15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022
Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Watching sports activities on a screen is a popular source of pleasure for sports enthusiasts all around the world. After all, stadiums have a finite capacity. Furthermore, most sports teams have local, national, and worldwide fan bases.

Traditionally, television was the primary means of following live sports. Things, however, have long since altered. Sports lovers may now quench their appetites by viewing games online via major streaming providers and free sports streaming sites. If you want to save live streaming video then use a screen recording tool.

The availability of live sports streaming services has considerably decreased the necessity for cable TV. Sports fans no longer have to wait till they are in front of a television to watch live sports. They no longer have to miss those wonderful live moments because of time or location.

Visitors to free sports streaming sites may watch a wide range of live sporting activities. Visitors may watch soccer, basketball, American football, rugby, basketball, cricket, baseball, golf, boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts (MMA). You may also watch less popular games like chess and archery on some of these sports streaming websites.

The simple fact that you can watch sports material online is the easy part. It’s a different story when it comes to finding the greatest sports streaming sites. While numerous websites allow you to watch sports online, not all of them are dependable and may not provide the ideal experience.

Some streaming services fall from time to time, while others are ineffective at offering functioning streams for live sporting events.

In this article, I will list the greatest free sports streaming websites. The sites on this list check off a lot of boxes, including the amount of sports streams they provide, the kind of sports they cover, video quality, user interface, site popularity, and how bothersome or obtrusive their commercials are.

Let’s get started.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

The greatest free sports streaming services built by third-party developers are included in the first category. These streaming services are not associated with any legitimate sporting organizations. Essentially, any webmaster with the necessary skills may construct a sports website and connect streaming links to it.

A plethora of programs and add-ons leverage third-party free sports streaming sites as stream providers. You should keep in mind that you will most likely see more advertisements when utilizing these streaming services than you would on legal or official sites.

Here’s how to get and connect a VPN on your device before you start streaming with free sports sites.

Step 1: Click HERE to get ExpressVPN. It comes with a 30-day no-questions money-back guarantee. This means you can use it freely for the first 30-days.

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app from HERE and follow the instructions to install it. Fire TV Stick users can follow this guide.

Step 3: Open the ExpressVPN app, select any server you like and hit the connect button.

If You Want Record Streaming Video Use


Stream2Watch - Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Stream2Watch is an IPTV website that provides substantial live sports, entertainment, and news coverage. You may watch various types of sports activities on this free streaming service, including American football, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, soccer, and combat sports.

In addition, to live sports streaming, Streams2Watch provides users with access to a variety of popular TV channels. This website’s visitors may access a variety of sports channels and live sports streaming services.

It’s not only sports streaming that’s available here. Streams2Watch also allows you to watch a range of documentary, entertainment, and news television networks. Stream2Watch offers a plethora of channels for streaming.

Stream2Watch has a straightforward design and usability. When you access the website, you are sent to the main page, which provides basic information about the website. Upcoming live stream events, as well as their start timings and streaming URLs, are also included. Popular sports categories are easily accessible on the front page.

You may utilize the suitably designated tabs to browse different sports categories or watch live TV. I also tried out the search option, and I’m happy to say that it’s simple to discover sporting events and stations.

Not all sporting events are available in high resolution on Stream2Watch. Nonetheless, there are several high-quality video connections. When you select an event to watch, you can choose from multiple links, with those in HD quality tagged as such. You can even find 4K streaming. links, which is a huge plus.

Fox Sports – Free Sports Streaming Site


Sports channel Fox Go Best for live Fox Sports streaming on any Internet-connected site.

Fox Sports is a high-end live sports streaming service. On your computer or mobile device, you may view a variety of athletic events. It lets you add your favorite shows, players, teams, and other items. The sports streaming website also provides a complete calendar of sporting activities.

  • Live streaming videos are available.
  • Stories and breaking news
  • The most recent results.
  • Profile of the player

Fox Sports is an excellent sports streaming website. However, the streaming videos aren’t optimized. To watch live sports on this streaming service, you must have a lightning-fast Internet connection.

Another con of the website is that while the app is free, you will have to pay subscription costs to stream sports events such as Hulu, Direct TV, Dish, Spectrum, Verizon Net TV, and others.

Price: Free

Rojadirecta – Live Sport Stream


Rojadirecta is visually and functionally distinct from the other free sports streaming services we’ve explored thus far. It’s older than most, having been around for a while. Rojadirecta is very popular, with hundreds of thousands of active users.

Rojadirecta is a sports indexing platform. It does not display the sports categories that it provides on the front page, but that should not deter you. This website has live feeds for the majority of sporting tournaments. Soccer, badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, handball, MMA, and many other sports are available to watch online.

