Best Free Cloud Storage in 2022

Best Free Cloud Storage Service
Best Free Cloud Storage Service

Imagine that you lost your phone somewhere and more importantly with the mobile phone you also lost the files, pictures, and folders that were stored in your sd card or mobile phone’s memory. How terrific right? Mobile phone is sometimes okay to lose as you’ll buy a new one, of course, but those important folders of beautiful pictures and office files, How will you get them back. In this situation, only one thing can save your file, folders, and pictures and that is the free Cloud Storage service of course!

In this article, we will provide you with a list of some of the best and free cloud storage services along with complete information which will help you decide which Cloud Storage Service is more appropriate for you. So let’s first understand in-depth about what is actually Cloud Storage Service!

What is Cloud Storage Service?

The cloud storage service is one of the most effective services where you can store files, pictures, and folders in one place and create a backup of files and folders for absolutely free and makes it easy for the user to access those files and folders. With the rise of usage of cloud storage services, various cloud storage locker applications and software are also created in a big ratio. You can think of these as a way to get the customers interested and involved, but in a world full of free cloud storage, you would surely don’t want to buy subscriptions and use paid software or tools to get more storage.

In some cases, as you can see, it’s an amazing amount. Although it might be a very challenging task to opt for the right free cloud storage service as there are numerous free and paid cloud service products in the market and you surely would not want to spend your money on paid subscriptions just to store a few files and folders. That’s where you would need our help to guide you among the applications you are confused to choose from. This guide will help you understand which one is the best for you, we would also mention the pros and cons of using each cloud storage service. With the help of this article, it would be easy to analyze every free cloud storage service that is in-built into your phones.

Of course, the most appropriate one depends on your exact needs. Full storage capacity isn’t everything. Some users may be interested in the security it provides and other features such as the ease of use of a wide range of apps and client interfaces on many platforms. Here is the list of some of the best cloud storage services 2022

Google Drive

Description: Google Cloud Platform Review | PCMag

 Google Drive is already built-in, so it’s a natural choice for Android device owners, but users on other platforms also appreciate the ample free space. Google Drive comes with a companion app Google Photos which is loved by almost everyone, you can also store unlimited high-resolution photos in your google photos which are already built in your mobiles so you don’t have to install it.

You can also take advantage of Google’s own office suite also known as G Workspace where you can upload your necessary office notes or your sample works. Also, those who have upgraded to a paid Google Drive plan will join Google One (although it may not be available in your area yet). The range of features provided by Google Drive via One linked to Google’s cloud platform is confusing and constantly evolving. Google engineers have launched the capability to request approval of the cloud storage items and lock approved versions. In the 2TB tier, which offers 10ck with Google Store Credits, the main account owner can invite up to 5 additional members, which costs $ 99.99 a year but includes a VPN. The only drawback or limitation of using the cloud service online is that the web interface is a little tricky to use, but Windows and Mac users can easily download the desktop app which is pretty comfortable to use, you just choose the media from your system, drag and drop the files in the drive. Drive also supports Google’s powerful Artificial Intelligence and search technology, which is probably one of the best technologies in the world.


Description: Degoo Case Study | Google Cloud

Degoo may be a name you’ve never heard of as it was just founded in 2019 which is very recent of course, It is actually a Swedish company that was able to make a big impact on the cloud storage scene in a very short space of time which is a pretty amazing thing. But what is the reason that it quickly gained a large fan base of more than 18 Million people plus failed all the free cloud storage service tools in the market?

Headline storage capacity is certainly a big plus. It’s a huge chunk of storage compared to competitors, as you can get 100GB for free. To say the least, 200GB of cloud storage is a very impressive offer (although it will revert to the standard 100GB after the first year). Other features of the Degoo are 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption to keep your files safe and secure also you can enable two-factor authentication with your Google account which will work every time you sign in. There are also other perks that are useful for uploading and saving photos, such as AI routines that help highlight the best snaps. Please note that the Free Plan is ad-supported and lacks zero-knowledge encryption and other features reserved for paid subscribers. But the only limitation or say drawback of using this application is that the files will be deleted if you do not use your free account for up to 90 days. These warnings are relatively cheap considering the amount of free storage available here. If you’re looking for an alternative to a large company, there’s nothing better than Degoo when it comes to capacity.


Description: Nextcloud - Wikipedia

Nextcloud is a popular open-source file synchronization and online collaboration solution. Most important thing is that it is a free piece of software which you can actually take help to implement a cloud storage service on your own server, with all the benefits therein in terms of precise control, Sounds Amazing right?.

It is true that Nexcloud is not an online source of uploading files and folders but there`s enough power and flexibility in this solution that it`s well worth highlighting – with the obvious caveat being that you need to know what you`re doing when it comes to putting all this.

There are some other benefits of this Do It Yourself approach to cloud storage in your system, with the fact that the server is local to your network obviously being great news in terms of speeds, and of course security (you are free to use whatever encryption you might want, and you can go to town on that All that said, we do come back to the point that you must know what you`re doing with Nextcloud, and that`s particularly important on the security front. For those who don`t have the necessary technical know-how to pull all this off, it is possible to buy a preconfigured Nextcloud Box with a 1TB disk inserted that can be used in conjunction with a simple Raspberry Pi (the famous compact computer board) to keep your data synced properly in a secure way.

 Nextcloud also offers various powerful features such as document sharing and collaboration, file synchronization, and more. In fact, we call ourselves a “self-hosted productivity platform” that not only provides opportunities for collaboration, but also a communication platform with slack-style chat and video calling.

MediaFire is a great option as it offers up to 10GB of free file storage. You can increase it to 49GB by introducing the service to your friends and family. MediaFire is a service that you can use to easily organize and search your files. All thanks to the platform’s segmented folders for music, documents, videos, photos, and more. Provides professionals and individuals with excellent download speeds and ad-free experiences.

Benefits of
  • Excellent Free Storage
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Outstanding download speed
  • You can also download the file without an account

Microsoft OneDrive

A Microsoft product that integrates with Outlook and MS Office services, it’s easy to use and transfer files to help you with your daily productivity activities. The OneDrive is arguably the ideal option for Windows users. With built-in OneDrive sync, you don’t have to use anything other than a PC when collaborating in the cloud.

  • Comes with up to 5GB of free cloud storage
  •  Especially ideal for small business owners
  • Excellent file recovery function
  • Works well with Office 365 Great collaboration tool
  • You can access the file offline


Cloud Storage Services is no doubt one of the best and most helpful things ever created. I hope that this article would be informative enough for you and would help you to select the best cloud storage service from the free tools that are listed above!

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