20 Best Manga Sites to Read Manga Online Free in 2022

Best Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

If you are a Manga fan, nothing will be more enjoyable for you than reading Manga comics.

When it comes to Manga, it is well-known that the fan following of Manga is huge all over the world.

Manga fans keep looking over the internet to read new Manga comics.

The best manga sites are mentioned here to make it simple for you to find well-known manga as well as obscure series that you might be interested in. High-quality scans of the manga are made available for anybody to see on these online free manga reading websites. It’s a great way to stay current with your favorite shows.

To help these Manga fans out, today we’re going to tell Manga fans about some of the 20 best Manga websites that Manga fans can use to read Manga comics for free.


List of Best Websites To Read Manga Online Free

Here are the Top 10 Best Websites to Read Manga Online for Free in 2022.

  1. MangaPark
  2. Mangadex
  3. MangaFox
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. Mangakakalot
  6. Manga Owl
  7. Manga Reborn
  8. Comic Walker
  9. Book Walker
  10. Kiss Manga



The Crunchyroll website is older than the MangaFox website. The Crunchyroll website was created on May 14, 2006. This means this website is 16 years old.

While Crunchyroll is most known for its anime streaming service, manga fans may also enjoy its manga series. These best manga sites have a lot of free manga, and there’s also an app for reading on the go.

You can read manga online free available by subscribing to Crunchyroll Premium for $7.99 per month.

This gives you access to the anime and manga on the site.

The site also provides “simulpubs,” which allow you to read manga while it is being released in Japan.

If the series you’re looking for is available on Crunchyroll, it’s a great way to watch it without the interruptions of ads.

Visit Website – Crunchyroll



On the internet, MangaPark is one of the most popular websites that Manga fans can use to read Manga comics for free.

The MangaPark website was founded in 2021, and in a short time, the website has gained a quite good amount of user base.

On Mangapark, you can read a broad variety of comics for free, including well-known titles like “Fairy Tail” and “Naruto Shippuden,” as well as lesser-known titles like “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou,” which translates into Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

The best part about this free Manga reading website is that you don’t have to sign up to read it, and you can even search for comics by genre.

The website even converts itself to a mobile view format so that Manga fans can read Manga comics from their Android and iOS devices.

What sets MangaPark apart from other websites or programs is its ability to browse content offline, which means you don’t require Wi-Fi to read anything on their servers. Furthermore, all of the comics are free and curated by the crew.

Visit Website – MangaPark



Ads bother everyone. Imagine you are reading a manga comic on your device and a pop-up ad appears on it. Of course, you’ll feel annoyed.

But the same if you use the MangaDex website, then you will not see any kind of advertisement while reading any manga comic.

MangaDex is an online free manga reading website that has a collection of comics of Manga, Anime, and Manhwa that comic fans read for free.

The MangaDex website was created in January 2018. A few months after its launch, the website had garnered 14 million unique visitors per month.

It is also the name of a project that aims to provide an open platform for anybody to see and contribute to comics in a variety of languages (currently Spanish).

The website offers a wide range of genres as well as a simple search engine to assist you to discover what you’re searching for.

What’s even better is that there are forums where artists from all over the world congregate to share their expertise with others through lessons on how they make it happen and other things.

Visit Website – MangaDex



MangaFox is also a well-known website for reading manga comics for free. The famous MangaFox website is as old as it is.

MangaFox was created in 2010 so it can be easily known that the website is very old.

Despite the fact that the MangaFox, the best manga sites currently seem outdated, don’t be deceived by this; you can still access a range of interesting stuff on it, including “Sailor Moon” and other top series.

You must first register in order to continue reading. This is not one of those websites where you have to pay to read the material, despite the presence of adverts.

Additionally, this manga reader online offers quick loading times, allowing you to read all of your favorite manga practically immediately.

Every day brings something new, with a diverse choice of genres and titles, including Korean comics, available (Korean webtoons).

Visit Website – MangaFox

Mangakakalot – Read Manga Online


The Mangakakalot website was created in 2016 with the aim of providing free manga comics to manga fans.