Rojadirecta offers more than just live streaming. Don’t worry if you missed a live sporting event. You may see highlights of recent events on this website. All of the highlights have been posted in either normal or high resolution.

If you like, you may even download entire athletic events to your smartphone. This is a useful option for sports fans who have missed a game or who wish to save their favorite matchups

Another noteworthy aspect is its forum. Rojadirecta has an active online community of users who may post on its forum, make updates, and leave comments. The online forum at Rojadirecta is a great location to get live stream connections as well as information about numerous sports and sporting events.

The interface of Rojadirecta is not one of its strong points. The design of the website is old and out of place for such a prominent streaming provider. It has a red and white design with tiny wording that isn’t visually appealing.

Nonetheless, if you can get past the cosmetic problems, Rojadirecta is a fantastic site for live sports streaming, highlights, and sports information. Just make sure you first connect to a reputable VPN provider.

MamaHD – Live Sports Stream Website


MamaHD’s website has a large number of monthly visits. This is mostly due to the website’s catalog of live-streaming material, as well as its other amazing features.

MamaHD does not have as many sports categories as competitors such as Stream2Watch, VIPRow Sports, and VIPBoxTV. However, you can anticipate substantial coverage in the categories it provides. You may watch American football, soccer, ice hockey, baseball, motorsports, tennis, badminton, and combat sports on this website.

MamaHD has a simple user interface. The typeface and color palette combine well, resulting in a visually appealing website. A lengthy list of current and forthcoming live broadcasts is provided on the home page.

The navigation is simple. You can browse the match schedule to find the match you’re looking for. Alternatively, you may access a list of sports categories by clicking on the navigation bar.

A chat box is also available for real-time chats between broadcasters. The conversation box is rather lively. If you have any queries, you may post them here, and you will almost certainly receive useful responses.

MamaHD, on the other hand, lacks a search function.

CrackStreams – Best Sports Streaming Site

Crackstream is widely recognized as one of the greatest and most popular free sports streaming websites around. Because of its popularity, the website has been pulled down multiple times, with several mirror sites rising in its place. It’s back up now, so we’ll just have to wait and see how long that lasts.

Crackstreams is a live sports streaming website that also offers free live TV streaming services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Live streams are available for a wide range of sports, including American football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, MMA, basketball, boxing, and several racing sports.

There is a myriad of live TV alternatives to pick from. ESPN, CBS, and Fox are the big possibilities, but there are a plethora of additional television networks covering sports, news, entertainment, and documentaries.

The Crackstreams website has a clean, straightforward style. There aren’t many visuals, but that helps the site function smoothly. It loads swiftly and has minimal buffering when streaming. There aren’t many dead links because the streaming URLs are often dependable.

As is customary, before attempting to visit the Crackstreams website, you need first to connect to a VPN.


ESPN’s website is an excellent substitute for its cable offerings. It offers a plethora of amazing sports information, such as live matches, analysis films, and highlights. ESPN primarily covers American sports such as basketball (NBA), football (NFL), and baseball. It has also begun to cover MMA and soccer!

While the highlights and analysis videos are free, live matches need a membership. You may log in using your existing TV/cable subscription or purchase a streaming subscription directly from the website.

ESPN is available on PCs, Macs, Android devices, and iPhones, allowing you to watch your favorite sports while on the go.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports, along with ESPN and Fox, is a major sports broadcaster in the United States. NBC, like the other two, provides live streaming of sports programming on its website and app. Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick, two well-known sports personalities, host podcasts, and chat shows on the network as well.

In addition to classic American sports, NBC covers golf, soccer, rugby, and cycling. To watch live material, you will, of course, require a membership, much like ESPN and Fox. However, if you utilize a TV service like Dish, Verizon, Spectrum, Cable One, or others, you should be able to watch live matches for free.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch ad-free games from the United Kingdom. You may also view the broadcasts by connecting to a U.K.-based server from your own location using a VPN. You may watch live sports via the iPlayer interface after you have access to the streaming service.

You can watch football, golf, cricket, cycling, basketball, and soccer on the iPlayer. If the content was recorded in this quality, it may be streamed in HD. There is a 4K streaming option, however, it is limited to certain iPlayer feeds.

However, some customers have reported that if their internet connection decreases somewhat, the streaming quality has a difficult time being steady at high-definition quality.

VIPRow Sports

This list begins with VIPRow Sports. For good reason, it’s a tremendously popular sports streaming service. On the surface, this website appears to be identical to another sports streaming service, VIPLeague. It is, however, on a different level than VIPLeague, with many more sports and live sporting events available.

