How To Enable God Mode in Windows 11

How To Enable God Mode in Windows 11
How To Enable God Mode in Windows 11
You hate ploughing through your Windows 11’s menus. To search out a tool attempt turning on the hidden Master control panel feature known: “God Mode.” Here’s How to Enable GOD Mode in Windows 11.

Windows hide various vital settings deep among the control panel and Settings menus. forcing users to dig around their system to alter their PC’s date and time. Defrag the disk drive, or produce a system restore purpose. Here’s how to enable GOD Mode in Windows 11

Even so, turning on God Mode in Windows 11 adds a Master control panel shortcut. To your desktop. Crammed with over 260 shortcuts. And settings are found within the control panel. And Settings menus. You’ll be able to do everything. From managing USB devices, uninstalling programs. Dynamic your PC’s power settings. And a lot of right from the desktop.

Not will Windows 11’s God Mode want a cheat code that produces your computer easier to navigate? You even use a code to show it on, a bit as you’d in a recent game.

How to enable God Mode in Windows 11

To enable GOD Mode in Windows 11 follow the steps.

  • First, right-click a space on your PC.
  • Then, choose New option. And then go to Folder.
  • After that rename the new folder to GodMode.
  • At last open the renamed folder. And the Windows can mechanically flip it into a Master panel folder.

The various God Mode functions and settings can disagree between operative systems. Even so everything you’d otherwise realize. Within the Windows control panel enclose. You’ll even drag and drop any of the things. Within the Master control panel list onto your desktop. To make a road for even faster access, and there’s an inquiry bar you’ll use to realize any of the functions.


  • The God Mode doesn’t create any major changes to your laptop. Nor will it need an expert-level of understanding to use. That said, you ought to use the tools within the folder after you want them. And don’t mess with any advanced settings. if you don’t understand what they do.
  • The icon for the God Mode folder may change its icon sometimes after you reboot.

If you do not need GOD Mode you need to delete the folder from your PC.


God Mode folder is pretty easy in practicality. As a result of its real purpose is to be info for names to drag up. After you kind them into the Start Menu’s search bar. It takes all the control panel settings. And folds them into an accessible list. That you may also search through. This is all. Hope this helped you!


Q 1. How do I activate Hades God Mode?

Ans. You can flip God Mode on at any time by the gap the menu, and navigate to Settings. Check the box next to God Mode to create yourself stronger. you’ll be able to additionally flip God Mode off at any time, even throughout a run.

Q 2. Does Hades have easy mode?

Ans. While Hades will embrace those tough things, star Games wished a feature. That created the sport a power tool experience for troubled players. There was only one issue: an everyday simple mode would not cut it.

Q 3. Is God Mode cheating?

Ans. Cheating has been and is going to be, an intrinsic part of video games. God Mode could be a classic cheat that offers players who use it the gift of indomitability. It’s like finding the Super Star in any of the Super Mario games. It grants invulnerability to any enemy attacks and causes you to power.

Q 4. What was the first cheat code?

Ans. One of the earliest best-known samples of this sort of cheat is that the Konami Code. Which was created in 1986 by Konami developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto. As he worked on porting the 1985 arcade game Gradius to use on the Nintendo recreation System.

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