On the Mangakakalot Manga website, you will find a huge collection of manga comics. This website’s Manga collection covers all Manga comics.

On the website, you will not find any kind of pop-up ads while reading Manga Comics.

Manga Kakalot has everything you need and more if you’re seeking a little more variety among the greatest free manga websites.

You can read manga online for free chapters simply by scrolling through the one web page that contains each chapter.

A few more settings can be changed to facilitate reading, such as the margins between the pages and the image server to use (you can swap if one fails).

Visit Website – Mangakakalot

MangaReader – Read Manga Online Free


Well, we don’t know the foundation date of MangaReader websites, but yes this website is years old.

As we used the website to read manga comics, it became clear that the interface of the website is very amazing. You can easily use this website to read manga comics.

There is even a MangaReader app available for Android devices and iOS devices.

Due to its straightforward layout and extensive library of more than 50 series to pick from, this is one of the most well-liked free online manga reading services on this list.

MangaReader is worth a look because they have over 50 different anime/manga titles available, with more being added every month.

Visit Website – MangaReader


BATO.TO- Read-Manga-Online

If you want to visit a website that changes once or twice a month, Batoto might not be the best choice for you (depending on whether their staff finds any interesting projects). The best place to read manga online for free is Batoto if monthly releases work better for your schedule.

What is so unique about this online free manga reading website? However, they do feature a user-friendly search engine, so you won’t have to waste hours going through page after page in search of something intriguing. When necessary, you can download and read complete chapters offline.

Visit Website – Batoto

Manga Rock

You can choose from a range of genres on this online free manga reading website (including romance, humor, and horror). The fact that all of the content can be downloaded sets it apart, so if you want to view something when you’re not connected to the internet, Manga Rock is the place to go.

There are fewer titles on this list that I couldn’t find anywhere else. As far as I can tell, the only disadvantage is that you can only read one chapter at a time, but if that’s adequate for your needs, this site should be excellent. Otherwise, move on to the next item on our list.

The navigation panel is easy enough that you won’t mind using it after you’ve become used to how Manga Rock works. Overall, Manga Rock offers an outstanding service with something for everyone who enjoys reading manga online for free.

Visit Website – Manga Rock



You may browse more than 100 manga categories on the manga owl, one of the greatest best manga reading sites, so you can locate any specialized series you’re looking for.

There are many options at Comics Owl, especially if you like romantic manga like Naruto. Remember that there are many more adult-oriented mangas on our site.

You can create collections of your favorite manga and take part in conversations if you register to use the site. It features a vibrant community and loads of reading material.

Visit Website – MangaOwl

Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn is another extensive website where the most recent Manga is routinely released. This online free manga reading website has some of the most well-known comics, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Many minor series are never translated or leave Japan because most manga must be translated from Japanese to reach an English audience. The purpose of this free manga reading website is to provide these lesser-known series to a larger audience through the efforts of volunteer translators who make them available to English readers.

This site offers various free series as well as the opportunity to pay to read certain series. This manga site provides an incredible service to all manga fans and enthusiasts by allowing smaller producers and artists to have their work read.

Visit Website –


You may even get a list of all the Manga that is free on our website.


Honto.jp is a free service that allows you to read manga online for free. This website also contains a vast collection of webtoons available for free download. The manga comics available on this site are published in Japanese because the majority of their visitors are Japanese. This manga reading website is also compatible with PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android smartphones.

  • Mangadex.org

Mangadex is without a doubt one of the best free manga websites with high-quality scans on Google. However, with the fall of Kissmanga, the Mangadex website has increased in popularity. As a result, many people required a new website to read their Manga at the time.

Visit Website –

Comic Walker

This is a well-known online free manga reading website in Japan, and you can easily change the language to English to enhance your reading experience. You may find dozens of popular series with the most recent updates, and you can choose to buy more of a certain series for those that aren’t completely free.

