Best Free Snipping Tools For Mac (2022)

Best Free Snipping Tools For Mac
Best Free Snipping Tools For Mac

Snipping Tool, a handy intrinsic utility in Windows. Permits Windows users to need a photo of the screen. Nowadays, utilizing Windows snipping Tool. Has become one of the simplest ways in which. To save lots of and share data. Even so, if you latterly switch your laptop to a mac. You’ll surprise what’s the mac snipping tool alternative?

If you are looking for a free snipping tool for mac that will meet your wants of cropping. Marking, adding text or arrows to the 00pp0jscreenshots, you’ll notice your answer here. You’ve got learned the way to snip on mac via macOS intrinsic tools. Today, we’ll introduce the highest best free snipping tools for mac. Of the third-party developers to you. 


SnapNDrag is a straightforward to use piece tool that comes in each free and paid version. The free version offers options like deleting, renaming, and looking out.

On the opposite hand, the paid professional version goes for $10 and has options. Like resizing pictures, turning off adverts, and assigning international hotkeys. And every one different free version options.

Also, this snipping tool works well with Facebook, Twitter, email, and others.


Snagit is one of the foremost fashionable raincoat piece tools in 2022. Further, you buy this code once at $49.99. Snagit is great at recording audios and creating animated gifs. Trimming video clips, screen recording, broad scrolling capture, and lots of extra options.

The code is additionally straightforward to use because it needs three steps. They embrace capturing your screen, adding extra context, and sharing the tip product.


Monosnap works well with Macintosh OS, Chrome, and Windows code. The app is freed from charge for single users whereas non-commercial ones pay $2.50 and industrial – $5.

Here is the better part. Monosnap will operate each as cloud storage and a secure content management code.

Its options embrace wonderful video written material tools, and a free cloud storage platform. Customizable hotkeys, personal data concealing tools, and more.

TextSniper App

Textsniper app maybe a mac piece tool that helps extract text from pdf files, images, or videos. The app is straightforward to use even for beginners. Because it offers tutorials on its main web site.

When it involves valuation, the tool is low-cost. The code charges $6.99 to license one Macintosh operating system software. , you’ll be able to be charged $9.99 for 3 mac in operation systems.


If you’re trying to find the quickest method to take a screenshot in 2022, Lightshot is your ideal piece tool. the nice news is that Lightshot is the best free snipping tool for mac services.

Its options embrace a quick screenshot of any chosen space on your screen. And permitting you to seek out similar pictures once you search. to boot, the app helps you add shapes, texts, and colors to your pictures.


Droplr could be a rich-featured snip tool on mac. That includes screen recording and GIF creation. The captured screenshots are saved to your cloud storage with a link. Besides, the annotation tools in Droplr are obvious, fast and a breeze to use. This straightforward best free snipping tool for Mac. That offers a range of screen capture choices.

  • Compatibility: It needs macOS 10.12 Sierra or later and 64-bit processor Macs.
  • Various screen capture modes embrace capturing half. Or the whole screen, snip a full webpage. 
  • Powerful image editor to feature shapes like lines, circles, and arrows. And boxes or annotate by adding text or color highlights. 
  • Screenshots and recordings saving on to the cloud and build a brief link to share with others.       
  • Enterprise-level security with encoding and SSO.
  • You need to register to use it.
  • Full-page screenshot practicality works generally.   


CloudApp, another best snip tool for Mac free transfer, has sturdy annotation options. It permits you to capture your fullscreen, regions. And app windows utilizing the menu bar utility, and configurable keyboard shortcuts. You’ll use it online, or download it to mac.

  • Compatibility: It needs macOS 10.14 Mojave or later and 64-bit processor Macs.
  • Capture your entire screen or a little of it. 
  • Enhance screenshots with annotations. Add fast drawings, arrows, lines, emojis, and alternative shapes to speak with clarity. Blur any sensitive data. 
  • Upload giant files of any kind and switch them into easy-to-share links. With optional parole protection and end dates. 
  • Record your screen and create your recording as a GIF.
  • No full-screen capturing mode, need to choose a part. 
  • Annotation tools aren’t thus wealthy.

How to Snip on mac

For you to snip on mac, all you would like is basic screenshot skills. mac offers you many choices, like utilizing a screening road. For various varieties of screen capturing (area, window, and thus the entire screen).

Read on to understand the ropes of snipping on mac.

Command + Shift + 4

You’ll screenshot utilizing CMD+SHIFT+4 to capture your content. With this method, you’ll choose the section you would like to be captured. to boot, you’ll choose what’s required and leave the rest. Here is the easy method.

  • Press the CMD + SHIFT + 4 at the same time till a tiny low bull’s eye seems on the screen.
  • Click the top-left corner of the world you would like to screenshot. Utilizing your mouse or touchpad.
  • Hold and drag the pointer to mark the whole area you would like to screenshot.
  • Release the mouse to capture the image.
  • After that, a little screenshot preview seems on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. , the image disappears when many seconds, thus you would be got to build your edits quickly. If you create a slip-up whereas writing. Cancel the box to repeat the first captured image on your screen.

Command + Shift + 5

The feature is the newest technique you’ll use to screenshot your apple screen. Once you use this technique, an overlay window pops dead set. Permit you to pick a full-screen, a window, or a variety of screenshots.

With this feature, you’ll record videos of the whole screen or a particular part. to boot, it permits you access to two a lot of choices. These embrace selecting wherever to save lots of the files. And set a timer of 5-10 seconds to make sure your file is ideal.

Command + Shift + 2

This technique is one of the quickest ways in which to screenshot on your Mac. The technique comes in handy once you got to capture one thing. It involves holding the COMMAND + SHIFT + “3” at the same time, and as a result, the captured half is glued to your desktop.

The keys operate to those on Windows. When the screenshot is captured, a thumbnail preview. Seems on the lower right aspect of your screen. If you wish to look at the total mac snip tool, click the thumbnail.

You can currently perform annotation and editing. And rotating tasks before saving on the desktop with the whole screen.


Taking screenshots on your mac needn’t be difficult. You don’t even need it. To hit the book’s shortcuts. Our rigorously selected list of tools can assist you to get the duty kept away. From breaking a sweat. That’s all about Best Free Snipping Tools For Mac.

Frequently asked questions on Snipping Tools For Mac:

Q 1. Does mac Have a free snipping tool?

Ans. The good news is that Lightshot is the best free snip tool for mac services. Its options embody a quick screenshot of any hand-picked space on your screen. And permitting you to search out similar pictures once you search. to boot, the app helps you add shapes, texts, and colors to your pictures.

Q 2. How do you snip on a mac with a Windows keyboard?

Ans. Press Shift + Command + 4 so hit the key to must a screenshot of explicit windows on your mac. Your indicator ought to switch from a crosshair to a camera icon. Hover your indicator over different windows to spotlight them. Then click to must a screenshot.

Q 3. Is Jing absolve to use?

Ans. A picture is priced at 1000 words. This is often the concept behind the Jing Project, associate application. That enables users to capture pictures on their laptop screens. And share them as still photos or videos.

Q 4. Why is the screenshot not working on Mac?

Ans. If the screenshot feature on your mac is not operating, finish off the mac and switch it on once more. Then take a screenshot in step with your most popular method. Whether that is keyboard shortcuts or the Screenshot app. Check the screenshots keyboard shortcuts. These settings are on by default.
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