8 Best Free Video Editing App for Android without Watermark 2022


The need for mobile video editors is greater than ever thanks to the daily uploads of millions of producers’ Ticktoks, Instagram reels, and YouTube Shorts. Although these platforms have internal video editing features, they will never be able to compete with a standalone video editor app.

However, using the majority of the best free video editors has a drawback: a watermark. It might look familiar to you as the obnoxious logo that appears above your exported videos.

Best free video editing app for android without watermark

Only apps without a watermark and most of which are free are mentioned in this post. Today’s video editing mobile apps contain capabilities like green screens, keyframes, 3D text, etc. However, the lack of a watermark is what prompts a user to download an app. The top 8 Android video editing apps are examined in this article.


Among the new generation of producers, InShot is one of the most widely used video editing apps. This is so that you may simply remove the watermark by seeing a little ad, and it has more than enough video editing features.

InShot is a complete package; among its many features include the ability to add custom music, use video filters, and convert videos into slow-motion captures. You can also find sounds of someone laughing, a baby crying, and other similar sounds here if you frequently add sound to videos.

The advertising in the free edition simply takes up a modest amount of space and is not at all bothersome. Here’s a small tip: make sure to choose the platform-based aspect ratio in your video editor if you intend to submit videos to TikTok or Instagram.

PixArt Video

Another free video editor for Android is PixArt Video, which also provides watermark-free videos. However, keep in mind that the app is based in China, so only use it if you don’t mind using Chinese apps.

When it comes to features, PixArt Video provides you with the typical tools for editing videos, including crop, trim, and join. In addition, you get access to a respectable music library and can change the video’s overall volume.

Additionally, you may alter the background of films, control the video speed, add text in a variety of stylish fonts, and more, just like the other video editors on this list. With no watermark and the majority of its capabilities available for free, PixArt Video is a plain and easy-to-use video editor for Android.


One of the most well-known video editing apps on the Play Store is called Vlog. It is developed by Wondershare. If you are unfamiliar with wondershare, allow me to explain.

A company called wondershare produces both free and premium video editing software. This one is a vlog video editor that is totally free.

Vlog is the best video editing app for android without a watermark. A wondershare product, this program is fantastic for both beginning and advanced editors. Free video editor with a ton of features but no watermark. Videos can be sent in a variety of quality.


Another top-notch free Android video editor that doesn’t include a watermark on exported videos is Quik. GoPro, a well-known manufacturer of action cameras, created the app. Despite the fact that many people consider the software to be basic, and for good reason, if you’re a novice, this is a terrific program to use to begin your smartphone video editing journey. Simply choose your films, and Quik will use its presets to give them a polished, social media-ready appearance.

It goes without saying that you can modify the effects, alter the background music, add text, alter the palette, highlight, trim, and many other things. Basically, you have access to all of the common video editing tools. Having said all of that, Quik’s biggest feature is the abundance of video and transition effects it offers, which can elevate your videos to a whole new level. In conclusion, Quik is a good option if you’re searching for a straightforward video editor for Android that is both free and watermark-free.

Video Editor

This awesome video editor and video maker are watermark-free, high-quality, and free. Try it!

This is a fantastic video maker with free video filters, transitions between picture slideshows, slow motion, quick cutting, reverse video, and more features to let you create excellent videos in one minute, but it is compact in size.

This app has a variety of video editing features, allows you to choose photographs and movies from your collection, and is completely free and watermark-free. You may get rid of watermarks from videos by using the free video editing tool known as Video Editor. Additionally, you can edit reels and unstamped short films.


Using the robust video editor Filmora Go, content creators can do amazing work.

Popular movie editing for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, free.

Because it’s a Wondershare product, a rather potent video editor tool won’t include a watermark or impose a time limit on your clip. You may create humorous videos with FilmoraGo and remember your moments wherever you go.

FilmoraGo allows you to create videos with music and effects. Sharing your incredible video with your friends on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube is simple. Here Are Additional Apps.


There is no watermark on videos in the well-known free Android video editing app YouCut. Additionally, the app is packed with the best video editing features and doesn’t display advertisements, making it the ideal choice for editing Instagram videos and TikToks.

Let me be clear, though, that Hangzhou Inshot Tech Co LTD, the parent company of InShot Inc., the creator of YouCut, has strong ties to China. I would not advise utilizing a Chinese app if you have any doubts about doing so.

The software is excellent in terms of features and operation, offering all the basic capabilities as well as some more sophisticated ones.

VN Video Editor

Try out VN Video Editor if you want a more professional video editor without a watermark.

If you’ve worked with PC video editors before, the multi-layer timeline will be comfortable for you. Additionally, this Android video editor allows you to precisely trim videos (down to the millisecond), just like on a desktop or laptop.

The fact that this Android video editor is truly free is its best feature. All of the video filters, transitions, and templates are available without charge and there are no in-app purchases.

Although there is advertising, overall, it’s a really nice Android video editor.

It was just released, therefore it is a new app video editor. Overall, it’s interesting and even large in scale.

Here is my Personal favorite video editor

Two of my favorite video editors for Android are Inshot and Vlogit because these apps are totally free without paying any penny, that’s super impressive and WHAT about you is your personal favorite free video editing app that you’re gonna use first? Do let us know in the comment section below. 


These are our top selections for the best watermark-free free video editors for Android. To start, we made an effort to only offer apps without watermarks. Some apps, on the other hand, require you to watch advertisements before you can remove the watermark. You can use the video editor of your choice based on your feature needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the Best App for Watermark-Free Video Editing?

There are many excellent video editors available, however, these five apps won’t add a watermark to your videos:
VN Video editor

Q. How to Crop a Video on Android without Watermark?

Yes! You can crop any app’s video watermark. There are many android apps available that can remove watermarks from your footage.

Q. Is there any video editor without a watermark?

There are more than 12+ video editors available on the app store and play store, which don’t apply their watermarked (logo) on video after editing.

Q. How can I remove the watermark from movies on Android?

There aren’t many apps available for cell phones that allow for video editing. The best option for altered videos that are NOT watermarked is to use a video editing program.

Q. Is Filmora free or paid?

A free trial version of Filmora is available, however, you can only export video ten times and your exported projects will bear the Filmora branding. Filmora offers a subscription plan when you’re ready to pay (as Adobe does for Premiere Pro). However, a permanent license is available for a little bit extra.

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