8 Best Video Recording Apps For iPhone and Android (2022)

Best Video Recording Apps For iPhone and Android
Best Video Recording Apps For iPhone and Android

However, nowadays all devices, be it iPhone or Android, are equipped with dedicated in-built cameras.  Now mostly everyone prefers to click pictures and make videos using their equipment instead of doing it on high-end cameras.  But device cameras usually provide only a few basic features when we record videos.  To create professional or excellent quality videos, you need to download an app that has tons of features to help you achieve the perfection you need. 

Here in this article, I have discussed some of the best video recording apps to use on Android or iPhone devices to enhance video recording.

This is listed as follows.

  1. MAVIS


MAVIS is a compact recording tool.  It is packed with professional and broadcast-level features such as shutter angles, real-time color vectorscope and exposure waveforms, and custom frame rates between 3fps and 240fps.  What’s more, the audio recording options are impressively extensive, including audio monitoring pass-through and support for recording audio through devices connected to the iPhone’s Lightning port.  Shooting assist options include a zebra bar, false color for exposure and range, and focus peaking for precise focusing. 

Typically, selectable bitrates range from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, and embedded time codes appear in video files.

Reason to like
  • stocked with dozen of unique professional-level features.
  • broadcast audio recording and option available on iOS.
  • use to free.
 Reason to dislike
  • Only available for iOS

Open camera

The Open Camera is built primarily for still images, but its video recording capabilities are much more impressive.  It is completely free, without in-app purchases.  The feature list includes desired functions that enhance the built-in camera app. 

Although, Open Camera also supports the latest Camera 2 API.  This API allows the app to set manual focus, ISO, exposure, white balance, exposing burst mode, raw capture (via DNG), and slow-motion video.  Open Camera is a capable camera application that can also replace the built-in apps on your Android phone at no extra charge.

Reason to like
  • Low cost means this is largely accessible.
  • The improved built-in android camera app significantly.
 Reason to dislike
  • Limited to camera2 API functionality.

Pro Movie recorder

ProMovie Recorder approaches MAVIS and FİLMİC Pro in complexity but lacks the intuitive interface of those apps.  This one offers significant power, from manual controls to bitrate adjustments, but isn’t nearly as easy to use as other applications.

 FILMIC Pro, In contrast, ProMovie Recorder is free to download.  You will need to make a one-time $3 in-app purchase to remove the watermark from your exported videos.

 For students or hobbyists who want to explore a high-fidelity video recording app, this risk-free is the place to start.

Reason to like
  • This app is Free to use and download and accessible to everyone.
 Reason to dislike
  • The interface is not as attractive as other apps.

Fil Mic Pro

FİLMIC Pro is powerful and feature-rich, and it’s built against other video applications and comes first.  In addition to manual controls for virtually every function, the app is full of features from professional video cameras such as zebra stripes for exposure warnings, focus peaking, and a gamma curve recording logs for later color grading.  You’ll also find more general features like frame rates from 24 to 240 and various file format options.

 It’s equally professional in audio recording with fine-grained controls and advanced equipment for seasoned filmmakers.  If you’re serious about recording videos on your iPhone, this is the app you need.  However, you will pay for it.  The app costs $15 and offers in-app purchases for many of the most professional features of the ad.

Reason to like
  • Full range of professional features.
  • The best interface among the available option.
 Reason to dislike
  • Novice videographers will be overwhelmed.
  • Getting good footage requires good skills.

Movie Pro

If you’re serious about filming on your iPhone, but you don’t want to invest in the FLMIC Pro, MoviePro is a good compromise.  The app offers some impressive features, including manual controls for almost every feature of the app and a range of video recording options. 

The audio recording and monitoring options are just as flexible, with an on-screen audiometer and Bluetooth microphone input options.

 For users who prefer to take video on their devices but may be overwhelmed by the feature range and complexity of Film Pro, MoviePro is an excellent choice.  The cost is also comparatively low.

Reason to like
  • Lover purchase price requires less serious investment.
  • does not overwhelm the user with the option.
 Reason to dislike
  • Professional-level shooters might miss some features.

Camera MX

Camera MX is a feature-rich still photo application.  It can also record some impressive videos in it.  Although video recording is not its primary purpose within it, the video recording segment of the app is easy to use and produces quality clips. 

This Photos app sports a better interface with a more polished look than the similar Open Camera.  You’ll also find built-in video editing to trim and share your videos.  Camera MX is free to download and includes in-app purchases to access premium features like filters and advanced capture modes.

      Video shop video editor

      Video shop is not a camera recording app, but it is an essential companion to the app.  It is a straightforward and capable application for creating simple edited videos on your smartphone.  You can combine multiple clips into it, add music, insert titles and even apply filters to your sequence, then share it on almost any social media channel.

       All this can be done under this app, without the need for any computer.  The Videoshop app is free, but access to pro-level features requires in-app purchases that range from $5 to $90.

      Reason to like
      • Ideal for creating short videos of events and attractions.
      • The process of simplifying and sharing edited mobile videos.
       Reason to dislike
      • The entering face might be too simplistic for a video expert.


      If you want to be the go-to editor with your professional iOS video recording app, check out LumaFusion.  This is the single most powerful video and editing app on the App Store.

       Compatible with iPhones and iPads, LumaFusion offers professional multi-track editing and many of the tools you’d expect in a desktop non-linear editing (NLE) application.  It will run you about $30, but the pro-level features are well worth the price.

      Reason to like
      • Uniquely powerful non-linear editing features.
      • An excellent choice for mobile filmmakers and other pros.      
       Reason to dislike
      • Relatively high cost.


      While there are so many apps to choose from these days, here I have listed some of the best apps that have been tried by many and got great results.  Download the app you like best, explore its features and enjoy making great videos with it.

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