Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out? (Fix it)

Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out
Sometimes it is frustrating if Facebook keeps logging you out. While you’re trying to post. An update or a comment. Here are various reasons for Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out.

Are you even irritated by getting logged out of Facebook/Meta frequently? Are you even looking out for reasons as to why you get logged out of Facebook and want to know its fixes?

Then you are at the right place my friend.  Facebook as it continues to be the most popular social media platform. Millions of users use the Facebook app to remain in contact with their virtual pals and publish updates. However, if Facebook keeps logging you out while you’re attempting to make an update or a remark, it might be aggravating.

Let’s see some reasons Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out.

Why does Facebook Keep logging me Out?

The issue is also caused by varied reasons. For example-

  •  Improper cookie settings, 
  • another person is also attempting to log into your Facebook account,
  •  The Facebook session is terminated. 
  • Corrupt or wrong browser caches, malware or infection, and so on. 

Supported the potential reasons. You’ll strive for the ideas below to repair the Facebook logged me out error.

Some Major Reasons Why You Keep Getting Logged Out

There are various reasons for why Facebook keep you logging out, some of them are mentioned below:

Facebook Glitches

Remember that Facebook has over 2.4 billion active users. It’s bound to have problems and glitches now and then. You may be logged out because the site is under maintenance or experiencing other problems. This is one of the main reasons why Facebook keeps you logging out. 

Check Remember Me option when logging in

When signing into your Facebook account, tick the Remember Me box if you don’t want Facebook to keep logging you out every time you leave.

If you try to connect into Facebook with your account and password after clearing your browser’s cookies and caches, it will ask if you want to auto-login; you can approve this only if the device is exclusively used by you.

Many individuals are logged in

One of the main reasons why Facebook keeps you logging out is when many people are logged in.  Facebook permits you to sign up with many accounts on one device. It additionally permits you to sign up together with your account on many devices. Even so, it doesn’t enable one account to be logged in from over one device at a constant time.

This means if somebody is attempting to log in. From your account whereas browsing, chatting. Or taking part in games on Facebook, it’s sometimes thought about as hacking.

Cookies and Cache

Another problem which can keep you logging out of Facebook is cookies and cache. Cookies are used by your internet browser to monitor the websites you visit. Your settings may be adjusted to automatically stop your session after a particular amount of time. Check your browser’s cookie settings to see whether they are correct. Change the time of your session.

Time limit

Facebook has a time limit starting from the moment you log in. The problem should be resolved if you check to Remember Me while logging in.

Facebook uses sessions to determine whether or not a Facebook account is using its service. Facebook logged you out after your Facebook session expired. 


 Malware or a virus may have invaded your machine. This is something you should look into if it is a recurring occurrence.

Solutions to fix Facebook logging out error

There are a number of solutions which can help in fixing the error of Facebook logging out issue. 

Fix Facebook session expired issue

Facebook uses sessions to spot if the Facebook account is inside its service or not. Once the Facebook session expired, Facebook logged you out. Check a way to fix the Facebook session expired error.  This can help in fixing the Facebook logging out error. 

Tip: Session management is usually managed through the appliance of cookies. Related: Cache vs Cookies vs Session.

Clear your cache and cookies

Sometimes the cookies and caches in your browser might cause difficulty. will be able to try and clear browser cached data and cookies to see if it can fix the matter of Facebook logging out error.

To clear cache and cookies in Chrome, you’ll be able to click the three-dot icon. At the top-right corner in Chrome browser. Choose a lot of tools -> Clear browsing knowledge, tick Cookies. And alternative website knowledge and Cached pictures. And files choices, click the Clear knowledge button. To clear caches and cookies in your Chrome browser.

Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app

If Facebook logged me out drawback is caused by Facebook glitches. You’ll be able to update the Facebook app or install it. head to Settings on your phone and realize the Facebook app to uninstall it. Then you’ll be able to head to the app store to transfer and install Facebook once more on your phone.

Remove Third-Party Sites from your Facebook

When you try to play a game or utilize another service in the Facebook app, you are frequently prompted to enable the app to use your profile for the connection. Most users do this, allowing the app to handle some aspects of their accounts. This can help in removing the error of Facebook logging out.

  • To protect your privacy and data, avoid doing this at all costs. Remove any third-party applications that are already linked to your Facebook account.
  • Log in to Facebook with a web browser [if possible].
  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security.
  • Click Apps & Websites on the left-hand side.
  • Then, next to the applications and services that are linked to your profile, click Remove.
  • In my opinion, remove all of them for the betterment of your Facebook account’s security.