VIPRow Sports is a free sports streaming website that offers people access to high-quality video links for a range of sports. Visitors to this website may watch soccer, MMA, wrestling, boxing, tennis, golf, American football, basketball, cycling, racing sports, darts, handball, and volleyball.

As you can see, there isn’t a single sport that isn’t covered here. If you enjoy watching many sports, VIPRow Sports is one of the top live sports streaming services for you. There are TV channels, as well as the ability to watch TV shows, in addition to the sports categories.

VIPRow Sports’ user interface is attractively developed. The website has a dark look with symbols representing different sports or topics. Because the site is uncluttered, you can quickly move across it. As a consequence, discovering sports material is a breeze.

In terms of video quality, you can expect high-definition video streaming for the material you watch. The broadcasts are also extremely dependable, so as long as you have a solid internet connection, you will not have latency or buffering.

One thing to keep an eye out for on VIPRow is the advertisements, which might obstruct your access to these live sports streaming services. Any place that is not an icon or a button will most likely send you an ad. Regardless, VIPRow is one of the greatest sports streaming websites.


When you first see the name of this sports streaming service, you might question if it’s only about cricket. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

CricHD provides live streaming links to most cricket events, but you can also watch a variety of other sports on the site. You may watch free athletic activities such as basketball, baseball, rugby, American football, cycling, boxing, volleyball, and professional wrestling on CricHD.

CricHD allows you to view event schedules, matches, league tables, and match stats for a more complete and immersive experience. The website also has a chat box where you may interact with other streamers.

That isn’t everything. You may also watch a variety of sports IPTV channels. All of these channels may be viewed in real-time, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

The sports feeds accessible to viewers on CricHD are in HD resolution. Streaming is seamless and lag-free for consumers with fast internet connections. When you pick an event to broadcast, you will be given the option of selecting one of many connections. If one of the links does not work, you should be able to stream from one of the others.

CricHD’s UI is well-organized. The interface appears to be extremely crowded at first sight, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. The majority of the screen is devoted to a list of future live broadcasts, complete with start timings, links to the streams, and the status of the events.

The different sports categories are listed vertically on the side, beside the IPTV channels. You can easily search for events with a handy search bar.


Sportsurge is a newer free sports streaming service that hasn’t been around as long as many of the others on our list. However, it is unquestionably one of the best sites for finding connections to big athletic events.

When Sportsurge originally launched, you could only watch three of the most popular American sports: basketball, baseball, and American football. That is no longer the case. Users may now watch different sports contests such as racing, MMA, soccer, and ice hockey.

Sportsurge may not have the most complete collection of sports streaming material. Nonetheless, for the sporting tournaments, it covers, the website provides a high-quality and comprehensive streaming service, with consistent broadcasts and little to no buffering.

The stylish yet basic design of this free sports streaming website will satisfy visitors. Sportsurge’s main page has a contemporary, dark mode look with huge icons symbolizing the many sports that it provides. The site’s design gives it a premium vibe.

However, there is more to a user interface than its appearance, and Sportsurge falls short in this area. There are no other buttons or links beside the icons, indicating a lack of capability. However, the website is still in beta, so we may anticipate more in the future.

Sportsurge further distinguishes itself by providing an ad-free experience when surfing the site. There are no bothersome and obtrusive pop-ups. The website’s home page reiterates its goal of keeping it that way.

Live TV

Live TV is a streaming service that provides a wide range of live sports feeds, sports videos, live scores, and results. If you’re seeking a streaming service that broadcasts popular sports, this may be the one for you.

Users from all around the world may watch and stream soccer, American football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, racing, baseball, rugby, and combat sports on Live TV. You may even watch less popular activities such as winter sports and handball.

You won’t find any Nigerian soccer league games broadcast here, but you will most likely find functioning streams for important sporting events. Furthermore, Live TV ensures that you always have access to the most recent live scores and results.

There is no official Live TV app for smartphone streaming. The FAQs website does suggest that consumers download the Puffin browser on their mobile phones for a more seamless experience. This will allow people to browse this live sports streaming service without experiencing slowness.

While Live TV does not have the worst user experience among free sports streaming services, it might be much better. When you first visit the site, the categories for various sports that it provides are not immediately apparent. Instead, they are listed in a Broadcasts header tab. Live scores and results are also concealed beneath header tabs, although at least they have labels.

Live TV does not require users to sign up before they can stream sports online. However, you may want to create an account to access the online community.


Footybite, as the name implies, is a free live sports streaming service largely focused on international football, or soccer in America. Soccer fans may watch the live streaming from a variety of leagues and events on this website. Footybite not only caters to followers of the main leagues, but also to those who enjoy watching obscure matches.

