Best Cricket Game For PC (2022)

Best Cricket Game For PC
Best Cricket Game For PC

Cricket lives in the hearts of all cricket fans in India, Australia, England, the West Indies, and all over the world.  People enjoy watching cricket.  He also wants to relive his childhood memories of playing cricket in his neighborhood.  So, whether you are a kid, a young boy/lady, or an adult who loves cricket, we come up with an exciting top 5 cricket pc games list in the year 2022, exclusively by our expert team.  Made for you all.  This is written in the table below.

  1. Don Bradman 17
  2. Cricket 7
  3. Brain  Lara International Cricket 2007
  4. Cricket 19
  5. Don Bradman 14
  6. Ashes Cricket 2009
  7. Cricket Revolution
  8. International Cricket  Captain 2013
  9. Cricket Coach 2014
  10. Brain Lara International 2005

Don Bradman 17

Don Bradman 17 is a cricket game for PC developed by Big Ant Studios and published by True Blue Entertainment.  This gives you more control over the pitch and swing of the ball.  It also includes career mode.

Cricket 7

This is one of the best cricket games available for pc in 2022.  It was developed by HB Studio.  And it was published by EA Sports.  It gained huge popularity among cricket-playing countries in Asia.  English cricketer Andrew Flint off is its cover.  You can play cricket in many formats of different lengths, be it ODI,  50 overs, or the newer T20,  20 overs, or even shorter, like 10 or 5 overs.  And, although of course, Test matches (5 days) and first-class matches (4 days). 

You can select your pitches of different sizes, and you can also choose different weather and humidity levels to play it.  You also get a chance to play in many national levels and international tournaments to become the champion.

Brian Lara International cricket 2007

If you are a cricket lover and you are a 90s kid then TM you must be a fan of Brian Lara, and you will have a lot of fun in this game. This cricket game for PC is endorsed by Brian Lara himself.  You can play various ICC tournaments in this game like one day cricket, test match, even there is cricket carnival-like world cup and t20.

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is developed by Ant Studio.  In this game, you have the mode where you will be playing in a predetermined position.  A nice feature of this game is that it also includes women’s cricket where you can play women’s one-day innings and T20 cricket carnival like the World Cup.  Whereas you can play men’s one-day cricket, T20 match, test match, and world cup.  The graphics and effects are intuitive and quite effective. It uses artificial intelligence and creates bowling and batting strategies, both for teams and for players.

Don Bradman 14

It is developed by Big Ant Studios and published by True Blue Entertainment.  You can play in career mode, custom matches, and online games.  In career mode, you will be playing the character of a cricketer who started his career at the age of 16 and has played for 20 years.

  You can also choose your team and players dynamically in this mode as well.  It also includes many famous cricketers under it, and you can modify them as well.  The ball physics of this game is amazing.  You can also enjoy playing this as its predecessor.

Ashes cricket 2009

Ashes cricket game for PC is developed by Gusto Games.  The Ashes always bring the best of cricket from the privileged players who get a chance to participate in the game.  The game is physically dynamic and the controls are interactive. 

The 2009 Ashes series was an eventful one in which England won the much-awaited series.  And this edition of the series also had a game to go with it as Ashes Cricket 2009.  It’s default mode follows the same test series consisting of 5-day test matches, while the game offers many other modes like test cricket, and much more like one day cricket, t20, and more.

Cricket revolution

This game is developed by Mindstorm Studios.  This is a multiplayer cricket game.  In which you can compete with other players in online mode over a local area network (LAN).  The special thing that sets the level of the game apart is that you can select a variety of shots for a particular ball.  Apart from this, when it comes to the performance of the game tracking scores and statics, it is amazing.  It also has a single-player mode. It is available.

International Cricket Captain 2013

This one developed by a studio called Childish Thing International Cricket Captain 2013 is more a strategy management simulation than an action-based cricket game. 

It provides you an opportunity to take the position of team captain and lead your team towards making it number one.  As always, there are many different modes available, including online multiplayer, which is cool.  You can get this game through its official website.

Cricket Coach 2014

This is another management simulation game, Cricket 2014 with a very detailed title that lists the latest updated current career statistics of over 6000 players from around the world.  Apart from this, you can also play customized cricket in it.  TM Cricket Coach 2014 is a must-buy if you want core cricket match entertainment and management.

Bran Lara International 2005

It is supported by the legend himself Brian Lara and developed by Code masters.  Single and multiplayer game-play modes are available in this game.  In which you can enjoy the different tournaments and formats available in a single game or with your friends.  It is very good for you and also useful for your time.

International Cricket Captain 2010

In this game, you can play the English county, and there is also the international and the Australian domestic circuit.  The ultimate goal is to become the world champion.

 It also includes the t20s, t20s, etc in the world cup.  You can play online with your friends, with home English, and with the Australian team.  It includes a complete database of every current first-class domestic player, List-A limited over’s cricketer, and players from around the world (more than 3000 players).

International Test Cricket

This game is of a management type.  If you are good with your calculation skills then you will excel in it.  In this, you can also enjoy the build-up and under this, you can create a strong team and force your opponent to defeat.  Monitor your stats on your game journey, adjust your strategy and make quick decisions and you’ll enjoy the treat.  It’s an old school but a good buy to have on the list.

Big bass boom

This game is taken from the real cricket world, be it the players or the stadium, you will get everything exactly as it is shown in the Big Bash League.  It has special effects that are just amazing when you hit a six you will see vivid trails and special effects!  The game becomes more interesting with its power-ups for both the bowlers and the batsmen.  Overall this is a fun TM cricket game for PC.

Stick Cricket

If there is one simple cricket game that you as a cricket enthusiast would not like to miss, it has to be stick cricket.  Focusing only on batting, it offers fast and straightforward gameplay in which you need to score as many runs as you can to win.  Instead of it being a flash game, Stick Cricket offers you incredibly satisfying mechanics.  You can also play it on PC through its official site or on your Facebook, which also has an implemented web-friendly version of the game, allowing for seamless multiplayer game-play.

Cricket 2005

It is from the 8-part series of games. It is a classic cricket game.  HB Studio developed it.  You can play in single-player and multiplayer modes.  You can also play it with home teams in countries like Australia, England, New Zealand, etc.  The latest introduction of the T20 format to multiple tournaments has made it more popular than ever, where you can manually position and position your fielding on the ground.  Overall it is a great game when it comes to the best cricket game for PC.


Therefore, we conclude that each sport is special in itself.  If cricket lovers want a core cricket experience with less PC configuration, then go for games like Cricket 07, Brian Lara International, or Ashes Cricket 2009.  If you have a progressive PC and were born after 2YK, then go for Don Bradman 17 or Cricket 19, you can enjoy the different parts of these games.  Stick cricket is different from the main league.  Others are management and strategy-based.  Choose according to your hobby and hit fours and sixes while sitting in your room.

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