Get Rid of Unused Chrome Extensions

Often broken and outdated Chrome extensions can also hinder the working of a particular app when accessed through the browser.

  • Launch the Chrome browser.
  • Now, in the URL bar type Chrome://extensions.
  • Click on Remove against the particular extensions that you do not use or you know have been broken without any update for a while.

iPad, iPhone, or Smartphone Devices

Depending on the device you are using, there may be another solution available. You can try rebooting your iPhone or iPad to clear the system, or you can also try deleting the Facebook app and re-installing it. Both are potential solutions, so give them a go.

There are some specific solutions worth trying depending on the browser you are using to access Facebook.

 Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may be able to resolve the issue by adjusting your settings.

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Click the Security tab, followed by the Custom Level button at the bottom of the window.
  • In the list of options, locate User Authentication and choose the option for Automatic login with current user name and password.


  • To remedy the issue, try emptying your cookies.
  • Select Preferences from the Safari menu in the top menu bar.
  • To access your privacy settings, go to Privacy and then to Details.
  • Enter Facebook in the search box and delete any entries that show in the site data list.
  • Reopen Facebook after refreshing your browser.

Aside from that, the issue might be caused by a plugin or extension that you have activated in Safari.

  • Navigate to Safari, then to the top menu bar, and then to Preferences.
  • Select Extensions to see any extensions that have been added to your browser.
  • Delete any things you don’t require or aren’t vital.
  • Navigate to your privacy settings and click the Details button.
  • Reopen Facebook after refreshing your browser.

Report Your issue to Facebook Support

If Facebook still keeps working out, you’ll be able to report the matter. To Facebook ease Center to visualize if they will assist you.

Tip: If you can’t log into your Facebook account, you’ll be able to attempt the solutions. To Facebook account recovery.

Change your Facebook password

another person is attempting to log into your Facebook account on another device. And your account could also be hacked. you wish to alter your Facebook account password from time to time to boost your online security.

To change your Facebook password, you’ll be able to log into your Facebook account. Click the down-arrow icon at the top-right corner. Click Settings & Privacy and click on Settings. Click Security and Login, click the Edit button next. To alter the password and enter a brand new password for your Facebook account.

Should I be worried if Facebook randomly logs me out?

Sometimes, due to technical glitches on Facebook you might get logged out, that is not a fact to be worried about, But if it happens quite often, then you definitely should be worried. That means someone else is using your account and that can be problematic for you . Change your password and other privacy to be more secure.

What does it mean to be logged out of Facebook as a security precaution? Why did this occur? I can’t log back into my FB account.

It may be because sometimes they(FB) review your account due to reports on your account . It might be because  someone has reported you on some account due to which fb is reviewing your account.

Keep your Facebook / Meta Account Safe

The Facebook account can be kept secure in a number of ways. They are listed below:

  2. Make sure to always log out of any device you are unsure of
  3. Make a secure password that is impossible to crack.
  4. A two-way verification option is also an option.
  5. Steer clear of using your name or date of birth as a password

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q 1. Can you tell if someone else is on your Facebook?

Ans. Scroll down below “Settings & Privacy,” then choose “Settings.” below “Security”. Choose “Security and Login.” You may end up on the page with a section known as “Where you are logged in.” Facebook can show you the “Active now” standing in blue letter.

Q 2. How do I keep logged in on the Facebook app?

Ans. Be sure to use the address or mobile number you use. To check in to Facebook. sort your Facebook password into the second blank. Tap Log In. Thus it brings you to the “Remember Password” screen option.

Q 3. Does Facebook log out automatically?

Ans. From currently on, once you shut the Facebook window, the add-on can log you out. It’ll additionally log you out once 60 seconds of inactivity, which could not be enough for you. To extend the auto-logout time. Click Firefox within the high left, then Add-ons. Then choices next to Facebook Auto-Logout.

Q 4. Can Facebook tell me who logged into my account?

Ans. When you receive a login alert, you’ll tell us if you acknowledge the login activity. By clicking or sound This was me. A listing of recent devices. That have logged into your Facebook account will be found in your Security. And Login Settings.

Q5. Can I log into more than one device at a time?

Yes. Facebook will let you log into multiple devices and stay logged into those devices all at the same time. The way the service works is that you have to sign in to the app, into each web browser, and each device.
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