12 Best Free Music Download Sites 2022 (Yes, Get MP3 Legally)

Best Free Music Download Sites

Streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music may get a lot of attention, but did you know that high-quality free music downloads are more accessible than ever?

These free music sites have become a major part of how music lovers find new artists and songs. Even artists themselves use these sites to source legal audio to create their next song.

Free music websites provide a huge advantage for anyone who wants to save some money every month and avoid another subscription fee.

And in this article, we rounded up 10 of the best and most popular free music websites, including Bandcamp, Audiomack, and Soundclick.


Bandcamp sells digital and physical media such as vinyl, CDs, and T-shirts, but the site is also a major source of free music. Artists can make their releases accessible as a “Free Download” or “Pay What You Want,” with a starting price of $0. Listeners can also download music in a variety of formats, ranging from standard MP3 files to higher-quality file formats such as FLAC, WAV, and AIFF.

The only obstacle you may have is discovering what you’re looking for. While the platform is jam-packed with free material, the only method to access free music on Bandcamp is through keywords such as “free download” or “creative commons.” However, if you take the time to browse the site, you will discover a plethora of possibilities. Simply use the search bar at the top of the site or Bandcamp’s tag browser to find your next favorite release.

Key features:
  • Lots of free and pay-what-you-want downloads
  • Wide variety of audio content and genres
  • Audio available in high-quality formats

Free Music Archive

Tribe of Noise, a Dutch music services corporation, bought the Free Music Archive in 2019. (FMA). FMA, which was founded in 2009 by New Jersey-based community radio station WFMU, has long been a popular free music destination. And, despite a few tweaks made by Tribe of Noise, the original archive remains intact.

Curators’ roles have been reduced, and premium content tailored specifically to producers has been added. Fortunately, the original archives are still a terrific opportunity to discover a wide range of genres for free music to enjoy or utilize in your creative endeavors. Varied Creative Commons licenses have different criteria, although some are as simple as “no questions asked.”

Key features:

  • A massive collection of free music 
  • A wide range of audio files and genres
  • Tribe of Noise Pro includes access to premium content.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that was created in 1996 and is bursting with the material. The group operates the well-known Wayback Machine (where you can view defunct websites) and actively “archives the internet itself.” The Internet Archive does not sell anything and instead focuses on preservation.

When you search for audio on the Internet Archive, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of possibilities to peruse. High-quality audio files and public material in genres ranging from hip-hop to classical music are among them. The Live Music Archive and LibriVox Free Audio collection are excellent starting points for exploring hundreds of netlabel releases and a never-ending vault of Grateful Dead rarities.

Key features
  • Audiobooks and poetry are examples of specialist mediums.
  • A wide range of audio content and genres are available.
  • There is also video, text, photos, and other media.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music, based in Luxembourg, offers free streaming and download services as well as art licensing. That means Jamendo’s audio inventory is more rigorously selected than those of the other websites on our list, including A&R services that assist artists in finding partnerships to monetize their music.

Jamendo is separated into two sections for users: streaming/download and content licensing. There are numerous ways to locate new music from its primary interface. Explore music using categories and playlists, listen to genre-specific Radio stations, and listen to featured albums and mixes.

Key features:
  • The emphasis is on free streaming music and indie performers.
  • Catalog curated using artist services
  • Paid content for commercial applications

Video Duke

Video Duke is yet another of the best music download sites for Mac that allows you to rapidly download music and videos! Video Duke includes material from prominent platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Daily Motion, from which you may select your favorite music songs for offline listening. You may use Video Duke to save video material and movies in addition to audio tracks. Video Duke also has extensive tools for converting videos to audio and extracting audio from YouTube videos.

VideoProc Converter

With its dependable built-in downloading engine, VideoProc Converter, designed as a powerful free music download site, allows you to download music, playlists, videos, channels, and live videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Daily Motion, and other UGC sites. Simply insert the music link into the downloader, choose the appropriate audio format and quality, and then let the application handle the rest. The all-in-one solution also supports converting, editing, resizing, ripping, and recording thanks to its superior feature design.

Amazon Music

Our next selection for free music download is for one of the industry’s behemoths, Amazon.com. Amazon Music was launched in September 2007, and it has only expanded to test its limits since then. It now offers a large library of around 50 million songs, with new albums and songs being uploaded on a monthly basis.

Amazon Music Unlimited also provides access to hundreds of thousands of hand-picked tracks and tailored stations. You may enjoy fine tunes ranging from classical music to obscure indie songs with its huge collection of free downloaded music.

  • Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Music are all available with a single account.
  • It has a number of options for customizing the download list.
  • You may easily filter the results based on your requirements.
  • The app includes music previews to assist you before downloading.


Beatstars is mostly a marketplace for producers to purchase and sell beats, but it also offers a plethora of free music downloads. While not every music on the site is free to download, the majority of them are. Simply search for the “Free” tag to uncover possibilities for downloading files.

The expense of free downloads is mitigated by charging beatmakers for the usage of tracks in their creations. Licensing is an important aspect of Beatstars’ economic strategy, and Lil Nas X purchased the beat for “Old Town Road” from them. The site also has a popular mobile app, which you can get through Google Play and the App Store.

