How To Delete a LinkedIn Account?

How To Delete a LinkedIn Account?
How To Delete a LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn is among the most preferable application designed for individuals to get jobs easily and connect with people. Here you can find numerous job opportunities to build up your career on the right path. With LinkedIn’s wide reach, it has also become a platform for professional networking.

LinkedIn is a social media site where you can create a profile and connect with the people that share your interests. It is also good for finding potential employers. This app is for everyone no matter it may be an accountant, journalist, business owner, or even a high school or College Student. It is the right choice for them to achieve their dream jobs.

However, if you no more need an account in this application and want to delete it. You can easily remove the account by following a different kind of methods. After when the account gets deleted, LinkedIn also removes the information of your account from its server.


If you want to delete your LinkedIn account permanently, you need to go through the following steps:


  • Open the official website of LinkedIn and Get logged in with the Username and Password of your account.
  • Now look at the top section of the screen where you can find your Profile.


  •  Click on your profile. A drop-down menu will get appear and then select the option of Settings and Privacy.
  • A dialog box will appear on the screen where you can see a menu on the left side.
  • Click on the Account preferences > Account management option. The page of account management section will get appear.
  • Here you will see option of Close account and click on the ‘change’ option present next to it


  • Now you will be asked for the reason that why you want to delete your account. Specify your reason and then click on next button.
  • Now the page will appear where you have re-enter the password and then click on ‘Close Account’ button.


If you are a premium member of LinkedIn and had a subscription, first of all, you have to cancel your subscription and then you would be able to delete your account.

Here are the steps are given through which you can easily cancel the subscription of a premium member-

  • Go to the website and log in with your account’s username and password.
  • Click on the Me option present beneath your profile.
  • Click on the ‘Access my Premium’ option when the drop-down menu gets appears.
  • In this menu, select and click on the option of ‘Manage Premium Account’. Here you will find an option of ‘Manage Subscription’ in which you have to click on the ‘CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION’ to get unsubscribed.

Also, a significant detail from my side which could be important for you. You must cancel your premium account subscription before the payment date of the monthly subscription. Otherwise, you have to pay the amount of the subscription for a month that you had not used.

Need a Break! Try the Feature of HIBERNATION:

Linked provides the feature of deleting as well as deactivating the user account.

For the temporary deactivation of the account, people can prefer to the use of the Hibernation feature. This

Steps to Hibernate your Account are as follows-

  • Log in to your Account of LinkedIn through the app or website.
  • Select ‘Me’ option. Navigate to the ‘account tab’ and there you will find an option of ‘Setting and Privacy’.
  • You can see a dialog box where you can click on ‘Account Preferences’.
  • In the Account Management section click on the option of ‘Hibernate Account’.
  • Now will have to provide a reason in order to support why you want to hibernate your account.
  • At last, you will be asked for entering the password for hibernating your account. Now your account will get hibernated.

Before you choose to delete your LinkedIn account you must be aware of all the related consequences. The number of effects is given as:

  1. You will not be able to recover your account after deleting it permanently. You can only activate it within the 20 days of deletion of your account.
  2. Also, your profile will no longer be available in the application anymore.
  3. People cannot access the relations and connections they made with others on LinkedIn.
  4. You will not be able to access your data such as articles, connections, comments, etc. For this, you can also download the document of LinkedIn data.
  5. You can lose all your memberships to various groups on LinkedIn
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