How To Fix File Explorer Not Working on Windows 11

How To Fix File Explorer Not Working on Windows 11
File Explorer Not Working

File explorer is a crucial integrated part of the most recent OS versions. In these terms, keeping it running incorrect conditions is obligatory. 

To find out, even so, File explorer is currently different from the previous OS version; check up on some new options, comparisons & update tips. Besides the good features that the new File explorer brings, users have claimed to induce some worrying issues.

A problem we tend to detect recently is Windows 11 explorer not responding. Some users suddenly realize their Windows 11 explorer is not loading, whereas others run into Windows 11 File Explorer crashing. This is often really terrible expertise, and that they all need to urge obviate Windows 11 File soul not responding as before long as an explorer.

File Explorer is a very important tool on Windows 11 that’s wont to browse files, folders, and even for your cloud storage like- Onedrive, Google Drive, and iCloud.

Most usual reasons why your File explorer is crashing

Incompatible third-party software system.

Potentially, third-party antivirus programs or other types of harmful apps will cause harm to the Windows File Explorer by stepping into the conflict.

This reason would possibly generate delays or lags once exploitation File explorer. To avoid such things, you ought to positively determine a way to block third-party app install on Windows PCs.

Improper system settings

One of the foremost common reasons why Windows 11 File Explorer crashes will be associated with improper system settings. Thus, you ought to think about adjusting and optimizing its advanced options.

Corrupted system files

Corrupted system files may get inoperable or unusable because of many reasons. Thus, they will additionally affect you, but your File explorer acts.

This typically happens unexpectedly; exploit you are unable to access File explorer or to use it usually.

You should apprehend that these reasons don’t seem to be uncommon, so there are lots of choices to mend them. Luckily, they’re almost like what you recognize was applying to mend Windows 11 file corruption problems.

A large number of files in history

Having too many files in File Explorer can make it oversaturated by unnecessary storage. In these terms, history will negatively affect it, causing crashes or slow-down situations.

What am I required to do if Windows 11 File explorer keeps crashing?

Try clearing the Cache of your Windows 11

  • Click on the start button, sort control panel, then click on that.
  • In the prime right corner search bar, sort File explorer options and open it.
  • Select the General tab, and within the Privacy section, click on Clear, then choose OK.
  • It is potential that generally, the File explorer history cache gets corrupted or seems too huge. In these things, files and folders area unit loading slowly or not loading in any respect.
  • With this selection, you’ll be able to clear the history and additionally forestall needless memory usage, which could be some explanations for your Windows 11 File Explorer crashing.

Try altering the File explorer options of your Windows 11

  • Open control panel.
  • In the prime right corner search bar, kind File explorer options and open it.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Next to the Open File Explorer to drop down the menu, then choose the This laptop option.
  • Click on Apply, then on OK.
  • Therefore, this is the primary and simplest way to undertake if your File explorer keeps crashing. It would ease considering this issue will occur because of some improper settings.

Use command prompt

  • Click on the start button, type command prompt, then right-click on that and choose to Run as administrator.
  • In the pop-up window, type the subsequent command, then press Enter:
  • SFC /scannow
  • Wait till the process is completed.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • This command is additionally referred to as System File Checker, which permits you to scan and restore corruptions in Windows 11 system files. Thus, it will undoubtedly ease if your Windows 11 File Explorer is crashing.

Restart Windows 11 File Explorer

  • To restart your PC, all you need to do is;
  • First, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard, then select Task Manager.
  • Then select on the Processes tab, search for the File Explorer, then select it.
  • Then select the Restart button.

Try checking for Windows 11 update.

  • Firstly, open Settings.
  • Then jump to Windows Update.
  • Choose Check for updates.
  • With the help of this method, your OS will automatically recommend and fix problems like corrupt settings, which are causing your Windows 11 File Explorer to crash.

Execute certain commands with Windows 11 PowerShell

  • Firstly, Right-click on the Start icon, then select Windows Terminal (admin).
  • Here, in the PowerShell, type the subsequent command, then carry it out:
  • Repair-WindowsImage -Online –RestoreHealth.
  • After that, wait until the whole process is complete. 
  • Then restart your Windows 11.

How are you able to stop my Windows 11 File explorer from crashing?

We take into account properly delivering some helpful choices to stop your Windows 11 File Explorer from crashing. look at the subsequent tips:

  • Firstly, constantly update your OS
  • Regularly clear your File explorer history
  • Fix the corrupt files and drives
  • Remove things from the short Access menu
  • As an extra suggestion, you must disable third-party extensions and antivirus programs.
  • You won’t get once more into File explorer troubles by perpetually applying the on top of aspects.

If your File explorer has issues in Windows 11, check that a minimum of one in all the listed choices can assist you with a minimum of effort.

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