10 The Best Roblox Extensions 2022

Best Roblox Extensions

This article will give you information about the best Roblox extensions that have been rated as the best ones currently available. These extensions will allow you to do things like add friends, create your own game, and more.

Roblox is a popular game for kids and teens. It has its own ecosystem of players, developers, and content producers. Roblox is a multiplayer online platform where users can create 3D virtual worlds with other users who are playing the game.

What does “Roblox extension” mean?

Roblox extensions are browser-based plugins that boost the online gaming platform’s functioning. They increase the number of features by including extra search buttons, a visually appealing friends list, and a concealed stats display.

These add-ons are often free and secure. Finally, they don’t affect the Roblox games; only the website is impacted.

The Best Roblox Extensions are listed below:

Here we have listed the Good Roblox extensions, you can choose any one of them, and use them: 

  1. Roblox+
  2. BTRoblox
  3. Roblox Stats
  4. RoPro
  5. Roblox Server Finder
  6. RoSearcher
  7. Roblox Friend Removal
  8. Better Roblox Friendslist

RoGold – Level Up Roblox

The enhanced and best Roblox experience for you.

Numerous features are added by RoGold to enhance your Roblox experience. Both developers and players can benefit from more than 40 different features.

  • Utilize the Pinned Games function to keep track of the games you enjoy playing.
  • Use the Small Server functionality to quickly join a small or empty server without having to search for it.
  • Use the Best Friends feature to prioritize your closest friends and display them on your home page.
  • Use the Live Game Stats feature to view game statistics as they change in real-time.
  • Use the Group Stats function to obtain more thorough group statistics.

With other extensions like RoPro, BTRoblox, Roblox+, etc., you can utilize this one.

DashBlox – Improving Roblox

DashBlox is an add-on for Roblox that adds additional functionalities that would otherwise be absent, gone, or nonexistent. Currently, Chrome and Microsoft Edge support DashBlox. Creates brand-new features that would otherwise be lacking, gone, or nonexistent.

This addon adds a number of features, some of which are:

  • Item information
  • Statuses on profiles
  • Last logged in
  • Old icons for Robux

Roblox+ – Best Chrome Roblox Extension

Roblox is a platform where people can create their own games, have fun and make friends. Roblox+ is the best Roblox extension that allows users to get more out of the game.

Roblox+ is an extension that is suitable Roblox alternative offers various features like chat, voice chat, and community features. It also includes a web browser that allows players to explore other games on the platform.

Roblox+ has received positive reviews from users for its many features and ease of use.


  • comes with a trade notifier.
  • free and secure.
  • has several themes.

BTRoblox – Best Firefox Browser Roblox Extension

You can customize the appearance of the Roblox website with the help of the excellent plugin BTRoblox. Although it was formerly the greatest Roblox browser plugin for Firefox, it is now possible only found on the Chrome Web Store.

The ability of consumers to hide adverts is one of its charming characteristics. After the in-game price, it also shows the item’s actual price.


  • Enables users to alter the layout of the profile page.
  • Comes with a variety of themes.
  • Accessible via the Mozilla Addons Store and the Chrome Web Store.

Roblox Stats

Roblox Stats is a better alternative to Roblox free extension that provides you with information about how many people are playing Roblox, what they’re playing, and other useful stats. It provides a detailed breakdown of your performance in Roblox, including your most played games and the most played levels. This tool can be used by both new and experienced players, as it gives you an overview of the games you have been playing on Roblox.

The best Roblox extension is Roblox Studio. It allows you to make your custom games and share them with your friends. It’s a great tool for those who are just starting in the game industry or for those who want to create their games.

Roblox Stats is a popular extension that allows users to see their stats and compare them with other players.

RoPro – Best For In-Game Traders

RoPro is one of the best Roblox extensions available, as it offers many features that you would find on others similar to Roblox extensions. It lets you share your creations with the world, so you can get feedback from others.

RoPro is a free extension that allows you to use your favorite Roblox games on your computer or mobile device. It also includes features like chat, profiles, friends list, and more.

This extension is recommended for those who have trouble playing Roblox on their PC or laptop due to lag issues or hardware limitations.

