Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 11,10 (2022)

Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 11
Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 11

You must be irritated because of the bad computer performance or frustrating messages filled with errors about the old and faulty drivers? You don’t need to worry now as we have listed below some of the best driver updater software tools for Windows 11/10. This article will help you update your drivers on your Windows 10 and 11 PC.

What is a Driver in Windows 10/11?

 The driver is the most crucial part of any electronic software, It plays an important role in any computer and ensures that the system does not hang and there is the proper and smooth functioning of the system. Can you Imagine a very slow computer system that takes too long time to open anything and react to your actions? I am sure that is something pretty frustrating and you would never want to wait and watch for the system to work properly?

 So in that case, we would highly be recommended that you keep the driver of your software updated from time to time. But again you must have the knowledge of some good driver updater software, finding the right list could be a pretty challenging task as our list contains is some of the best and most widely used driver updater software of windows 10/11. But no need to worry as we have clearly explained all the best driver update software for you so that you can choose the right one for you.

List of some best driver updater software for updating Windows 11/10 drivers

We have listed down some of the best and most popular driver update software to help you find and update all the old and faulty drivers for your windows 10/11 PC. This software will update your system’s driver in such a way that it will comprehensively improve the performance and speed of your system.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is one of the common and widely used best software in comparison to other free driver updaters. The user just has to perform a simple scan and the software will automatically detect all the errors and missing device drivers. This Driver Updater will seek some permissions first to update all these drivers. In addition, you can make a backup copy of the driver so that you can access it again at any time.

Smart Driver Care driver updater

Another one of the great driver updater software with many free features. Smart Driver Care first identifies all faulty, missing, and damaged drivers and fixes them all at once after the scanning. This is the most impressive tool which scans the registry editor to detect invalid registries. It also helps to improve the performance of the system.

Driver Genius driver updater

 As the name implies itself, this is one of the best and most original and safe driver software updater tools for improving the system’s performance and ensuring the proper functioning and speed of the system. Driver Genius comprehensively detects and repairs all errors or older drivers. It’s very easy to use, and most importantly, it back up all previous versions of the software. This is some feature that may not be available in some other driver updater software tools. Therefore, The users can always get them easily, even if they are not familiar with the updated versions.

Auslogics Driver Update

Auslogics Driver Updater allows you to update all your old drivers with just one click. Amazing right? It works with the best technology, which is recommended by the experts and know as one of the safest and most effective. In addition, this driver updater handles the performance of your computer and allows you to make a backup copy of the current version.

AVG Driver Updater

 AVG Driver Updater is a very popular software updating software in the market. This easy-to-use tool scans all the old and faulty drivers on your system and replaces them with updated drivers. With a database of over 127,000 drivers, we can check over 100 major brands and offer official drivers. In addition to this, it is the most compatible with almost all versions of Windows.

WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip is one of the most convenient to use and effective driver update tools available in the market. It first finds all the drivers past the best date and updates them to the latest version. Winzip is easy to use and keeps your system running smoothly. Users can also easily schedule regular scans.

Driver Booster

 Another driver maintenance tool, Driver Booster owned by IObit. This tool can seamlessly detect and repair all faulty drivers. In addition, it offers a variety of optimization features, making it one of the best cartridges for users. In addition, we offer both free and paid versions of the tool. The free version scans and updates older drivers, while the paid version has more robust features.

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is a one-stop solution that allows users to update all old and faulty drivers. It helps you deal with slow computers by updating all the necessary components, from audio/video cards to Bluetooth. In addition, it provides the most effective results compared to other versions and supports all the latest versions of Windows.

Driver Finder

 The Driver Finder is the primary driver scanner that scans for all old or missing drivers and updates them to the latest available version. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry because it provides the actual driver. However, there is no update-all option. Therefore, if multiple updates are available, each should be updated individually.

DriverPack Solution driver updater

 The DriverPack Solution tool has a sophisticated user interface and is very easy to use. This software allows bulk download and installation without installing a wizard. In addition, users can create backups for quick recovery. It also provides an expert mode for advanced users and supports over 20 languages. From the editor Keeping your PC drivers up to date is very important.

What is the best free driver updater software in the market currently?

One of the best free driver updater software in the market currently is Driver Booster, You can just install it on your PC and launch the app. It will provide you with a list of all the old and missing drivers. When you tap a driver that needs to be updated, the tool will update all missing or older drivers.

Why do I need to update my driver?

Updating the driver can improve the overall performance of your system. For example, the installed drivers are compatible with the games installed on your system, so using updated drivers will give you a better gaming experience.

How do I update all drivers?

We have described some of the top driver updater tools that can help you update specific drivers according to your system needs. You can choose the best one from them to continue and get the most out of it.

What is the best driver updater software to update the driver?

Smart Driver Care is one of the best utilities to update your driver with just a few clicks. Not only can it help you update a damaged old driver, but you can also back up your driver any time you want so that you can restore it in an emergency. You can also schedule the driver updates.


Old or old drivers mean your PC is slow and your apps and software aren’t working. Therefore, you should perform regular driver updates to maintain your PC’s performance. Schedule now with one of these great driver update software for Windows PC so you don’t miss any upcoming updates. Please tell us which is your personal favorite.

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