This means that soccer fans who watch matches in elite leagues such as England and Spain, as well as those who prefer leagues such as Croatia or Ukraine, are all catered to.

Footybite is concerned with more than just soccer. Fans of volleyball, basketball, professional wrestling, pool, ice hockey, and other sports may watch their favorite games online via functioning live streams.

Footybite also allows its viewers to watch live television. Sky Sports, BT Sport, NBC Sports, and numerous more sports TV stations are available here. Because live TV stations are streamed in HD, you can expect to see crisp footage.

Footybite provides a whole area dedicated to sports news, in addition to free live sports streaming and live TV. In actuality, the news here is solely about soccer. Because the news page isn’t updated regularly, there’s a slim possibility that Footybite will become your new go-to for the newest sports news.

Footybite offers a straightforward user interface. The home page has a calendar of future events, as well as sections for news, streaming, and live TV. When you click “Watch” next to an event, you’ll be sent to the video source.


Sport stream. tv is not one of the most well-known free sports streaming websites. It is, nevertheless, a decent choice that is most trustworthy and provides streaming connections to a plethora of sporting events.

Users may watch basketball, baseball, ice hockey, American football, rugby, golf, tennis, MMA, gymnastics, boxing, and other sports on this website. This website provides extensive coverage of sports topics.

You will discover several links to view the events of your choice under each category. Sport stream. tv’s website does not hold streaming links. It instead indexes them from various sources, making it easier to discover these occurrences.

The Sportstream. tv website is extremely appealing. It appears to be basic and neat. Users, on the other hand, will find it difficult to utilize. The primary screen displays forthcoming events and allows you to simply select a sports category, but there is no search bar or navigation option for discovering events.

There are no pop-up adverts on the home page to sweeten the bargain. When compared to many of its competitors, this makes navigating it less difficult. Sport stream. tv, on the other hand, is not completely ad-free. On the website’s inner pages, you’ll come across various advertisements. They are, however, not bothersome.


Cord-cutters like Bosscast.net, a free sports streaming website that allows users to watch all of their favorite sports through live streams and live TV channels.

American football, soccer, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, professional wrestling, golf, rugby, and college sports are among the sports covered by Bosscast.net. According to all indications, it is a streaming service aimed at North American audiences.

To avoid being caught in choppy streams, primary and mirror links are provided for each event. This website also allows you to watch a plethora of sports-related live TV stations. Sky Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN, Eurosport, and Fox Sports are among the channels offered. Watching any of these channels is simple, and you can anticipate an excellent, consistent streaming service.

Other features include a chat tool that allows website visitors to connect. They can exchange text, media, and links. There’s also an outstanding scheduling mechanism to guarantee you don’t miss out on your favorite sports shows and live streams.

Bosscast.net, like the majority of the other live sports streaming websites on our list, is ad-supported. If they don’t concern you, this may be the ideal website for North American sports.

FromHot Sports Live Stream

FromHots is one of the internet’s most popular sports directory websites. This free streaming portal indexes links, providing extensive coverage of live sports contests in a variety of categories. It also functions as an IPTV directory, referring you to other websites where you may view live TV channels.

Users may get streaming links for most major sports on this website, including American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, and golf. You may also view highlights and replays of significant events that you may have missed.

This material is not hosted on the website. When you click on a link for an event that interests you, you will be sent to another website where you may watch the event live.

For example, ForHots has cooperated with two dedicated websites that give match highlights and live TV streaming. While you will be led to javafooty.com for sports highlights, FromHots obtains its live TV material from Channelsurf. tv.

At first impression, the website appears cluttered and unfriendly. The learning curve, on the other hand, is not steep. The primary categories are represented by header tabs. Under those headings, you may choose among the sports categories that are available for streaming on the website. The majority of the remaining screen is taken up by a lengthy list of forthcoming fixtures.

If you want to catch all of your sports events in one spot, this may not be the best option for you.

Third-party sports streaming services that are free have their purposes. They provide cord-cutters access to a massive assortment of live streams and live TV. However, there is a strong case to be made against these sports websites. At best, they dwell in legal limbo.

Using authorized free sports streaming services eliminates the risk of infringing on copyrights, licenses, and other rules. They are also secure sites from which to stream on any device. As a consequence, you may view sports material without the risk of infecting your device with dangerous malware.

The following is a list of the top five free legal sports streaming websites.


Description: watch hotstar sports

Hotstar outperforms the other alternatives on this list in terms of popularity. Disney’s free video-on-demand streaming service in India now has millions of members. It is now India’s dominating platform for video feeds.