Roblox Server Finder – Best for Searching Game Servers

Roblox Server Finder is a Roblox alternative web-based tool that helps players find servers for Roblox games. It provides information on the server’s location, player count, game type, and more. If you’re looking for a specific game or just want to find out what games are popular on Roblox, this extension can help you locate your next gaming experience!


  • a quick algorithm.
  • accepts many input parameters.
  • simple to use

RoSearcher – Quick Game Joiner

RoSearcher is a Roblox extension created as an alternative to Roblox that helps users find similar games. It also shows you the best games from different categories, like action, adventure, and role-playing.

It’s the best Roblox extension because it helps you find new games to play and saves time. It’s also helpful for finding more information about those games, like their ratings, reviews, and gameplay videos.

RoSearcher is a useful tool that can help you find new games to play on Roblox or amazing alternatives for your favorite ones.


  • using the most recent Roblox API.
  • able to perform a player search on the game servers.
  • The procedure is quick.

Roblox Friend Removal – One Click Friend Removal

Roblox Friend Removal is a good Roblox alternative extension that allows you to delete your friend’s list and block your friends on Roblox. This tool is useful if you want to remove people who are constantly bothering you or if you want to remove them for privacy reasons.

This extension is used on Firefox web browsers. 


  • system resources are scarce.
  • simple to use
  • organizes the list of friends.

Better Roblox Friendslist – Efficient Friend list Organizer

Better Roblox Friendslist is a good Roblox alternative extension that allows you to find friends, chat with them, and also view their profiles. It is a great tool for finding new friends on Roblox.Better Roblox Friendslist is an extension that replaces roblox’s default friends list with an easier to use one.


  • A lot of updates.
  • simple to use
  • On the menu, there is a function for inviting friends.

How are extensions added?

To add an extension to your PC and laptop follow the given steps: 

  • Install an extension
  • Click the Chrome Web Store icon.
  • Locate and choose the desired extension
  • Click Chrome Add.
  • Some extensions will inform you if they require specific data or permissions. Click Add extension to confirm. Make sure to only approve extensions from people you can trust.

Roblox extension for Android mobile

61 RoPro features (all features included!) The deals page can be used without the RoPro extension being installed. even on a phone! Only one-time purchases are available with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Steps to install Roblox extension on Mobile: 

  • There will be an Install button next to each extension after you choose it from the Chrome Web Store.
  •  Alternatively, you can look for an extension by name using the URL bar of your browser.
  •  Choose to Add to Chrome after you’ve located the extension. You’ll receive a pop-up notification asking you to confirm your selection.

Roblox extension on iOS devices

RoGold is the first Roblox add-on that works with iOS and Safari. Level up your Roblox experience by gaining access to the 30+ features.

Steps to install Roblox extension on iOS devices:

Follow the given steps to install the Roblox extension on your iPhone, or iPad: 

  • Head to this link on the safari browser. 
  • Click on Add Extension
  • After installing it, refresh your Roblox Page to see it working. You can try the above-mentioned features to assure that this plugin has been installed.


So there you have it—our list of the top Roblox extensions for 2022. Make sure to follow us on mytechremedy for more articles like this on Roblox and recently launched games.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What Roblox extension is the safest?

Better Roblox is safe to use and download. Because the BTRoblox browser extension is open-source software (OSS), anyone can examine the developer code to make sure it isn’t harmful. All PC users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can safely use the BTR Roblox plugin.

What function does the Roblox+ extension do?

Roblox + is a browser extension that helps to make using and playing Roblox better. You must install Chrome-based browsers in order to utilize them because it only functions with those. It’s one of several methods to enhance your Roblox experience (the other notable one is BTRoblox).

Why Roblox+ is not working? 

Check to See if Your Browser is Supported. To play Roblox, make sure you are running the most recent version of your browser. Please try playing on a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, if you are experiencing problems with your current browser.

Roblox extensions are allowed or not?

Although most Roblox extensions are safe to use, this only applies to the most well-known ones since the majority weren’t made by Roblox-affiliated developers. Players may be exposed to malware and viruses as a result. Only the most widely used Roblox extensions should be downloaded by users to prevent potential computer damage.

What is Roblox error code 277?

Roblox Error code 277 is a connection error that can be caused by the server getting disconnected when you’re playing. The Roblox will stop letting you play because it’s trying to reconnect with the game and failing every time

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