Each manga page contains a lot of information that may be used to find other similar series or segments of the same series. Furthermore, the scanned chapters are of amazing quality and easy to read. It also includes unique features like how-to tips for sketching cartoons and floral arrangements.

Visit Website –


If the word “free” picked your interest, Mangago may not disappoint because everything here is free. You can also read manga free online in either English or the original Japanese language.

It comes under the best manga sites that provide English-speaking audiences with free access to a huge library of best-selling Japanese comics, making it one of the most popular webtoons apps available.

Beneficial features for the user: –

  • Readers can switch between reading mode (for those who want to read through their favorite series without interruptions), animation mode (where each panel follows sequentially with one another), and auto-play video playback by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner.
  • You can read the most recent chapters of the manga, commonly known as manhwa in Korea, or you can look for a certain book. To start reading the chapter of your choice, only click on the page.
  • If you want to read the entire tale without any breaks, just click the “play” button that is located beneath each panel of photographs that comes next one after the other.

Visit Website –


These best manga sites provide a massive quantity of information for readers to enjoy, with over 3000 series and millions of volumes available. If you’re looking for something for free, you might be able to find it here because this is one site that doesn’t charge its visitors anything.

Various components on the site make it a pleasant place to read. To begin, there is a great deal to read. Its most tempting feature is its large selection, which is logical considering that everyone can find whatever they’re seeking in this vast collection of manga comics.

Great characteristics that could be beneficial for you: –

Check out the multiple series if you are looking for something new. They are available in a range of genres and difficulty levels to fit your preferences.

Additionally, you will be able to arrange the content you see by genre, which will make it simpler than ever to pick the ideal match.

When you sign up for a free MangaPanda subscription, you can also get exclusive stories, so the costs are minimal at best. It’s a great site for reading your favorite comics, but keep in mind that there will occasionally be advertisements.

Visit Website –


This is among the best manga sites to read manga online for free with various features that distinguish it from other websites or other apps, such as the option to bookmark pages (so that if you finish one chapter but want to read another later, you don’t have to wander around).

This app is worthwhile to check out because it also offers English translations, especially since new titles are constantly being added.

The lack of a way for the app to automatically update or download new chapters is its major flaw. This requires you to manually check for updates, which could take longer if you’re reading several novels at once.

Additionally, it has some of the more well-liked genres, including gender-bending romance comics, but this could change as their servers advance.

Overall, after installing it and learning more about its capabilities, I suggest giving MangaHere a try. The review will be updated if anything changes, but in the meantime, enjoy your favorite comic.

Visit Website –

Book Walker

Book Walker is an e-book store that is affiliated with Comic Walker. Book Walker offers a wide variety of manga for purchase, but they also offer a large number of free e-book titles for you to browse. You may find a wide range of manga at Book Walker, as well as deep discounts on several manga volumes. 

If you like owning manga, you should visit Book Walker. After you download a title, you may read it in your browser using an appropriate reader and see all of your downloaded manga in your booklist. This is the largest spot to read free manga online and comics in general.

Visit Website –

Kiss Manga

If you’re seeking free digital manga to read, Kiss Manga is a terrific place to begin. There are a lot of manga here, so if you are looking for a specific one, try Googling for it. You may also see what other people are reading.

You can read each chapter on a single page, avoiding the need to reload, on this manga reading website for each manga series, which also provides some background information. There are numerous manga series accessible in English that you won’t find anywhere else, and the scan quality is great.

Features to explore!

  • The website is well-designed and offers a variety of genres to browse in addition to featuring the most well-known and well-liked manga series on the home page. The manga series is of excellent quality and is easy to read.
  • You can read each chapter on a single page, avoiding the need to reload, on this manga reading website for each manga series, which also provides some background information.
  • There are numerous manga series accessible in English that you won’t find anywhere else, and the scan quality is great.

Visit Website –


Comico provides manga challenges, as well as a range of tools and resources for artists seeking to improve their manga drawing abilities by learning from other pros. You’ll find galleries, critiques, lesson plans, artist interviews, and other features here, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to receive feedback on your work.

