8 Best Audio Editor for Android in 2022

Best Audio Editing Apps
Best Audio Editing Apps
In this feature guide, we have listed the best audio editing apps for Android devices that have lots of features to fulfill your audio editing needs.

Music is an inseparable part of our life, especially in the era of social media. Nowadays, people love to create content on social media using different audio clips in the background. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention, the need for editing and remixing music and other audio clips have led to the creation of several audio editing apps. 

There are several audio editing apps in the market today, and they have a variety of features for different audio editing needs. As Android is the most used operating system, people are comfortable editing the audio directly on their smartphones.

In this article, we have curated the list of the best audio editing apps for Android devices that have lots of features to fulfill your audio editing needs. So let’s take a look at them one by one.

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker Jam is another audio editing app that may prove to be the best choice for all those looking for a budget-friendly option for their music production startup. Besides, it is also a good platform to showcase your music ideas and talents to the world without burning a hole in your pocket. 

As clear by the name, the App thrives on the idea of music composing and production. If you utilize the user-friendly App along with its features to the fullest, you can easily create a high-quality studio for yourself with the minimal cost possible.

Image Source: Music Maker Jam

The App’s features are as follows:

8 ways to mix multi-tracks

  • Cloud Storage
  • Social Media Share button to directly share files
  • Audio Mixer
  • A large Variety of File Formats supported
  • Supports all basic music production tools along with some professional ones.
  • Can be downloaded and used for free but contains some in-app purchases

FL Studio Mobile

The last one on our countdown, this audio editing app offers premium features for composing music and editing audio tracks. It is loaded with virtual instruments and you can also modify the default in-built settings to add the effects of your choice. Here you will find samples that can be manipulated and preset as per your need. It has both import and export options and also supports the MIDI file format.

Image Source: Summa3a

You will find the following features:

  • Support for MIDI controllers and MIDI files
  • In-built instruments
  • Music Effects changer.
  • It supports file formats like MP4, WAV, and more.
  • Supports these Manipulating tools: Edit, Mix, Record, sequence, chorus, auto ducker, filter, and delay,
  • You need to spend $14.99 to enjoy its professional features.

WavePad Audio Editor

If you are looking for a professional option for editing and or composing music, you need to check out WavePad Audio Editor.

Apart from just editing, you can also record in this App. One unique feature of WavePad Audio Editor is that it lets you edit audio with different file formats and manage them. Later you can combine all the files to prepare one audio file.

Image Source: NCH Software

Wave Audio Editor has the following file formats:

  • Edit and combine different audio file formats
  • Easily share your work with others on social media
  • Supports almost all file formats
  • Provides the following music manipulation tools: Clipping, trimming, cutting, merging, copying, pasting, and delete 
  • Supports the manipulation effects tools like compressing, normalizing, amplifying, and noise reducer.
  • The App has a free version that has a variety of useful tools. But you need access to more tools; you can get the full-featured App at just $14.99.

MP3 Cutter

If a particular music track has been caught in your head or you have a favorite song that you to use as a ringtone, the MP3 Cutter will prove to be useful here. Apart from this, you can also mix and remix different song tracks and then compile them to create your audio file. 

Its interface is pretty convenient and user-friendly that can easily let you do audio editing efficiently.

Image Source: Joyoshare

These Features are present in MP3 Cutter

  • Mix soundtracks
  • Ringtone creation
  • A huge variety of file formats to pick from
  • Supports basic manipulation tools like Cut, trim, splice, edit, save
  • The App is completely to use but you need to spend 1.99 dollars to get rid of ads.

Lexis Audio Editor

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly app to edit songs and audio, then Lexis is the right choice for you. Lexis has a very convenient interface and it also lets you record audio besides editing audio, thanks to its long list of features. If you are someone who creates their music, then this App will also allow you to manipulate it at a good speed right on your Android smartphone. 

Image Source: Apple

Features of Lexis are as follows: 

  • User-friendly and easy to learn interface 
  • A large number of editing tools
  • Manipulating tools are as follows: 
  • Copy, cut, paste, pitch control, noise reducer, mixer, effects, normalizer
  • Currently, the following file formats are supported by Lexis: WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and WMA, and video formats like mp4, 3gp, and 3g2.
  • This App can be downloaded free from Google Play Store but it has some in-app purchases like Complex tools and ad removal features.

Voice PRO

If you are looking for a modern alternative to an audio editing app, then Voice Pro is worth trying out! This is a very professional and intuitive app that houses good quality audio editing features for your need. Voice Pro has a very simple and user-friendly interface with lots of audio editing features to cater to all your audio editing needs. 

It is one App that supports the highest number of audio file formats and edits your audio files at an excellent speed. This audio editing app also has a couple of additional features like audio to text conversion feature supporting 40 languages and also has an inbuilt call recorder. Moreover, it also allows you to use cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Image Source: Google Play 

Supports Features like:

  • Cloud storage option
  • Allows mono or stereo formatting
  • In-built call recorder 
  • Audio to text conversion in 40 languages.
  • Supports almost 99 formats
  • Supports manipulation tools like Edit, cut, adjust, change effects, and noise reducer

It costs $ 13.21 to use this App. But it also has a refund policy if you don’t find the App useful within 2 hours of purchase.

Edjing Mix

Another powerful audio editing app featured on this list is Edjing Mix for Android devices. As inferred by the name, this App also serves the purpose of DJ for your in-house party. The App has an array of features that let you remix songs and create new music according to your taste.

Image Source: EdjingDJApp

Besides you also have a sharing feature to showcase your music creation on your social media handles for your friends and family.

You’ll find the following features in Edjing Mix audio editing app:

  • Auto-detection of BPM 
  • Remix Tracks
  • Direct Share button for Social media 
  • Supports a variety of file formats:
  • Have Manipulating tools like Remix, Create, and more.
  • The App is completely free to use.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Here is another audio editing app suitable for both basic and advanced audio editing requirements. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is loaded with top-notch features which provide some modern touches to your audio recording and editing.

This audio editing studio supports both multi-tracks and MIDI interfaces that provide you with in-built tools to boost the quality of songs and audio. 

You also have an option to set up a connection with external hardware. The interface is very intuitive and modern allowing smooth navigation. Its support for 250 USB and MIDI interface connections lets you scale up and easily connect to a laptop.

Image Source: APKdone

You will get access to the following features here:

  • Allows you to record multiple audio tracks
  • Import and Export a variety of file formats.
  • Allow you to create beats either using an external instrument or in-built ones like guitar, piano, and more.
  • Supports all the file formats
  • Following Manipulating tools can be accessed here: Copying, cutting, trimming, splicing, mixing, editing, redo/undo, effect changing, and more.
  • Cost $7.99 for the full version. Also has a free version with some basic tools.


These are our best picks for Audio editing apps for Android Smartphones. You can use any of the above apps depending on the nature of work and the quality of output you need. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below. 

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