ll be able to enjoy songs in your story once more by doing this. Follow these procedures to switch to the creator account:

  • Visit Instagram’s settings.
  • Open the Account section.
  • Select “Switch to Creator account” from the menu.
  • Keep calm; it can take a few days, but the Instagram Music Story sticker will soon start operating again.

Clear Cache

Is Instagram music currently still not functioning properly? Perhaps it’s time to restart the app and erase its cache. On an iPhone, sadly, clearing the cache requires uninstalling the app. Therefore, in order to accomplish so, you must go on to the next solution.

Android users do have some hope, though, as deleting cache isn’t necessarily associated with removing the program. Just try the following to accomplish this:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select “Storage” by searching for it.
  • Look for the Instagram app under “Other Apps” on the menu.
  • By tapping Instagram, you can choose to clear your cache.

Reach out to Instagram customer support

If none of those troubleshooting tips was ready. To restore Instagram Music on your device. It would be time to succeed in intent on Instagram client support. Instagram features a client support number. Moreover as a sturdy ease center with support articles, FAQs and a system for news issues. For extra data, here are all the main points on the way to contact Instagram client support.

Use a VPN 

You can undoubtedly unlock Instagram Music by using a VPN. Who knows how? So, you can conceal your true IP address and replace it with any country’s IP where Instagram Music Story is available by utilizing a VPN program on your Android or iPhone.

Only a few nations, including the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Australia, Iceland, and some parts of India, presently provide Instagram Music due to particular license constraints.

Re-Login to Your  Instagram Account

Another way to troubleshoot your Instagram bug is to sign out so sign back in once more. It’s attainable that after you log back in, the music feature is fixed.

  • Go to your profile page within the bottom-right corner.
  • Tap the three-line menu at the highest right of the page so, within the pop-up menu, faucet Settings.
  • Scroll to rock bottom and faucet close.
  • Log back to Instagram utilizing your usual Instagram account credentials.

Maintain Patience to Fix Instagram Story Sound Problems

Wait a while; Instagram may currently be experiencing some internal or external troubles. Try to be patient while Instagram works to fix the problems. So sit back and enjoy creating stunning Instagram stories while listening to music. Read the instructions below to upload music to Instagram Stories if the Instagram Music function is now operational.

 How Does Instagram’s Music Feature ?

The company included the Instagram Music function to improve everyone’s experience with Instagram Stories.

With the Instagram app, you can share moments with other users by uploading a video, an Instagram music story, a photo with music playing in the background, and more.

If the song you uploaded on your story is attractive enough, other people may remark, comment, and engage with you.

Therefore, one of the best features on Instagram for promoting user interaction is the music feature.

How to add Music To Instagram Stories

In case you are confused, we will quickly go over how to add music to Instagram stories.

  • From the profile icon’s top, click your profile picture.
  • Add your image or video, then swipe up to select a music sticker from the list of available stickers.
  • Locate the Instagram Music sticker and tap it.
  • Find your favorite song by using the search bar, then select it.
  • To enjoy your favorite song as an Instagram Story, tap the Done button.

How to Fix Instagram Story Music Search “No Result Found”

There is a solution to solve it if your Instagram music displays “No result found” when you search for songs or only displays odd tracks directly from SoundCloud, Shazam, or Spotify

You may truly submit any song to any music streaming service you use, including Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, Apple Music, and others.

On Apple Music, do the following:

  • To add music on your Instagram story, open it.
  • Select the “Share” button.
  • Choose Instagram
  • Select Instagram stories

The same is possible with other music streaming apps.

To post a song to your Instagram story, simply click the share button for the music and choose Instagram/Instagram story.

How to Fix No Available Instagram Music in Your Location

As stated by the Instagram team, the functionality will eventually go global. When it was first released in 2018, the Instagram story music function was only accessible in roughly 8 countries. It has since been implemented in numerous additional nations, and the figures are rising.

Therefore, if you get the notice “Instagram music is not accessible in your region,” you must use a VPN to change your location and keep it active until the feature is made available in your area.

You can use the VPN for Chrome extension and your Chrome browser to access Instagram.


That’s all from our side about How to Fix Instagram Music, Not Working. The Instagram story music feature was at first created and available in a few regions. With this feature, you’ll be able to add music to your Instagram story. By tapping on the music sticker which might be found. Once you attempt to add a sticker to your picture or video in Stories. You can seek a particular song by creator name, song title, mood, genre, and plenty more.

We hope your issue is solved now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. How do I make my music accessible in my region on Instagram?

Ans. If you’re obtaining the message of Music not obtainable in your region on Instagram. You’ll attempt utilizing a VPN service. There are many VPN services obtainable for smartphones. Thus you’ll change the IP address and thus unblock geo-restricted content.

Q 2. Is there a limit to how long you can put music on Instagram?

Ans. Music is used as long as it has been created obtainable by the artist to be used on Instagram Story. apart from that, an Instagram Story permits you to feature most of the 15 secs of an audio clip.

Q 3. Why is my music not available on Instagram?

Ans. There are many reasons for obtaining the error – Instagram Story music not operating. We’ve listed out the attainable reasons at the side of the solutions. During this article, attempt them out.

Q 4. How do I add music to my Instagram story?

Ans. Adding music to your Instagram Story is simple. All you have got to try and do is head to the Stickers choice and choose the Music Sticker. currently, add any song from the lists or look for one then choose it. You’ll move the audio to pick out a locality of the song to be played within the Story.
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