What Are RAM And ROM? | Difference Between ROM And RAM in Computer

Difference Between ROM And RAM


The full name of ROM (read-only memory). It is an impotent part of a computer among the parts connects to the computer. Rom is also called permanent storage because it contains data store. What happens is that when we turn on our mobile or computer, Ram starts working and when we power off the computer or mobile, the entire data gets stored in ROM. We can also external Rom such as a chip in mobile, Pendrive, hard drive, etc. in the computer are also Rom.

Rom definition

Rom means Reads only memory. This memory can store data permanently mean, and it is a non-volatile memory that means its data never destroy when power gets trunk of. It which storage all instructions the most required when to start the computer. This process is known as “bootstrap”.

Types of Rom:

Masked read-only memory- MROM

Masked read-only memory is the first ROM, it is not used at all in the world these days. These are read-only memory hard-wired devices. In which pre-programmed data and instruction store data and instruction store were already done. Such memory used to be very expensive. At that time, MROM will not be found anywhere.

Programmable Read-only memory [PROM]

PROM is the blank version of ROM it is manufactured as blank memory and programmed in after manufacturing.   They can be programmed only once and is not erasable. This is such a read-only memory that we can change it only once. Changing here means putting some new program in the PROM and it is also called an update. Once updated, no one can update it again.

Uses cell phones, video, game consoles, medical devices more.

Erasable and programmable read-only memory [EPROM]

Erasable and programmable read-only memory is another type of this ROM its specialty is that we can erase it and can also be programmed again. The method of erasing this is quite different in which you have to pass this memory with ultraviolet light for 40 minutes then this memory is empty. Let this memory little more detail that EPROM eraser – is also used to achieve this task.  

Electrically erasable and programmable read-only memory [EEPROM]

ROM is a type of read-only memory that can be erased and reprogram repeatedly up to 10000 times. Due to the change in technology, the read-only memory also needed to be changed, again and again, that is why this memory was used. Its specialty is that we can erase and program it 10 thousand times and within just 4 to 10 milliseconds we can also erase and program it. This is also known as flash EEPROM as it is similar to flash memory.


The advanced version of EEPROM. It stores information in an arrangement or array of memory cells made from floating page transistors. EEPROM you can delete or write only 1 byte of data at a time.

Characteristic of Rom

Some important characteristics of ROM memory

  • You can write data only once. Once it is written you can read it any number of times.
  • ROM chips are used mainly in the start-up of a modern computer.
  •  ROM is Non-volatile memory stores only several megabytes (MB) of data up to 4 MB or more per chip.
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