10 Best Anime games on Roblox (2022)

Best Anime games on Roblox

Anime fans rejoice with this game that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best anime Roblox games where you can take your viewing habits to your favorite mobile gaming platform.  With thousands of games and millions of regular players, there are tons of great games that could be inspired by little more than your favorite franchise.  And we have listed some of the best here.

Anime punching simulator

  1. Genre: simulator
  2. Average concurrent players: 20K+

First on our list is one of the most polished anime Roblox games out there is a great game. As the name suggests, punching is a take on the original anime punching simulator – you have to earn energy.  You can slam the can with your fist and then trade it with the gems found.  It’s important to grind and embrace the gameplay loop, the more you punch, the more you progress towards upgrading your character.

Anime Battlegrounds X

  • Genre: Combat
  • Average concurrent players: 33K+

Here’s another arena-based Roblox game that focuses in-game through combat to slowly and steadily level up your character.  The goal of the game is to use the XP gained from those battles to take out the groups of NPC enemies that litter each stage to level up and unlock new characters.

Anime Fighting simulator

  • Genre: simulator
  • Average concurrent players: 8K+

Another game from Block Zone, the anime fighting simulator was released before its Warriors successor but found more success in the long run.  One of the best anime Roblox games on the platform to date, the game has garnered over a billion plays in its lifetime, a testament to how much of a hit game it is.

Anime Clickers

  • Genre: Clicker game
  • Average concurrent Players: 2K+

For something different than most battle-focused Roblox anime games, you choose the anime clickers game.

Think Cookie Clicker, but with more boss battles and character upgrades it will gradually increase your stats each tap before you are reborn so that those stats can increase the game’s built to restart.

Anime Battle Tycoon

  • Genre: simulator
  • Average concurrent players: 400+

Here’s another Roblox game that’s in very familiar territory, which has tried out other fighting games but is very similar to the anime battle tycoon game, which gradually builds on your character.  Focuses on leveling up, but takes more of a hands-off simulator approach.  In this Roblox game, you take care of your land, hire workers, and increase their efficiency.

Tower Defense: Shinobi

  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Average concurrent players: 2.5K

Unlike the previous games on our list, Tower Defense: Shinobi can shake up the gameplay formula by giving players a very traditional tower defense experience. In this Roblox game, you have to mobilize your forces.  You’ll need to organize and defend against waves of enemies, with anime legends as your companions as you progress through the game.  Story mode, exercises, and infinite wave modes to choose from mean there’s plenty of variety in the game to keep things fresh.

My Hero mania

  • Genre: combat
  • Average concurrent players: 2K+

Based on My Hero Academia, My Hero Mania is another combat-focused Roblox game experience with a variety of upgrades and powerups at its core.  Each time you load, you can randomly spin to a new oddity Thereby giving you a new power to test on the battlefields.

Slayers Unleashed

  • Genre: MMO
  • Average concurrent Players: 3K

Next on our list is the Slayers Unleashed Roblox game which, unexpectedly, is based on the Demon Slayer anime.  This is one of the most frequently updated games on the Roblox platform, with new quests, objectives, and enemies constantly popping up.

Shindo life

  • Genre: MMO
  • Average concurrent Players: 35K

More Than Just One of the Best Roblox Anime games  All Genres, Obstacles and Unlocked Levels Uncovered! It’s collected over 1.4 billion plays in just two years And that many people can’t be wrong.  The game makes it play faster and more loose with its naruto influences, enabling you to create your Roblox ninja.

A One-Piece Game

  1. Genre: combat
  2. Average concurrent players: 15K

The last game on our list is based on the One Piece anime Grand Pirates Codes – Free Roblox Rewards Game Title Originality, attested to – world design and loyalty to the source material  This game is more suitable for.  It plays like a lot of Roblox Combat RPGs, as you grind to earn a belly, spend it on new upgrades for your boat, and boot up new seafaring rigs.

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