How To Disable Notifications in Windows 11

How To Disable Notification in Windows 11
How To Disable Notification in Windows 11

Microsoft’s new Windows 11 software system brings new desktop experiences to users. And a user interfaces Mac-like interface to the OS. It re-designed everything from the computer program. To Settings to user interface performance of the user interface. Windows 11 as well options a new style overhaul. With a focused start menu, Taskbar, action center, and notification center. Here’s how to disable notifications in Windows 11.

The notification center as well gets some major enhancements. That redesign with rounded corners and pastel shades. It’s not set higher than fast Settings within the Action Center hub even so. Instead, it’s now accessed from the date. And the time system receptacle icon at the lower right corner of the show.

Notifications assist you to stay up to now on all things happening on your system property. You recognize your vital emails, replies, left-out groups calls. Windows updates, and much more. On Windows, eleven devices, of these notifications area unit is sorted. Along with within the Notification Center. As helpful as notifications will be. They’ll even be quite annoying, disrupting your traditional advancement. Thus, it’s higher to show off notifications on Windows 11.

Windows 11 provides many choices to customize the notifications to assist you’re employed. During this article, we’ll everything you wish. To understand managing notifications in Windows 11. As well as the way to enable/disable notification for all apps or specific apps. Disable the alert messages, shut down notification sound, set notification priority. Use focus assist, enable/disable the notification banners, and switch off advised notifications.

How to Disable Notification on Windows 11

Notifications keep you enlightened on the most recent changes and developments. Even so generally the endless stream of notifications is overwhelming and annoying. So, sometimes, it’s higher to show off all notifications on your Windows PC. To avoid all distractions. If you decided to show off all notifications from all apps and services, follow these steps:

  1. First, open the Windows 11 Settings app clicking the ‘Start’ icon. And choose the Settings option or press Windows Key + I Key. Or right-click the ‘Start menu’ button and choose ‘Settings’ from the overflow menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, go to the System option. Within the left sidebar of your Windows 11. And then choose the Notifications choice from the correct.
  3. In the next Notifications settings page. Then, put off the toggle switch next to ‘Notifications’. Select the toggle to alter it from ‘On’ to ‘Off’.
  4. Now, you’ll not receive any notification on your system. If you would like to receive notifications on your PC. And once more, activate the toggle switch next to Notifications.

How to disable Notifications For Specific Applications on Windows 11

Turning off Notifications will leave you oblivious. To many the vital notification from your system like Windows update, event reminder. There are times, you wish to enable/disable notifications. From specific apps on your Windows 11 PC. In most cases, the manufacture apps, social media apps, and alternative apps. Like browsers will pump out constant ads and spam notifications.

Disabling notifications from those specific apps will assist you to concentrate on your work. this could wipe out two ways in which from Notification Center and Settings.

Manage Notifications for Specific Software from Notification Panel

You can close up notifications from a selected app within the Notification center. Even so, you’ll only be ready to disable notifications. With this technique, if you have already got a notification. From the app that you wish to disable notifications for.

  • Click the Time/Date icon on the taskbar corner or press Windows Key + N Key. To open up the Notification Center on Windows 11.
  • Go to the notification banner sent from the application. That you need to disable notifications for. And then choose the ‘horizontal three-dots button.
  • From the list of choices, click on ‘Turn off all notifications for *name of the app*’
  • Now, you may not get notifications from that exact app.

Manage Notifications for Specific Applications from Windows 11 Settings

You can disable or enable notifications. from any single apps utilizing the Settings app. To do that, open Windows 11 Settings from the start button or by pressing Windows Key + I Key.

  • Next, navigate to the ‘System’ tab and click on the ‘Notifications’ choice.
  • Once you’re within the Notifications settings page, scroll down to realize the apps. That you would love to disable notifications for underneath the ‘Notifications from apps. And different senders’ sections.

Here, change or disable notifications for individual apps and senders. Once, you found the app you want to disable notifications to close up the toggle next to the app listing.

How to Disable or Enable prompt Notifications on Windows 11

Microsoft sends Windows tips and prompt notifications at varied points. As you use the operating system software. To advertise varied Microsoft products and Windows attributes. They often seem like traditional desktop notifications. Which might be quite irritating and distracting.

For example, you may see a notification telling you the setup options. Like OneDrive and backups or recommend you take office 365 or Xbox Game Pass, and so on. If you don’t need to daunt by these suggested notifications, follow these steps to show them off on Windows 11:

  • To turn off the prompt notifications on Windows 11. First, go to Windows Settings by pressing Windows Key + I Key. Open the ‘System’ tab on the left pane and choose ‘Notifications’ on the right.
  • Scroll down to the all-time low Notifications page. Wherever you’ll realize two check boxes such as “Offer suggestions on yet I will get wind of my device. And “Get tips and suggestions once I use Windows”. Uncheck them each and you’re done.
  • Now, not a lot of prompt notifications and not a lot of Windows telling you what to try to do together with your system. If you wish help settings up your device or tip and suggestion from Windows. You’ll change the prompt notification. By checking the boxes next to the higher than choices.

How to Enable Or Disable Lock-Screen Notifications on Windows 11

By the default settings, Windows 11 notifications content appears on the lock screen. Even so generally, it’s a touch of privacy exposure. As a result of individuals will see the content of a social media app. Or message notification on your lock screen.

So, if you’d sort of a clean look on your locked screen. You’ll be able to hide notifications on the lock screen utilizing settings. Here’s how:

  • Open Settings tab. And head to System > Notifications as we tend to show within the previous sections. On the Notifications settings page, click on the Notification menu (not the toggle).
  • This will make known to you many choices beneath the ‘Notification’ choice. Now, uncheck the box like ‘Show notifications on the lock screen’. this can disable all the notifications on the lock screen.
  • Checking the box-like Show notifications on the lock screen. Once more can re-enable the notifications on the lock screen.


This is all about the ways to learn How To Disable Notifications on Windows 11 from our end. If you have any queries or liked anything about our article feel free to express yourself in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Question

Q 1. How do I view notifications in Windows 11?

Ans. Press the Windows key and N Key together and also the notification panel can slide into reading. You’ll then move with the notifications in no matter method you would like to. Or ignore them once you have checked them.

Q 2. How do I stop network notification popups?

Ans. These are how to induce the urge to Toolkit Pop-Ups.

*On your smartphone, open the ‘Idea Power’ application.
*Select the ‘Idea Flash’ choice within the app.
*Now, choose the ‘Activation’ choice and faucet on the ‘Deactivate’ button.
*At last, ensure the choice by pressing ‘OK. ‘

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