10 Best TeamViewer Alternative for Remote Desktop in 2022

Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer is remote desktop software that allows you to connect to multiple workstations remotely.  It can enhance the performance of the remote control by hardware-accelerated image processing.  It helps you drag and drop files from one computer to another.  However, TeamViewer’s biggest drawback is that the professional version costs a lot, and it tends to be slow when updating to the new version system.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist A reliable and cost-effective alternative to Zoho Assist Teamviewer includes this super-fast remote support software with multi-platform accessibility. It is designed to meet the needs of all businesses. 

  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS efficiently, Effortless file transfer and multi-monitor navigation are included
  •  Assist offers an unattended access feature.
  •  Connect to devices without needing a user on the other end Powerful security features.
  •  Including SSL, 2 – Factor Authentication, and more.

Manage Engine Remote Access Plus

Manage Engine Remote Access plus Remote Access Plus is a safe and secure comprehensive enterprise remote support solution we can provide.  These systems administrators and IT help desk technicians can help troubleshoot Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from a central location.

  • Offers an Instant Connectivity and ConnectWise come with an updated interface that supports a more granular permission assignment.
  •  Helps you to exchange files, comment and share opinions, and work.
  • Simultaneously on the same task.

Remote PC

 Remote Desktop Software, also known as Remote Access Software or Remote Control Software.  Allows you to control one computer remotely.

  • Supports file transfers and It allows chatting with each other during the session. 
  • Works effectively on Windows and macOS
  • You can record sessions in a video file.
  • Apps allow you remote into a computer from a mobile device.

Connect wise Control

Connect Wise Control is a replacement for Connect-wise Team Viewer.  This allows your customers to be around the corner, from all over the world.  It is one of the best apps like Team viewer which can provide a modular, custom pricing approach but also lets you create your package.

  • Offers an Instant Connectivity
  •  Connect Wise comes with an updated interface.
  •  Supports a more granular permission assignment. 
  • Helps you to exchange files, comment and share opinions, and work.
  •  Simultaneously on the same task.

Damware: Remote Access Software

Damware Remote Everywhere Damware Remote Everywhere can provide good remote-access capabilities.  This remote software system is divided into two forms. 

  1. Damware Remote Support (an on-premises solution)
  2. Damware Remote Everywhere (cloud-based solution)
  • Helps you to manage active directory ( AD ) objects remotely and  Save your time and money by automating help desk and IT support tasks. 
  •  In-house ticketing system and reporting.
  •  engine for better performance review
  • Offers better identity and authentication management for remote desktop connections.

GoTo my PC

 GoToMyPC is a remote access desktop software that enables you to work from home.  It can allow you to access files, applications, and networks without any hassle.

  • It helps you to increase your business productivity.  •
  •  This application uses 256-bit AES encryption for security.  And You can get remote access from Android, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone. 
  •  It is easy to install and Transfer files between computers with ease. 
  •  The tool supports multi-monitors; you can copy-paste files between connected PCs. 
  •  20% off on Annual Plans.


Splashtop is a secure, scalable, high-performance remote computer access and remote support solution that helps business professionals and teams with remote computer access while working from home or on the go. 

You can use Splashtop.  IT professionals choose Splashtop for their organizations because it’s easy to use, easy to implement, easy to administer, and it’s quick to do.

  • Fast and easy remote computer access and Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises
  •  Remote support solutions for IT, help desk, and MSPs
  •  Two-step verification / two-factor authentication and multilevel password security to Connect from most devices including mobile devices, laptops, and Chrome books.

ISI Light Remote Desktop

 ISL Lite allows you to securely and easily access remote computers (even unattended) and mobile devices. It has very transparent pricing and great Cloud-based or on-premises with price-performance also included.

  • Offers maximum security  AES 256 bit encryption, two – factor authentication It’s easy – to – use, and offers many different ways to establish a connection
  •  Automatic session recording, and file transfer Possibility to connect to an unattended computer via RDP.


 Mikogo is screen-sharing software.  It proves to be a helpful tool for facilitating online sales demos, web conferences, and training of individuals and groups alike.  The tool is also available in three versions namely Standard, Professional, and Team.

  • Share your desktop, documents, or application windows with up to 25 meeting participants
  • In real-time view meetings with the iOS or Android apps, or join via mobile browser. 
  •  It enhances communication and phone calls by allowing users to collaborate and view the same information.
  •  The real-time help you to assist your customers with remote keyboard and mouse control
  • Set up your meetings in advance with the Schedule

Chrome Remote Desktop

 Chrome Remote Desktop is not a full feature tool; it is an extension of the Google Chrome web browser.  It is one of the best Teamviewer alternative tools that can allow you to set up a computer for remote access from any other computer running the Google Chrome browser.

  • Let’s you remote into the computer even when the user is not logged in free TeamViewer alternative offers multi-monitor support.
  •  Works equally effectively for unattended and on-demand remote access.
  • The software better than TeamViewer allows you remote into the computer via an app.
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