How to Clean AirPods?

How to Clean AirPods?
AirPods are probably terrible. Sweat, dirt, and grime remain on the buds and charging case. Regular cleaning is helpful, but care must be taken not to damage it. Here are a few ways in this article:

 The Apple Method

 Apple recommends using a “soft, dry, lint-free cloth” to clean your AirPods and a “dry swab” to clean debris from the speaker mesh. The instructions tell you that AirPods and AirPods Pro are not waterproof.

 The reality is a little different. Dust gets into the AirPods and continues to build upon the speaker mesh. If you routinely drop your AirPods in your pocket or bag, the hinges will get dirty within a few weeks. These two parts are difficult to clean with only a cotton swab and a mop.

 Dirt and other debris can get all the way through, so you may need to clean it deep inside the case’s charging bay.

Clean AirPods
How to Clean AirPods?

Cleaning  AirPods

 Headphones are the most sensitive part of your AirPods, so take extra care. Do not apply excessive pressure to the speaker grill. This can lead to further penetration of dust into the earphones and complete displacement of the speaker grilles.

 Follow Apple’s advice to clean the outside of the headphones with a soft cloth. If there is discoloration or hard dirt, you can moisten the cloth slightly and try again. Don’t forget to clean the sensor as well.

 First, try cleaning the grill area with the Qtip as recommended by Apple. But if this doesn’t work, you’ll probably be most successful with a sharp, pointed object like a toothpick. Use the handpiece to gently scrape wax and dirt off the speaker mesh. Again, be careful not to press too hard, but make sure the dust can be easily removed.

Blu-tack method to clean your AirPods:

In this method, use BluTack or similar reusable adhesive to warm your hands. Repeat this process until all dust is removed from your AirPods. However, be careful not to insert the Blutack too deeply into the earbuds. You can also sprinkle a little isopropyl alcohol on the  Qtip and use it to loosen anything that might get caught in the speaker mesh.  Another way is to wipe your AirPods with a dry sponge and then use a hard toothbrush in the middle to remove stubborn debris.

AirPods Pro Cleaning

 AirPods Pro has silicone ear tips that fit snugly into your ears. You can remove this tip for easier cleaning. Apple recommends removing and rinsing with water until it looks like new.

 Do not run AirPods Pro underwater! They are not waterproof, they are just waterproof. After removing the silicone tip, your AirPods Pro should be able to be cleaned easily with a dry or damp cloth. 

 Charging Case Cleaning

 The charging case for AirPods can be as tough as the earbuds. Hinge perimeters are notoriously difficult to clean, but the housing itself is terrible at keeping dust and other grime out.

You can wet the brush to remove the hardened dirt. Due to the constant compression that occurs when the housing is opened and closed, dust removal can be nearly impossible. If a damp cloth or toothbrush does not work, remove a safe Qtip and spray with isopropyl alcohol. Move the Qtip over the area to remove dust. Please wait a moment. This may take some time.

 Look at the charging compartment that normally houses AirPods. Dry Qtip helps to cleanse this area. You can moisten the tip of the Qtip with water or isopropyl alcohol, especially if you have fragments that are not very sticky.

 Finally, don’t ignore the Lightning port on the bottom of the charging case. A wooden toothpick is great for cleaning this area.

 Things You Can’t Use to Clean  AirPods

 You can clean your AirPods with care using a cloth, cotton swab, bristles, toothpicks, toothbrush, Blutack, moisture, and even isopropyl alcohol.

 Similarly, harsh cleaners like bleach can make your AirPods white again, but they can also damage the plastic. These chemicals also tend to leave a residue on the surface, so bleaching your ears is not a good idea.

 Finally,  even if you have a waterproof AirPods Pro, never submerge your AirPods in water. Even an occasional dunk can be disastrous for your AirPods, as they are always on when you take them out of the case.


 Keeping  Clean It’s much more difficult to clean the earbuds and charging case from dust accumulated over a year than it is to do a quick clean once a month. It’s a good idea to clean your AirPods more often, especially if you’re active or using your AirPods while exercising.

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