Key features:
  • Focused on beats and beat-making
  • Partnership with Sony Music Publishing
  • Popular apps for mobile

The Audio Archive

The Audio Archive is next on our list of free mp3 download websites, and it’s a mixed bag with a little bit of everything. From classic rock to antique radio to Indie tunes, you’ll find everything here. There are also a number of audiobooks and radio programs available for free download or listening. You may also use filters to narrow down your music search results, such as year, media type, language, genre, and more.


PureVolume can provide you with a taste of nostalgia for your favorite music artists and bands, ranging from Fall Out Boys to Bon Jovi. It’s wonderful for offline listening, however, certain music is only accessible for online streaming.

Audio Library – YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites for music and video on the internet, but there’s more to it than you would think. The YouTube Audio Library is a simple source for royalty-free audio that you can filter by genre and mood, or search for artists and material that you are familiar with.

There are two regulations in the YouTube Audio Library:

  • You cannot resell audio as a separate item. You can’t, for example, sell unmodified content downloads.
  • The music may not be used unlawfully or with illegal content.

So there’s not much to be concerned about, especially if you’re seeking music to utilize in a film, podcast, or other creative/commercial use. Simply hover your mouse over the newly added date in the index and click the download button.

Key features:
  • Dedicated to royalty-free material
  • There are a few limitations and several licensing kinds.
  • The UI is simple, and the navigation is simple, with search filters.


Audiomack has evolved into a key platform for music fans and musicians alike since its inception in 2012. In addition, Audiomack intends to extend how artists and fans may communicate with one another, monetize their material, and more in the future years. While listening is always free, copyright holders decide which music you may download.

Audiomack’s popularity is growing as a result of an engaged fan base and successful collaborations with musicians, including notable releases with Chance the Rapper and Nicki Minaj. It also has a very popular mobile app that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Key Features:
  • Everything is available for free.
  • A wide range of audio content and genres are available.
  • Popular mobile apps


DatPiff, unlike other free music download sites, concentrates nearly entirely on mixtapes and hip-hop. This makes it an excellent venue for discovering new artists and hearing work from some of the genre’s greatest stars. Furthermore, while some projects are assigned to a certain artist, they frequently incorporate several guest appearances, remixes, and demos or alternative takes.

DatPiff provides both free and premium material, however, there are certain limitations to utilizing the website. Unregistered users can only access material for free if the artist or label “sponsors” more downloads. Registered users have a daily download restriction, and unregistered users can only access content for free if the artist or label “sponsors” more downloads. DatPiff’s applications are also available on Google Play and the App Store.

Key features:

  • A strong emphasis on mixtapes
  • Popular mobile applications with free and paid content


Museopen, the only other recognized non-profit on our list, was created in 2012 with the goal of “increasing access to music education through the provision of free music recordings, sheet music, apps, and instructional material.”

To achieve this purpose, the website includes a royalty-free music archive, as well as a streaming radio station, focused on classical music. There are additional educational tools for classical music aficionados, such as a large collection of free sheet music.

While premium memberships provide greater access and downloads, free accounts allow you to download up to 5 songs each day.

Key features:

  • Strong emphasis on education
  • Streaming and download library focused on classical music
  • Provides other resources for students and educators


SoundClick is yet another well-established platform in the realm of free music on the internet. While the site’s collection is vast and varied, hip-hop is the most prevalent genre offered. Furthermore, the user interface is incredibly accessible and simple to use, with smooth navigation and useful features like as bright and dark modes.

While premium accounts are available for artists, listener accounts are free. However, unlike some of the other platforms on our list, Soundclick does not allow you to download everything for free. What is available, on the other hand, is wide and diverse. And who knows, you could just discover your new favorite musician while browsing the millions of recordings accessible on our website.

Key features:

  • A large artist and user base
  • Options for a free membership or paid accounts
  • Several community features are included.

Finding music to download for free

The hunt for free music boils down to your requirements. The finest free music download services, such as Bandcamp and the Internet Archive, sometimes prioritize accessibility and variety. Others, such as Beatstars for producers and the YouTube Audio Library for all types of creators, are more geared to certain niches. Simply select the best suit for you – or try something new! – And begin exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the Best sites to download free music?

Following are the best sites to download free music:
YouTube Music
Free Music Archive

Q. How to convert a video to an mp3 song file?

You may make a downloadable audio file out of your music video. There are several free video converter apps available that will convert your video clip into an mp3 file that you can then download to your computer. Before you begin the converting procedure, make sure you have the proper software. iTubeGo is one such application.

Q. Why is there a limit on the number of songs I can download?

Unfortunately, according to the fair use policy, there is a restriction on how many songs you may download as a premium member. This strategy is intended to deter unscrupulous actors in the system from downloading millions of songs from a music library and uploading them to pirate sites. This legislation safeguards music composers.

Q. Should I use VPN to download free songs?

You can find music in a variety of ways, from streaming services to free online radio. However, these methods may not be sufficient for everyone. If you believe downloading songs for free sites is the only way to get the desired music, or if you don’t want to pay for a subscription, we recommend using a VPN while downloading to remain anonymous.
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