How To Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook 2022?


Up until 2020, you had to link your Oculus account with Facebook to play all the games with your Oculus headset. If not, Facebook will not allow you to continue. After all, Oculus is a company owned by Facebook.

It was indeed a very clever act by the company to prowl on users’ privacy. I mean, not everyone is interested in bragging about their gaming talent and achievements online.

However, if you are on this page, it is certainly clear that you are a gamer who does not have a Facebook account and right now doesn’t plan to have one.

Well, first you are on the right page.

In this article, we will cover the topic of how to create an Oculus account without Facebook.

Yes, this is possible, so without talking more, let’s just jump on the steps to creating an Oculus account without Facebook.


Can You Use Oculus without Facebook?

For now, yes. One can use Oculus without a Facebook account. Meta is working on new methods to log in to your Quest and Quest 2, but for the time being, both Oculus headsets require a Facebook account.

Facebook required customers to connect to their Oculus headset using a Facebook account when the Oculus Quest 2 was released in October 2020. However, when the firm changed its name to Meta and the Oculus Quest 2’s moniker to Meta Quest 2, the necessity to utilize a Facebook login with Quest 2 was removed.


How To Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Because it is an Oculus for Business account, creating an Oculus account without Facebook entails several steps. We’ll go over the complete process of establishing an account and activating the headsets. The following steps tell how to create an Oculus account without Facebook: 

Step 1: Go to the play store or the app store and download the Oculus app for your Android or iPhone.

Step 2: The oculus firm sends you a welcome email. (When you buy a headset, the firm sends you an email with a link to your registered email address.) Go to your email and click on the link supplied by the firm after installing the app.

Step 3: Click on the email’s link. It will take you to the account registration page.

Step 4: Fill up the required information and click Create Account.

Step 5: After creating an account, go to the menu option and select “Add Device.”

Step 6: Connect your Oculus to the app.

Step 7: Turn on your Oculus Rift and connect it to the app.

Step 8: With your Oculus headset, you may now access all online gaming and VR platforms.

Step 9: You may establish an Oculus account without a Facebook account.

Oculus Quest 2 Without Facebook 2022

Step 1: Navigate to and choose My Devices. Check that you haven’t added Oculus Quest 2 to the list. However, if you have, you must delete it.

Step 2: Uninstall the Oculus software from your Android phone. Also, clear the cache and any related data first.

Step 3: Delete your Facebook account as well as the Facebook app from your phone.

Step 4: Restart your device and enable auto-update.

Step 5: Download the Oculus app version v36. from

Step 6: Additionally, install the software on your Android phone or tablet. Allow installation from unknown sources and press the Okay button.

Step 7: Once the installation is complete, enter your Oculus account and place your phone aside.

What Can You Not Do Without Facebook From Your Oculus Account?

  • There is no access to any social features Without linking to Facebook From Your Oculus Account.
  • Your Oculus 2 will be removed from the list of devices on your phone.
  • It may not even appear on your phone at times when you don’t link Facebook to your Oculus Account. 
  • You will not be able to start broadcasting on Oculus from a remote location.

So you have to accomplish all of this from your headset.

What is Oculus?

Oculus, a division of Facebook Inc., primarily manufactures virtual reality headsets for gaming. Although it makes sense for the requirements to log in to the VR headset to be your Facebook account, many people would prefer to be able to log in to the Oculus without Facebook accounts. As a result, we need to know how to register an Oculus account without using Facebook.

It gives the impression that everything is happening right in front of your eyes. Through the VR headset, you may play games, meet people, learn, establish clubs, design, paint, and so on

However, Customers are still dissatisfied with the current account structure, despite the enterprise’s promises of enhancements to the new technology, which should allow users to establish their accounts without using Facebook. In this article, I’ll go through the VR headsets in-depth and show you how to make an Oculus account without a Facebook account.

What Occurs If You Don’t Have A Facebook Account To Use With Oculus?

If you don’t have a Facebook account for oculus, you won’t be able to use the Oculus headset before the historic merger.

However, things have changed, and you may still use Oculus without a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to utilize your Facebook account, you’ll need to get a $500 oculus.

How To Create A Facebook Account Using Oculus:

The following steps are quite easy to create a Facebook account using Oculus:

Step 1: Open the oculus website on your PC or download the oculus mobile app from the relevant app stores for Android and iPhone.

Step 2: On the homepage, select the “menu” option by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 3: On the lower right, there is a “Sign up” option. The “sign up/login” button will take you to your account page.

Step 4: Selecting the signup option will lead you to the page where you may create a Facebook account.

Step 5: Create a password and fill in your name, email, and phone number.

Step 6: Your Facebook account is now ready.

Step 7: On the Oculus home screen, enter your Facebook email and password.

Step 8: After clicking “Login,” you will be sent to your Oculus account.

Pros of creating an Oculus account without a Facebook account

Your Private Data is Confidential

When you connect your headset to your Facebook account, everyone can see what games you’re playing, what movies you’re watching, and so on. So, creating an Oculus account without a Facebook account is safe. 

Data protection

Because you do not have a Facebook account, all of your data regarding likes, dislikes, acquaintances, friends, and other things are secure, and Facebook cannot access it. Hence, it’s a very cool pro of creating an Oculus account without a Facebook account

Only you can see what you’re doing.

Creating an Oculus account without a Facebook account helps in maintaining privacy. When you use your Oculus headset to play games or conduct other activities, Facebook records and shows your behavior to your friends and other social media users.

