12 Best Apps Like Pinterest (Alternatives 2022)


Everyone loves Pinterest for good reason: you can access images on any theme for inspiration and virtually put items into organized folders based on your areas of interest. Your so-called “art inspiration” is all grouped into boards, and before you realize it, the search for images becomes compulsive. What about Pinterest alternatives you may use in place for your original ideas?

Utilize apps and websites like Pinterest to find ideas. Enter the search terms to get images representing the answers. Here are 8 Pinterest alternatives, including apps and websites, that could possibly boost your own creative output.

Best Pinterest Alternatives

Here we have presented 8 best Pinterest alternatives, which would help you to explore more amazing content and themes. 


One of the most widely used social media sites for sharing media is Instagram. Thus, rather than being for text-based material, Instagram and Pinterest are for media content.

Instagram may therefore be among the best Pinterest alternatives. Additionally, you can save time and increase traffic by using the same content on both platforms.

You have the option to connect your Instagram account to Pinterest so that the author information is integrated.

Both Pinterest and Instagram allow you to create and share the same image. The only difference is that each post on Pinterest will include a link to your post, but Instagram only allows you to add one link in the bio.


Juxtapost is probably the most competitive of all the websites we’ll be talking about that are similar to Pinterest. It undoubtedly has the most users and shares all of Pinterest’s features. You can create categories, share them with particular people, work on categories with other users, and perform all of the Pinterest-like actions.

Juxtapost offers one feature that Pinterest lacks: a separate tab called “More Like This” that shows postings similar to the ones you’ve been seeing. You can accomplish this without leaving the current page. This website’s best feature is its ability to preserve your bookmarked materials that resemble Pinterest art as spreadsheet documents. You never know, it could come in handy.

 We Heart It

What if teenagers could use Pinterest? There is a platform called We Heart It that truly best caters to this group. This app targets female college students with its content. With its cutting-edge UI, We Heart It claims to let you find and follow the people you care about. But unlike Pinterest, it lacks the pinning or board features. 

A post must be downloaded if you want to preserve it. But the app’s incredibly cool design and content selections more than make up for this flaw. Ladies, you’ll like this app right away after signing up. Hence it can be considered an alternative to pinterest.


Similar to Pinterest, Tumblr is a microblogging platform where users can submit a variety of content, such as images, text posts, links, videos, audio, and more.

Tumblr’s material is mostly organized into “microblogs,” each of which focuses on a particular topic like archaeology, cooking, history, design, etc.

By simply liking a post or by creating various microblogs on the same account and sharing the post to the appropriate microblog, you can preserve posts you find interesting. In essence, it works in the same way as Pinterest boards.


A member of the Expa family, Mix is a content discovery and sharing platform based on the success of StumbleUpon. It’s one of the alternatives for Pinterest.  In order for you to curate and share the finest of the web and what interests you, the platform learns what you enjoy browsing and searching for.

Mix can be used by anyone to conduct research or learn more about their interests and profession. You can also utilize it as an additional means of disseminating your material to a particular audience or to interact with clients or business partners who have similar interests.

As long as it’s on the internet, Mix allows you to save anything, including pictures, music, and videos, just like you would on Pinterest. You can also incorporate your preferred items.

Unlike Pinterest, which caters to a particular audience, Variety features a mix of users that use the platform to explore more of their interests and learn about new issues.


A website similar to Pinterest, Flickr combines a very handy cloud photo storage service with a social media platform that is largely focused on sharing photos.

Flickr is a great site since it enables users who are only interested in images (as opposed to drawings, infographics, illustrations, etc.) to:

Post your own photos to gain followers. Observe the work of other photographers. Investigate groups based on particular interests (architecture, food, urban exploration, character poses, traveling, artistic photos etc.)

Finally, you may create personal galleries (essentially collections) to keep any image you like, whether it’s one you took yourself or one taken by another photographer.


The ‘ Show and tell for designers’ is something that Dribbble takes great delight in. It is a platform that unites creatives from various fields, such as digital artists, illustrators, and graphic designers, as well as all varieties of Pinterest artists.So its considered a Pinterest alternative.   

No matter what area of design you work in, Dribbble is a terrific place to share your work with other creatives. You can present your work here and let an outstanding audience decide if you should share it or not. In addition to searching for designers by region and skill set, you can filter information by projects, colors, and categories. Why then is it listed as a Pinterest alternative? It surpasses Pinterest in terms of inspiration for designs, despite being more specialized.


A website like Pinterest that is specifically geared toward men is called Dudepins. On the website, you may see amazing images and films that are just for men as well as explore, share, and buy macho goods.

With a selection of movies, images, and articles arranged into interest categories and personal montages, the website is user-friendly and aesthetically gorgeous.

Your interests can be saved and arranged into montages such as hardware, delectable cuisine, fashion, fantasy locations, and more.

Dudepins focuses on men’s interests with the chance to find and explore the interests of their favorite companies, in contrast to Pinterest, which is mostly dedicated to women. They can also concentrate on other popular subjects, internet forums, and their friends.

You can sign up for Dudepins by Facebook, Twitter, or email, and it’s simple to use. Dudepins is also smart and elegant, so you won’t be distracted by memes and cliched subjects. Additionally, you’ll come across a lot of like-minded people who favor a macho website over Pinterest.


There is a platform similar to Pinterest for every niche interest, so if you like Pinterest’s design or content curation skills, you will undoubtedly appreciate these websites and apps. Give them a try and let us know how you like them. Comment here and share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of app is Pinterest?

By adding (also known as “pinning”) photographs or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e., a collection of “pins,” usually with a similar topic), users of Pinterest can visually share content and find new interests. Users can also browse what other users have pinned.

Why isn’t Pinterest working for me?

Although the data you’ve stored on your smartphone may also be to blame, an internet connection is the most likely cause of your Pinterest app not functioning as it should. A fast clear of the cache and a network reset typically fix the problem.

What happened to Pinterest 2022?

In order to improve their apps, numerous social media juggernauts have released fresh and intriguing improvements as of 2022. The identical choice is made by Pinterest. There is now a new “profile” search tab available. Users can easily locate Pinterest creators by using the Search tab.

What is the difference between Pinterest and Pinterest Lite?

The majority of the functionality of the Pinterest app are available in Pinterest Lite, which can download more rapidly in areas with slower internet connections and uses less storage space on your device. That implies inspiration for everything in a smaller app, including new recipes, fashion advice, and trip suggestions.

Does Pinterest use data?

In addition, Pinterest records information about your device and browser cookies. This information is then used to give tailored content, such as suggested message boards and relevant advertisements. Go to your account settings and modify the personalization preferences to decide what data Pinterest uses.

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