8 Best Apps Like Kik 2022


Most people have at least two messaging applications on their smartphones.  These days, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and fast internet connections, communication via SMS is moving towards obsolescence. 

While most messaging platforms work the same way, some subtle differences can set some apps apart from the rest.  Take, for example, Kik, which has been entertaining its users for over a decade with a fast and secure communication channel.


WhatsApp isn’t as popular in the US as it is in the rest of the world. It’s the most used messaging application in over 100 countries, which says a lot about it and how useful it is. 

In case you didn’t know, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which bought it in 2014 for $16 billion.  The best thing about WhatsApp is its simplicity.  You can say that it is a pure messaging app which has all the features you need and no clutter whatsoever.

 The clean and intuitive interface allows users to navigate easily.  And by Clean, you can see zero ads or in-app purchases. The app is lightweight, making it a great choice for entry-level to mid-range smartphones.


Viber is another messaging platform that’s been around for years.  Although its interface may not look like Kik, it does have a lot of similarities that give Kik users speed.  Viber is feature-packed, which can compel users to stick to it and convince their friends to take a look at it.

 By linking your number to Viber, you can instantly connect with all your contacts who have also signed up for the app.  Many users compare Viber with Skype.  This is because you can make voice and video calls for free.  Also makes it possible to make international calls to other Viber users.


In its early years, LINE is mostly used in China and other countries in Asia.  But it has become one of the largest messaging platforms in the world.  While its user base is still less than that of Kik and WhatsApp, LINE undoubtedly stands out as a strong competitor.

LINE, you can enjoy free voice calls, video calls, and messaging.  Group chats are also extremely popular on the platform, allowing you to create group chats and interact with up to 200 users.  There’s also a desktop client, so you can still stay in touch with your friends without your phone.


Telegram is the least popular messaging app on this list, but it’s one of the best alternatives to Kik right now.  Founded in 2013, the app now includes 200 million monthly users.  It may share the same core functionality as most messaging platforms, but the reason for using it is to maintain privacy. 

The primary selling point of the app is to keep messages private through the use of end-to-end encryption.  This technology can prevent either of the two people in the conversation from seeing the messages sent.  However, it is worth noting that this feature is not implemented by default.  Encryption only covers calls and secret conversations.


Here’s another entry from Facebook.  Messenger is the main reason the app is skyrocketing in popularity because of its integration with Facebook.  Since this social media platform has a staggering 1 billion users, it is no surprise that a lot of people are using Messenger as well.

 You could argue that Messenger is by far the easiest app to use if you want to connect with friends.  If you don’t like Facebook, you should know that Messenger requires a Facebook profile, but doesn’t require the Facebook app to be installed on your phone.  This is a plus, especially for those who remain concerned about privacy issues.


More and more people are learning about MeWe, a social platform competing against giants like Facebook and Instagram.  If you are tired of being bombarded with ads, this is an app similar to Kik that you can check out.  Apart from the usual functions like messaging, group chat, and file sharing, the platform claims to have no promotions.

  According to MeWe, users do not have to worry about censorship.  It can work both ways.  But for those who want complete freedom in their content, MeWe is a great option.  The only downside is that you may have to pay a monthly subscription if you want to test the waters so there’s a free trial.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Kik, GroupMe is the perfect app for you.  Not many people are familiar with this app, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an app worthy of your attention.  Skype acquired GroupMe in 2010, and like its parent company, GroupMe has made it a popular choice among business owners. 

GroupMe works a little differently from other messaging platforms and each group chat has a number associated with it.  Users can send messages to this number and all group members can receive them.  One feature of GroupMe is that it may ask you to switch to a text-based service if you’re in a location with a slow data connection.


WeChat is huge in China, but it hasn’t had much success outside its home country.  Although it has over a billion active users, so it doesn’t force you to give it a try.  For countless people in China, WeChat is the reason why they have almost completely padded off using email and SMS.

 While it isn’t much different from other apps in terms of key features, one thing that can make it an interesting Kik alternative is that you can connect with new people and chat.  It’s as easy as going to the Discover tab and shaking your phone.  The app looks for other users who are also shaking their phones, and you’ll be able to connect with a stranger.

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