How To Disable Keyboard On Laptop (Step by Step Guide)

How To Disable Keyboard On Laptop
How To Disable Keyboard On Laptop
Want to Turn off a Laptop Keyboard?

Do some keys on the keyboard that do not work on your laptop, and you want to connect your laptop to the external keyboard. So in such conditions, you have to disable the internal keyboard of your laptop. After that, you can do your work without any lag by inserting an external keyboard.

In this article, we will tell you step by step some ways how you can disable the keyboard on any laptop.

How To Disable Keyboard On Laptop in Windows 11/10

1. Disable a Laptop Keyboard Temporarily

If you only want to uninstall your laptop’s keyboard until you restart it, the methods are simple. All you need to do is remove the device’s drivers using the Device Manager. If you only need a temporary repair or don’t mind restarting your laptop, this is a simple and quick way to uninstall the device’s keyboard.

Let’s go over the procedure step by step:

  • First, open the Run Dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R
  • Then type “devmgmt.msc” and then click on the OK button to open Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager click on Keyboards and expand it.
  • Now you see all the listed keyboards that are connected to your system at that time. Find your connected Laptop Keyboard and Right-Click on it.
  • Then click on Uninstall Device option in the context menu.
  • Click on Yes to confirm the action and disable your laptop keyboard.
  • Done, you have turned off your laptop’s internal keyboard successfully.

But this is a temporary solution, because the next time you restart your laptop, the Windows operating system will reinstall and enable the keyboard driver.

Disable Your Laptop Keyboard through CMD

This is the second method that you can use to disable your laptop keyboard. In this method, we show how you disable the port that controls the data and input of PS/2 Ports because commonly most laptop keyboards are connected through that port.

Follow the steps shown below to disable the laptop keyboard permanently:-

  • Click the Windows key and type cmd in the search bar.
  • Now Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. then click on Yes when the prompt appears.
  • Then type the following command and press Enter.

sc config i8042prt start= disabled

  • After running the command successfully close Command Prompt and restart your system.

Now your laptop keyboard will not be able to provide any input and it is permanently disabled.

Note that, for this method to work, first you will need to uninstall your keyboard driver from Device Manager as we have shown above.

Turn Off a Laptop Keyboard Permanently Using Group Policy Editor

  • Step 1: Retrieve the Device ID from Device Manager -> Keyboard Driver -> Right-click and choose Properties -> Details -> “Corresponding Device ID” is a property.
  • Step 2: Take note of this result.
  • Step 3: Remove the driver.
  • Step 4: Navigate from the left panel to the group policy edit. Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Device Installation -> Restriction on Device Installation
  • Step 5: Choose the option that says “Prevent installation of devices corresponding to any of these device ids” on the same policy editor.
  • Step 6: Enable it and enter the Device ID in the “Options” field.
  • Step 7: To re-enable the laptop keyboard, launch the Group Policy Editor and change the status to “Not Configured.”
  • Step 8: Remember to restart your laptop to save any changes.

Use Third-Party Apps to Disable Laptop Keyboard

Windows 10 does not provide an easy option to deactivate the laptop keyboard. But don’t worry, you can use a third-party tool to make this arduous procedure much simpler, and you can deactivate your laptop keyboard without using the device manager. On the internet, you may discover a variety of software that makes it simple to deactivate a Windows keyboard in gaming or budget laptops. To remedy your problem, we’ve provided alternatives for disabling specific keys and the trackpad.

1. BlueLife KeyFreeze

KeyFreeze is free software developed by Using this, you can easily disable your keyboard, as well as this software, can lock your mouse too.

How To Use:-

First, you download it and extract the zip file, then double-click the Keyfreeze icon to run it. Now you see a countdown popup notification will appear on the taskbar.


If you want to stop the countdown, then click on the close icon ‘X’ in the top right corner. If the countdown finishes, your mouse and keyboard will be locked.
Now if you want to enable them again, use the keyboard shortcut and press “Ctrl+Alt+F


Using Keyfreeze, you can disable both the keyboard and mouse of your PC in just one click.

2. KeyboardLock

KeyboardLock is lightweight and easy to use. Its size is just 64kb. Is. But there is a drawback in this tool that this tool locks the keyboard and mouse together. However, this software will very easily disable your keyboard and mouse.


Simply extract it from your system to use it. After that double click on KeyboardLock icon, now you will see a dialog box and as soon as you click on start, you will disable the keyboard and mouse. To enable back you have to type cake on your keyboard.

You can make anyone else lock it. By default, this software used the cake word for it.


This is all about how to disable the keyboard on a laptop permanently or temporarily. Hope this helped you! Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions For Disable Keyboard On Laptop:

Q. How do I temporarily disable my laptop keyboard?

•             Head into your Start Menu, and type in Device Manager.
•             Open up the Device Manager and find your way to Keyboards and hit the arrow to the left of it.
•             Here you will be able to find your laptop’s keyboard. Right-click on it and hit ‘Uninstall’.

Q. How do I disable my laptop keyboard without removing it?

Disabling laptop keyboard without removing it-
·         Press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list.
·         Find Keyboards in the list of devices and click the arrow to expand it.
·         Right-click on the internal keyboard and click Disable. If there is no Disable option listed, click Uninstall.
·         Click File>Exit.

Q. How do I temporarily disable my laptop keyboard Windows 10?

If your laptop keyboard isn’t working, the first step is to update the driver. Look at the list of devices until you see Keyboards, and expand the list. Select Properties > Driver. Click “Update Driver” and wait for Windows to scan for a new or updated driver.

Q. How do you lock the keyboard on a laptop?

To lock your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+L. The Keyboard Locker icon changes to indicate that the keyboard is locked.

Q. how to disable laptop keyboard in bios

·         Go to your laptop’s start menu.
·         Type “device manager” and press enter.
·         Click on device manager.
·         Locate the keyboard in Device Manager.
·         Click on the “+” sign to access a drop-down menu to disable keyboard driver.
·         A restart is usually required to make this permanent or uninstall it.

Q . How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

Here’s how to fix unresponsive keyboard keys:
•             Unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.
•             Try a different cable.
•             Replace the batteries.
•             Clean the keyboard.
•             Blow out the unresponsive switch.
•             Use contact cleaner.
•             Inspect the solder joints.
•             Replace the switch.

Q. What do you do when your HP laptop keyboard stops working?

How to Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard
•             Restart your computer.
•             Unlock your keyboard. …
•             Remove and turn off any external keyboards connected to your laptop.
•             Turn off Cortana.
•             Clean your keyboard.
•             Run Windows Troubleshooter.
•             Update your drivers.
•             Check your keyboard language settings.

Q. How do I unfreeze my HP laptop keyboard?

Hold the right shift key for 8 seconds to lock and unlock the keyboard.

Q. Can you disable a laptop’s keyboard but only when an external one is connected?

Open Device Manager. Select “Update Driver” If prompted to check online or use existing drivers, choose existing drivers only. Display incompatible drivers (or de-select “Only use compatible drivers”)
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