Cons of Having an Oculus Account Without Facebook

 You Can’t Show Your Friends And Family Your Game Achievements

Since you have not signed up with Facebook on your Oculus, you won’t be able to show your achievements. Facebook features an activity and accomplishment-sharing tool. Your social media account may be used to share and display all of your gaming actions.

You won’t be able to share your achievements with your friends and family if you use oculus without a Facebook account.

It’s possible that the Oculus Headset option will not appear on your phone app.

If you have a Facebook account for oculus, you will always see the oculus headset on your device page when playing any game. Hence, Using Oculus without Facebook can be a con. 

 Miss Out On Social Media Groups’ Team Play

Facebook is a social media platform that brings people together. People who share interests become friends and create groups to participate in activities together.

Is Oculus Facebook a necessity?

Facebook logins are no longer required with the new 360-degree quest virtual reality glasses. Users will no longer need to register a Facebook account to utilize the headset because the firm has announced intentions to remove the restriction.

Why are you making these changes to accounts on Oculus?

Facebook owns Oculus, which is a Facebook app and technology. It’s simpler to find, connect, and play with friends in VR when you log in to Oculus devices with your Facebook account. Additionally, it makes it possible to use Facebook-powered social features like live-streaming games to your timeline, calling other people, attending events, and testing out novel features like Facebook Horizon. Additionally, they can be added to VR when Facebook rolls out new privacy and security features.

What social tools does Facebook offer in virtual reality?

Facebook offers a variety of social tools on Oculus, such example:

Chats – Have conversations with pals while wearing the headset or not, and jump right into playing games.

Events made by users and developers — Arrange competitions or online games with pals

Livestreaming – Upload VR gameplay to your timeline on Facebook

Distributing to groups — Post to Facebook groups with a VR focus using your VR login.

Post to Facebook groups with a VR focus using your VR login. Create open parties to meet up with pals in virtual reality.

Can you create an Oculus account without Facebook?

Before the year 2020, obtaining an Oculus account required having a Facebook account. But after 2020, when Facebook will be named a meta corporation, it will be possible to sign up for an Oculus account without having a Facebook account. The one that you may use without a Facebook account is Oculus Quest 2.

Can you use Oculus Quest 2 without a Facebook account?

Facebook stated that starting in August, using its Quest VR headsets won’t require a Facebook account. Once they go live next month, every new Quest owner will have to set up a new Meta account. Owners of existing devices may continue using them as they are through January.

How do I create an Oculus account?

Facebook popularly, now known as Meta owns Oculus, which is a Facebook app and technology. It’s simpler to find, connect, and play with friends in VR when you log in to Oculus devices with your Facebook account.

To create an account on Oculus follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Oculus.

Step 2: Click on a new account and sign in by filling in the details. ( you can even log in to Oculus if you have a Facebook account.)

Step 3: Fill in all the details asked, and click on create an account.

Your account will be made, and you would get the mail on your registered email id to Oculus. 

Does Oculus Go require a Facebook account?

In May 2018, Facebook mandated that users who wanted to use Oculus Venues link their Facebook and Oculus Go accounts. Facebook announced in December 2019 that if your Facebook and Oculus Go accounts were connected, Oculus VR data will be used to deliver “more relevant content” like advertisements on Facebook.

Is Facebook required for all VR headsets?

There are a number of different companies in the world that make Virtual Reality Headsets. The majority of them don’t require Facebook to use the headset’s functions. As a result, not all VR headsets require Facebook.

However, Facebook is required to register an account for Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets. Except for the Oculus for Business headsets, all other Oculus headsets require you to connect with your Facebook account before you can use the headset’s functions. As previously stated, the community of Oculus VR headset owners is dissatisfied with this, therefore an update from the company is planned for in the coming months.

Is it still possible for me to separate my Facebook profile from my profile for VR experiences?

Yes. You will be able to use the same username in VR if you already have a distinctive username from your Oculus account. When you set up your profile for VR, if you don’t already have one, you can create one.

No. By allowing permission to post or changing your settings, you may decide what details about your VR activity you want to share on Facebook when you log into your Oculus device with your Facebook account.


So, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to continue using Oculus without a Facebook account.

But there is an important point about why Facebook is selling VR headsets at a low price to its customers.

Our generation is heading towards virtual reality, which is a good thing.

However, I also believe that not allowing users to access their Oculus account without connecting to Facebook is wrong.

And seeing the history of Facebook, customers like me can not trust the tech company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you bypass Facebook Oculus?

Thankfully, there is a solution for Oculus Quest 2 users to avoid using Facebook. The Oculus app allows users to avoid having to log in to Facebook in order for the headset to work. This is accomplished by removing your Facebook account from the system.

Q. Can I use Quest 2 without Facebook?

The Meta Quest 2 is the new moniker for the Oculus Quest 2 headset. Users of Quest 2 will no longer be needed to log in with Facebook to use the headgear starting in 2022, according to Meta.

Q. Can I create an Oculus account for my child?

Meta said that minors under the age of 13 are not permitted to establish accounts and that this information is presented in the setup process. The International Age Rating Coalition rates all Oculus material, according to Meta.

Q. Why is VR not suitable for under 12?

Children under the age of 12 should avoid VR since it may impair their vision. If youngsters use virtual reality on a daily basis, they are more likely to acquire eye issues. In addition, virtual reality may cause nausea, eye strain, and headaches. Children under the age of 12 may be severely harmed by these consequences.

Q. What happens if you don’t have a Facebook account for Oculus?

Oculus Quest 2 headsets will soon be available without the requirement for a Facebook account.

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