10 Best Course Hero Alternatives 2022


Are you trying to find the top course hero alternatives? You have come to the right spot.

There are a lot of competitors and alternatives to Course Hero, but after extensive study, we have identified the top 10 alternatives that will offer you online learning that is comparable to Course Hero.

Students today have access to too many websites to effectively do all of these things at once, including online learning, acquiring study materials from websites, and watching professional films.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most convenient and easy-to-use best course hero alternatives for you to explore.

Introducing Course Hero!

One of the best and most widely used educational websites, Course Hero, is used by students from around the world, but it also has some significant flaws, which is why people are now looking for websites that are comparable to Course Hero as an alternative.

Students can access course-specific study materials through Course Hero’s online learning platform. This is a Redwood City, California-based American corporation that develops educational technology websites.

List of The Best Course Hero Alternatives

The best Course Hero alternatives are mentioned below: 

  1. Quizlet
  2. Studypool
  3. StudyBlue
  4. Kahoot!
  5. Brainscape
  6. Quiziz
  7. Shmoop
  8. McGraw-Hill Connect

Let’s know more about these Course Hero alternatives in detail.


Quizlet-Best website like Course Hero

Quizlet is a free platform that offers flashcards, practice tests, and other study materials. The paid website Course Hero provides access to a variety of study resources, including course notes, practice exams, and more.

It is a superior substitute for Course Hero since it provides a wider range of study resources, such as flashcards, games, and puzzles. On the other hand, Course Hero places more of an emphasis on offering sample exams and detailed solutions to homework issues. It is quite similar to Course Hero.

It depends on the demands of the student which platform is best because they both have advantages and disadvantages. Students who prefer a more thorough study experience should consider Quizlet, while those who prefer to concentrate on problem-solving and practice should choose Course Hero.



A similar selection of tools and services are provided by Studypool, an alternative to Course Hero.

Students can access course materials from prestigious colleges all over the world through the well-liked online course-sharing portal known as Studypool. However, it has been plagued by claims of copyright infringement and plagiarism. Course Hero is another well-known platform for distributing courses.

Studypool, in contrast, adheres to the guidelines of copyright law and has a stringent policy against plagiarism.

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

The learning materials can be shared and accessed by students using the course hero alternative StudyBlue. It is a crowdsourced learning website that lets students publish and download study materials including lecture notes, flashcards, and sample exams.

Additionally, StudyBlue offers a variety of tools to make learning easier for pupils, including a special technique of spaced repetition that improves how pupils repeat lessons.



Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share, and play learning games or quizzes in minutes. Kahoot! can be used in the classroom or for online learning, and is a great way to engage students in active learning.

Kahoot! Is an Alternative to Course Hero which is an online learning platform that offers study resources, such as class notes, flashcards, and practice quizzes, to help students learn more effectively.



Chegg is one of the most well-known and popular websites for finding excellent educational content. It is among the best Coursehero alternatives. Chegg continuously produces high-quality content, which has helped to establish its name and reputation among educational websites.

Chegg is without a doubt among the best in terms of quality and gives the best price. From the very first day through all of their final exams, Chegg offers students encouragement and confidence.

This website helps to maximize the effectiveness of your education and completely accepts responsibility for it. Students have access to a variety of educational resources on Chegg that can help them increase their knowledge.

Chegg is one of the most well-known and popular websites for finding excellent educational content. Chegg continuously produces high-quality content, which has helped to establish its name and reputation among educational websites.



Students can better understand the course material by using the online learning resource Brainscape. Brainscape enables students to learn at their own pace and on their schedule, in contrast to conventional teaching approaches.

Additionally, because students may select the topics and learning methods they want to focus on, Brainscape offers them a more individualized learning experience. This website and Course Hero are fairly comparable.

Therefore, Brainscape is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for a course hero substitute. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and in your own time, in addition to receiving a more personalized and creative learning experience.



Quiziz is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses and quizzes to help students learn new material.

Quiziz is a great alternative to Course Hero because it offers a more comprehensive learning experience. Quiziz also has a community of learners who can offer support and advice and are similar to course hero.



A digital publishing company called Shmoop provides tools for parents, teachers, and students. Online courses, study materials, and test preparation materials are some of their resources. For all pupils, learning should be enjoyable and interesting, according to Shmoop.

