How To Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode | Start Windows 11 in Safe Mode

How To Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode
Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode
In this article, we explained all the three types of Safe Modes in Windows and what are the ways by which you boot your Windows 11 in Safe Mode.

Similar to other Operating Systems, Windows has a reputation of running into some issue or another from time to time. These errors may not be easy to resolve, and you need a proper troubleshooting mechanism for the same. In such a scenario, Safe Mode comes in handy. Safe Mode is a particular situation of your Windows 11 where Windows boots on your PC without loading any apps or drivers along with it. This is helpful to corner the cause of the problem. It is also easier to troubleshoot and modify your Windows 11 PC if you are unable to boot your PC in Normal Mode.

In this article, we have shared three ways to boot your Windows 11 in Safe Mode. This will help you to troubleshoot your Windows 11 PC if it ever runs into any issue.

Types of Safe Modes in Windows 11

You will find three types of Safe Mode on Windows 11. Let’s know about them one at a time:

Safe Mode:

In this simplest safe Mode, no third-party apps are loaded at all in Windows 11, and only minimum drivers are loaded in the system.

In this Mode, the graphic quality is very basic, and the icons turn to be big enough but they are not clear at all. 

When you load Windows 11 in Safe Mode, you will find Safe Mode mentioned on the four corners of your computer screen. 

Safe Mode in Networking:

In this safe Mode, the network drivers are also loaded on your Windows 11 PC apart from all the drivers and settings that are loaded in the safe Mode mentioned earlier. In this safe Mode, you will be allowed to connect to the internet.

However, it is not recommended to surf the internet when you are booting Windows 11 in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt:

 This Mode is suitable for all users who want to do advanced troubleshooting in Windows 11. When you choose the type of Safe Mode, you will not see the Windows Graphical User Interface instead, the Command Prompt will appear on your Windows 11 Screen.

Use Settings to Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode

It is a very simple method to boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode via Settings. Let’s see how:

First of all, you need to open the start menu and type ‘Settings’ in the search bar of Windows 11. Now click the first search result to open the Settings App.

You will see the System settings in the default windows of the Settings app. Now you need to scroll down the right panel and Choose the Recovery option from the Settings.

Image Source: All Things How

You will see a list of recovery options on the Windows 11 screen. Here you will find options like Reset the PC, Revert to the previous version of Windows, Advance Setup option, and more.

You need to click the Restart Now button present next to Advanced Setup. You will be taken to Windows Recovery Environment now.

Look for the Restart Now option in the window that appears on the screen and click it.
Now your Windows 11 PC will reboot, and it will boot in the Windows Recovery Mode.

Start Windows 11 in Safe Mode using the Start Menu

This is another method to open Windows 11 in Safe Mode. You won’t be able to boot the Windows in Safe Mode directly, but using this method, you would be able to access the Recovery Environment directly. Let’s see how:

First of all, you need to press the Windows key on Windows 11 keyboard. This will bring up the Start menu on the Windows 11 PC. Now you have to click on the ‘Power’ button and then press the ‘Shift key and choose the ‘Restart’ option.

Image Source: DigitBin

Now you will directly be taken to the Windows 11 Recovery Environment. Now you can continue with the same steps from above.

Use Modifying System Configurations to Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode

The methods mentioned above will only boot the Windows 11 in Safe Mode once. Your computer will boot normally as soon as you restart your Windows 11 PC. If you want your PC to launch in Safe Mode every time you restart it, you need to specify it in the System Configuration. This is essential when you want to troubleshoot your Windows 11 PC. Let’s see how:

To modify the System Configuration of Windows 11, press the Windows + R key to launch the Run dialog box. Type ‘msconfig’ in the text box and press the enter key. This will open up the System Configuration settings in Windows 11.

Image Source: GroovyPost

Access the ‘Boot’ tab in the System Configuration window and check the box next to the ‘Safe boot’ option in the ‘Boot’ section. After making the changes press the ‘OK button.
Now you need to press the Restart button in the prompt box.

Now your Windows 11 will reboot in Safe Mode until you uncheck the Safe Mode option in the settings above.


Here we reach the end of our detailed guide on how to boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode. You can use any of the above methods as per your need and troubleshoot your Windows 11 in Safe Mode. Have any further questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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