Hotstar provides its users with a diverse selection of video material, including movies, television series, and sports. Cricket, baseball, tennis, swimming, badminton, and soccer are among the many free sports streaming options available. Users may watch live events, highlights, replays, and comments on several sports channels.

Hotstar is not a free service, but you will get access to a large amount of content without spending a thing. Previously, Hotstar was only available in India, but it has now extended to various other nations. Surprisingly, most users still favor the Indian version owing to a plethora of free material and lower premium plan rates.


Description: sonyliv

This service is also limited to India, so if you live abroad, you’ll need to utilize a VPN. SonyLIV is controlled by a Sony subsidiary headquartered in Mumbai, India. SonyLIV is a free streaming service that offers users access to a large library of movies, television episodes, anime, and other entertainment.

LIV Sports, SonyLIV’s sports streaming platform, debuted in 2014. Users may watch cricket, soccer, WWE, Grand Prix racing, and other sporting events on LIV Sports. In India, the service broadcasts UEFA Champions League and Europe League games. Streamers also have unique access to match schedules, match stats, and analysis.

After Sony bought Ten Sports Network, all of the live sports programs on that channel also started being broadcasted on SonyLIV.

Fubo TV

Description: fubo tv

If you’re a fan of sports streaming, you’ve probably heard of Fubo TV. It began as a soccer streaming service and has now expanded into a major live TV streaming platform with over 100 stations. These channels encompass movies, various forms of entertainment, and news, but there are also several sports-focused channels on the site.

In truth, Fubo TV has extensive coverage of athletic events. Users may watch sports contests such as the NFL, MBL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, golf, boxing, collegiate sports, and tennis on the website. Fubo TV also broadcasts big soccer events such as the UEFA Champions League for soccer lovers.

 Fubo TV is not entirely free. However, you can access the content for free for a week if you take advantage of the 7-day free trial available to first-time Fubo TV users.

Sling TV

Description: sling tv for free sports streaming

Whether you’re a casual or a die-hard sports lover, you’ll find sports programming to watch on this streaming platform if you live in North America.

Bein Sports, ESPNU, and the ACC Network are among the live sports channels accessible on Sling TV. You may watch ice hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer on these and other networks.

This is a premium streaming service. To gain access to all of the site’s sports and entertainment content, you must select one of two membership options. Sling Free, on the other hand, is a free bundle.

Sling Free may be downloaded from the official website. Users may also download and utilize the Sling app on their Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, or Apple TV.

Facebook Watch

Description: best free online sports streaming sites

Despite its efforts toward streaming, Facebook is not regarded as one of the top video streaming places. However, Facebook Watch, its video-on-demand service, has its purposes.

Facebook has scaled back its efforts in live sports streaming, although streamers may still watch a variety of sports feeds via Facebook Watch. Major League Baseball games, Spain’s La Liga, and The World Surf League are among them.

Just be careful not to watch sports material offered by other Facebook Watch users. Because live-streaming this type of video is frequently prohibited, viewing such streams may place you in legal jeopardy.

Wrapping Up

There we have it. These are the best free sports streaming sites that will help you cut your cable TV cords. They include both official and third-party sports streaming sites, but what many of these live sports streaming sites have in common is that they allow you to stream free live sports of nearly any kind. I hope you found this list helpful. Please use the comment section below if you have questions or any thoughts you’d like to share!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Sports Streaming Sites

What is live streaming?

 Livestream refers to a live stream of an event. Sports are live-streamed online, sometimes free, on different platforms. Some sites provide premium live streaming content for a small monthly fee.

Is streaming illegal?

Streaming sports online is legal if the websites don’t stream pirated content. However, it is illegal to watch sports programs if the stream content is copyrighted. You may receive a copyright infringement email if you watch or download copyright content.

What are the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

The best sites include CrackStreams, Stream2Watch, SportSurge, VIPRow, FootyBite, and many others we include in this list.
It’s impossible to determine whether unverified streaming websites hold the proper licensing. At first glance, it appears some sites on this list may be distributing copyrighted content without the proper licensing. The end-user is responsible for content accessed within these unverified streaming sites.

Do You Need a VPN for Free Sports Streaming Sites?

Yes. Having a VPN is a must if using these sites. This will hide your streaming activities and protect yourself from website operators, hackers, and your ISP.

What Happens if You Get Caught Using These Sites?

You may face legal issues. The end-user is responsible for content accessed within unverified streaming websites.

What Websites Can I Watch Free Sports Without Signing Up?

Some sports streaming sites that don’t require you to sign up for an account include Stream2Watch, CrackStreams, VIPLeague, SportSurge, USTVGO, and CricHD.
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