10 Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps in 2022

Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps
Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps

Explore our list and compare the most popular call recorder apps for Android and iPhone to select the best phone call recording apps. A call recording app is a mobile application that enables its users to record their outgoing and incoming calls. 

There are many legitimate reasons why a person might think of recording their calls, when this recording can be useful to us, many people like to do call recording.



Best for a remote phone tracking solution


  • mSpy has capabilities of Social Media monitoring (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.),
  • Screen recorder
  •  It has Keyword alerts, Remote blocking of websites/apps/contacts, etc. 
  •  With mSpy, you can monitor every keystroke and every tap. 
  •  It allows recovering deleted messages. 
  • You can keep an eye on the pictures that were sent and received

mSpy is a cell phone tracker and monitoring tool that lets you track what kids or employees are doing on their phones and online.  They are unaware of this surveillance.

 You can keep track of WhatsApp messages, sent/received SMS, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, current GPS location, etc. It provides all the information you need with bank-grade security could.



Best for remote surveillance and location tracking.


  •  Detailed Call Tracking
  • SMS Monitoring
  • Online Browser History Tracking
  •  Social App Spying. 
  • Stealth Mode

Cocospy has been chosen among the best call tracking features among modern generation phone spy apps.  It can easily track all calls made and received remotely and is capable of providing similar information to the users through a visual web-based dashboard. 

Cocospy allows you to view all the popular contacts on your target device, it also logs information like timestamp, call frequency, and call duration, enabling you to have a greater perspective on all the calls being made by the target device.  Apart from call tracking, the app is also ideal if you want to track all SMS sent, received, and deleted, or want to track cell locations and are excited to monitor online activity Recording app.



Best for advanced phone monitoring features


  •  MobileSpy provides a detailed call log of the target device.  
  • It can monitor all kinds of data and track GPS
  •  You can access the front & back camera as well as a microphone in one – click with the help of Live access to the camera & microphone feature
  • The application is 100 % invisible and undetectable
  •  It contains many more advanced functionalities like app blocker & scheduling restrictions

MobileSpy is a smartphone monitoring application recording app for parents, schools, and businesses that allows you to spy on calls, messages, and other data such as photos and photos on the phone.  It can have access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  It can give live access to the camera and microphone.



monitoring everything on smartphones tablets in real-time.


  • With uMobix, you can monitor all incoming as well as outgoing calls. 
  •  It provides timestamps, duration, and caller information. 
  •  Sent and received messages through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.   
  •  It has a keylogger feature that logs everything that is typed on the devices including passwords and keystrokes.

uMobix is ​​an advanced cell phone tracker capable of real-time monitoring of smartphones and tablets. This recording app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  It is capable of monitoring over 30 popular apps and social media platforms.  This recording app can let you monitor calls, messages, GPS location, photos, videos, etc.



Best for cell phone monitoring with a special focus on parental control.


  •  File Finder
  • Web magnifier
  •  GPS Location Tracking
  •  Keyword tracking
  •  Geofencing

When it comes to phone call recording applications, one does not have the exceptional utility and functionality that the Izzy Recording app has.  The platform is used to record and listen to all incoming and outgoing calls.  The platform is installed on Android and iOS devices in 3 simple steps.


Call recorder-Cube ACR

Best for automated call recording


  • Automatic Call Recording
  •  Mark a list of contacts to record automatically all the time
  •  Smart speaker switching
  •  In – a built-in file explore

Call Recorder Cube ACR Recording L is one of the most technologically advanced call recorders in existence today.  The tools in this recording app are a very comprehensive interface that allows users to easily record their calls and VolP conversations.

 This tool provides both automatic call recording and manual call recording options to the users.  Arguably the cool thing about this tool is that you’re able to create a list of all the contacts you want to automatically record every time you interact with them, you can also create a reverse list that doesn’t include those contacts do what you don’t record.


Automatic call recorder by RSA

Best for synchronized automatic call recording


  • Automatic Call Recorder
  •  Whitelist contact to automatically record
  • Cloud backup
  •  Play audio recorded conversations

As its name suggests, this is an app that can allow you to automatically record all your incoming and outgoing calls.  However, that’s not the only reason it’s so high on this list.  It’s a very simple application that gives you some of the same features that made the previous entry on this list so great.

 You can white list the calls you always want to record and create a list of the calls you want to exclude.  It is also very easy to manage your recorded files and listen to them whenever you want. The best part of this tool is it’s able to synchronize with the cloud.


Automatic Call recorder

Google drive and dropbox integration


  •  Integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox
  •  Automatic call recording
  •  Listen to the recording, add notes and share the file
  •  Blacklist and Whitelist contact for recording

This recording app has distinctive features that make it a unique offering for automatic call recorder apps in an otherwise crowded space.  This tool works on three default settings. 

There is the ‘Record Everything’ setting where you can record all your incoming and outgoing calls, then there is the ‘Ignore Everything’ setting which you can use to record no calls except for contacts you have already selected  Keeping tax.  These recordings, and finally the ‘Ignore Contacts’ setting in which you can choose which contact you want to remove from automatic recording.


Blackbox  Call recorder

Best for the modern sleek interface


  • Backup and restore recorded data
  • Whitelist contacts
  •  Sort files by name, date, and size
  •  Block unauthorized access

Being able to install Blackbox Call Recorder on your phone and luckily, it’s also a great call recorder app.  It automatically records your incoming and outgoing calls, whitelists contacts for automatic recording, and also allows you to integrate with Google Drive to back up your recorded files online,  Also being able to sort your recordings in an organized way.


Just Press record

voice recorder app for the Apple device


  • iCloud Syncing
  •  Organize and share files
  •  One – tape recorder
  •  Audio editing
  • Transcription

Just Press Record on iOS devices proves to be better than Auro, the best phone call recording app. This tool gives you a one-tap recorder, transcription, and iCloud syncing.  The best part about it is that it also allows you to convert your recorded voice to text, which you can use to tweak the audio in the app itself. 

The recording itself is very easy, just hit the red record button and you get unlimited recording time to record your voice.  The audio quality is also good as you can get 96 kHz/24-bit voice quality with the external microphone.

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