How To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

How To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile
How To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Ever wondered who saw your Instagram profile or wanted to know about  Instagram Stalkers? This is a popular search query that many people search on the Internet. If you want to see who has viewed your Instagram profile, follow these steps to view the list the people who have recently accessed your profile. Perhaps because of privacy concerns, Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to check these details.

After a thorough investigation, we have found some good solutions to this question. Who is stalking my Instagram profile online? In this article, you’ll learn how to track who viewed your Instagram profile.

Instagram Business Account   

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Using an Instagram Business account is another way to identify who has viewed your Instagram account. You can use your Instagram business account to get important data about who accessed your Instagram page, but there are pitfalls.

Business Account gives you valuable insights about who accessed your profile, such as location, age group, gender, and online time. However, Insight does not reveal the name of the Instagram user who accessed your profile.

Follower insights

Follower Insights for Instagram is one of the best Instagram stalker apps for analyzing media, followers, tagged information, hashtags, locations, and more. You can easily see who is viewing your Instagram profile. You can also access stalkers to follow, unfollow and block you on Instagram.

 If your goal is to simply look how to see who stalking your Instagram, this is a perfect app to use. You will get notified whenever something happens to your Instagram account.


 This is yet another Instagram Stalker App that claims to track who visited my profile, photos, and stories posted by the user. Apart from finding the stalkers on Instagram like who is your friend and who is being sneaky, you will be able to track users who follow, unfollow, like your photos so that you can better track your users.

 This app is perfect for anyone who has viewed my Instagram profile and wants to know who is interested in you. This app is also available on the Android and iOS stores.

 Follower Analyzer

Did you find an interesting profile on Instagram? Want to know who always liked and commented on his post? This is an app for you. Not only can you get more insights about your profile with this app.

With the Follower Analyzer, you can see who unfollowed you on Instagram, track new followers, and view your fans. You can also analyze each of your friend’s accounts or the accounts you follow to see statistics such as: Looking for an Instagram Stalker website? We have put together a complete list for you.


FollowMeter is the easiest way to manage your Instagram account. Its powerful analytics give you deep insights into your Instagram account and monitor your followers, follower growth, story views, and post-performance. You can also use the Followmeter to see who viewed your story the most. Are they your followers or someone else? Track users who have blocked your account, post with increased engagement, and other details. If you want to know more about your Instagram account, it’s worth checking out.

Visitors Pro is an iOS app that helps you find the most visited people, likes, and comments on Instagram photos and videos on your Instagram profile. With this tool, you can get more useful information that will make your Instagram account 100% understood and easy to manage. The app is absolutely easy to use and keeps track of your Instagram account analysis. This is a great app for you, especially if you want to know who viewed my profile on Instagram.

IG Analyzer

The IG Analyzer is the easiest way to manage Instagram using the App. It provides analytics for your Instagram accounts, so you can have your Instagram profile viewers at your fingertips and easily improve the relationship.

Using IG Analyzer, you can track everything such as stats of your photos, videos, who follows you, unfollows, and everything in between.


SocialView is another useful Instagram tracker that will let you know basic things such as who visited your Instagram account, who liked your photos, videos, comments, followers, Unfollowers, and much more.

 If you are still wondering can you see who viewed your Instagram profile, this is the app you want. This free app has a good user interface.


 I hope now you`ve found a solution to who viewed my Instagram profile and found your Instagram stalkers. Choose your favorite method to check who visited your Instagram profile.

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