How To Clear Temp Files in Windows 11

How To Clear Temp Files in Windows 11
How To Clear Temp Files in Windows 11

Windows 11 is a definite improvement over Windows 10 in terms of efficiency, but you need to do some basic things to keep your PC fast and responsive. We already have certain information on the right way to speed up Windows 11 updates, but based on this information we will only cover temporary record data deletion in Windows 11. All of these strategies have been tried and tested and you should have no problems booting your PC. So, without hesitation, let’s see 4 ways to delete temporary history data on Home Windows 11 (2022).

Now for this information, we have included 4 different ways to delete temporary records in Windows 11. All strategies are completely safe to use and there will be no load points when deleting short-lived records, data, and folders. We also suggest going through all the sections and getting comprehensive data on removing unnecessary records from your PC.

Best way to delete temporary files in Windows 11

Method 1- Clear temp files in Windows 11

Remove temporary information from Windows 11 Settings web page. First, let’s look at the simplest way to delete short-term historical data in Windows 11. Here’s how it works:

  1. First Press the Windows key and look for “Vault”. Now open “Storage Settings” from the search results.
  2. Right here under the store markup, you’ll find “volatile record data”. Click to open.
  3. Windows 11 computer will scan all short-term recording data and displays removable recording data. We recommend that you keep all the ticks except “Downloads”. If you don’t want to switch back to Windows 10 from Windows 11, you can also explore the “Clean Windows Home Replacement” and “Install an earlier version of Windows” options. This can result in the deletion of large amounts of short-term rotation history data.
  4. Finally, click “Clear historical data”. This process will delete almost all short-term temp files from your Windows 11 PC.

Method 2: delete temp files in Windows 11

If you’re new to Windows 11 and need to learn how to manually enter temporary records, here’s the right way.

  1. First press the Windows 11 “Win + R” keyboard shortcut.
  2. The Temp Home Windows folder opens in the user list.
  3. Now select and delete all data with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. This is another easy solution to delete temporary record data in Windows 11. You may get an error stating that some data could not be deleted. You can safely skip these prompts. This error usually occurs when a program continues to use this particular short-lived file.

Method 3: delete temporary files in Windows

Remove Temporary Information in Windows 11 Using Immediate Commands

  1.  1. Another solution to completely delete temporary record data in Windows 11 is to use the “immediately” command. Immediately press the Windows home key, type “cmd”, and then click “Run as administrator” in the most convenient search results bar to open the “Run commands immediately” window. By the way, you can also open Command Immediate from Windows Home Terminal.
  2. 2. Then copy the bottom command and paste the command by right-clicking in the CMD window.
  3. Type del/q/f/s% TEMP% *
  4.  3. You can now delete entire temporary data records in Windows 11 by simply pressing Enter.

Method 4: Clear temporary files in Windows 11

Temporary Information Using Storage Sense for Robotic Deletion in Windows 11 If the whole process is tedious, you can enable customization in Windows 11 to handle the robotic cleaning of short-lived records. Here’s the correct way:

  1. Press the Windows Home key, sort “Storage Discovery” and open the “Enable Storage Discovery” system preference.
  2. Then enable the toggle for “Storage Sense” in Windows 11 settings.
  3. Then you can open the Storage Sense menu and configure everything right here. You can choose when to start Storage Sense, configure it not to delete downloaded data, and more.


 Here are the 4 best ways to safely delete temporary recording data in Windows 11. As you might have noticed in this tutorial, we didn’t include third-party tools to clean your PC.

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