Shmoop is a good substitute for Course Hero because it provides a range of tools that can aid students in their academic endeavors. Additionally, Shmoop offers a money-back guarantee so you know you’re receiving your money’s worth.

McGraw-Hill Connect

Course materials, practice questions, and other educational tools are available to students through McGraw-Hill Connect, a website that is comparable to course hero.

A digital learning network called McGraw-Hill Connect gives students access to course materials and other resources. More than only textbook content can be found on McGraw-Hill Connect. To excel in their courses, students can access study materials like study guides and instructional videos as well as practice questions.


A great course hero alternative is StudoC. You can simply access any study resources and materials that will aid in your learning with the aid of StudoC.

On StudoC, a variety of educational resources are offered, and you can access them all by just going to the website. You can find the most prestigious and important university on the earth with the help of StudoC.

Additionally, StudoC makes some of the most well-known publications available to you quickly. The best and most popular teaching tools will be at your disposal, benefiting students all over the world.

Through StudoC, you have access to 19,106 of the best universities in the world.

StudoC offers top-notch, no-cost study materials that can help you with your research and exam preparation. There is no question about StudoC’s instructive content because it exclusively provides high-quality content.

You can easily multiply all of your learnings by just posing queries to the StudoC experts. All of the information and answers to your inquiries will be provided in their response. Therefore, it is clear that it resembles a website like Coursehero.

Is there anything better than Course Hero?

Overall, Chegg is the best option, but there are many warnings. While Course Hero and Chegg both provide some cutting-edge study resource options, they are not without drawbacks. Due to Chegg’s piecemeal approach, monthly fees might pile up quickly, especially if you’re taking into account several resources.

Is Course Hero legit? 

As a duly recognized company, Course Hero employs tutors to both answer questions and control user behavior. Because it solely provides study materials and a platform where professional instructors can assist students with their studies, Course Hero is generally legitimate or lawful.

Is Course Hero free?

In reality, Course Hero is not free. Even though creating an account is free, nothing can be viewed until you pay in one of two ways: By submitting materials (40 docs = 1 free month) by making a monthly, bimonthly, or annual payment.

How much does a Course Hero Cost?

Course Hero Pricing

Monthly Plan$39.99per month1 month of access Ask up to 10 Tutor questions
Quarterly Plan$19.95per month3 months of access Billed $59.85 every 3 months Ask up to 20 Tutor Questions
Annual Plan$9.95per month12 months of access Billed $119.40 every 12 months Ask up to 40 Tutor Questions

Is there a free version of Course Hero?

Course Hero offers a Basic (free) Membership as well as a paid Premier Membership. Free members can seek help from our online tutors at an a la carte price.

Can you cheat with Course Hero?

Any form of plagiarism, copyright infringement, or cheating is not permitted at Course Hero. Anyone who abuses Course Hero to get an unfair advantage, posts another member’s content as their own, or transgresses any law, rule, ethical code, or school rule will have their account permanently banned.


So, guys, there you have it: a persuasive list of the top 10 websites that, in our opinion, are superior substitutes for Course Hero. To gain a good picture and determine which Course hero alternative is the best fit for you, please read the website descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What is better than Course Hero?

Overall, Chegg is the best option, but there are many cautions. While Course Hero and Chegg both provide some innovative resources and study material options, they both are not without their concerns. Due to Chegg’s piecemeal approach, monthly fees might pile up quickly, especially if you’re taking into consideration multiple resources.

Which is best, Course Hero or Studypool?

Reviewers believed that Studypool fits their business needs more effectively than Course Hero. Reviewers believed that Studypool is the best choice when considering the quality of continuous product support. Our reviewers liked the path of Studypool over Course Hero in terms of feature upgrades and roadmaps.

Does Course Hero have a free version?

Both a premium Premier Membership and a Basic (free) Membership are available from Course Hero. Our online instructors will provide assistance to non-paying members for an a la carte fee.

Do schools know if you use Course Hero?

Due to the confidentiality of their services and lack of ties to any universities, Course Hero does not inform your school. However, if your institution employs Turnitin to verify the originality of student work, your instructor might be able to tell whether you copied a source word-for-word from Course Hero.

Do I need to pay for Course Hero?

Students will receive more benefits from Course Hero than the cost of the subscription, thus it is worthwhile to pay for it. For a student who wants to use the answers as study tools to understand the subject matter better, they offer useful solutions. Given the monthly subscription rate of $19.95, the value received

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