You can learn how to make manga illustrations from this website. On these best manga sites, you may read free manga and gain more knowledge about many kinds of artwork. The fact that it is intended for people who wish to learn how to draw manga is the sole restriction on what style or technique may be taught here.

Contributions from various experts make up this website. To help you determine whether the products are a good fit for your needs, they offer product reviews. It’s a tremendous benefit because you can now more easily than ever decide whether materials or platforms are ideal for your project goals.

Visit Website –


This website loads manga pages rapidly, making it much more convenient to read them. Manga pages can be viewed by scrolling horizontally on this website, which is one of the best features.

It feels more fun to read manga online for free comics when they’re not vertical. MangaStream’s feature set is outstanding. MangaStream is a five-star website if you want an easy way to find new and interesting comics without being distracted by advertisements or annoying popups.

It’s also very accessible and user-friendly, so if you’re looking for something there for you is something here for you whether you want yaoi or not. From genres to genres, there’s something here for you. 

Visit Website –

Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs is among the best manga sites if you want to view and read free manga online on your smartphone. It has tons of famous anime such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, and many more that are all free to watch without registering.

The website is easy to use and has a neat layout. Here, you may read manga without being bothered by advertisements because there aren’t many of them. Although it doesn’t feature as many episodes as other websites, this is still worth a try if you want to test an app-based experience.

Join the lively community to talk to others about the best manga sites that you enjoy. You may utilize the sophisticated search feature, create or explore collections of manga series, and subscribe to new updates.

Visit Website –

Some facts about Japan’s Comic Hype “Manga.”

All of the artwork in a Manga Comic is hand-drawn from start to finish.
Naruto (My Favorite) is regarded as one of the most powerful comics in the whole Manga business.
Every Japanese household spends between $30 and $50 each year on Manga comics.
In Japan, more paper is needed to make and publish Manga than is utilized to manufacture toilet paper.

Reading Manga Online

A lack of funds should not prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of manga reading, so try out some of the free manga reading sites listed above to find your favorites.

Millions of sites on the internet display Manga, but most of them get down suddenly and ruin your experience. Therefore, I shared some of the best free manga sites in this comprehensive article, handpicked and tested, especially for you. Furthermore, I have briefly explained each portal (website or application) to broaden your perspective.

I hope this article helped you and satisfied all your doubts and queries you had about the topic. Which manga series are you a fan of? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions On Reading Manga Online

Q1. Is It Safe To Read Manga Online?

Yes, reading manga comics online is completely secure if you read them from the websites provided in this post. Any website that is not stealing manga comics from paid writers is a completely trustworthy place to view manga online. Manga reading sites allow you to read Manga for free in a safe environment.

Q2. Is Reading Manga Worth It?

Reading Manga is worthwhile for me since I am an ardent manga reader who also enjoys reading comic books and watching anime programs. Manga, on the other hand, is not for those who dislike reading. You’ll probably dismiss it as a waste of time. As a result, it varies from person to person. It is worthwhile for those like me, but for others, it might be a time-consuming process.

Q3. Is Manga and Anime Same?

No, they aren’t the same thing. Mangas are graphic novels or graphic comics written on paper, whereas animes are animated movies or online programs. Many anime shows, on the other hand, are based on manga comics.

Q4. Where Can I Read Manga Safely?

There are many manga websites where you can read manga comics very safely.
Here is the list of top manga websites to read Manga safely and for free:
1. Crunchyroll
2. Manga Kakalot
3. Manga Owl
4. Manga Reborn
5. Comic Walker
6. Book Walker
7. Kiss Manga
8. Readm.org

Q5.What Is the Cheapest Way to read manga comics?

There are several places where you may read Manga for free online. If you wish to read Manga offline, you may purchase used manga comics from both offline and online retailers. If you want to buy secondhand manga comics for one cent, for example, you may go to the Amazon bookstore web. Yes, you read that correctly. Many bookstores sold comic books for one penny each. However, before making a purchase, you should look into the delivery costs.
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