How To Add Groovy in Discord

How To Add Groovy in Discord
How To Add Groovy in Discord
This article is about How to add Groovy to Discord in an easy way. If you are hunting to get started with Groovy bot to enjoy music on your Discord server, go through the article.

Running or being a part of a Discord server is an enticing and exacting task. Particularly if you’re anodyne a Discord server, time will go like no alternative. And before you recognize it, you’ve got a lot of tasks remaining, and you’ve only crossed one item off your list. S, here’s how to add Groovy in Discord.

While Discord could be a fantastic place to begin a community on something you’re hooked in to. Moderating giant servers, as well as chat rooms, voice rooms, and so on. are often quite an exacting task. And on high of that, you wish to stay fellow members engaged and interested furthermore. So, Here’s bots come back to the rescue by permitting you. To moderate your Discord server and add some fun at constant times.

There are such a large amount of moderation bots to settle on from. Every with its distinctive commands. And options that build managing and running a server a straightforward task. And today we’re about to be talking on the Groovy bot.

What is Groovy Bot?

As the name might counsel, Groovy bot may be wont to play your favorite tunes. On your Discord server from platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud. Whereas there are various music-playing bots accessible for Discord like Rythm larva. Groovy makes things easier to put in and run and allow you. To groove intent on your favorite songs while not having a lot of trouble.

Despite being around for quite a while currently. The groovy bot has been through several such changes and upgrades. To style and add premium choices for Discord servers that get it. Plus, they’ve created positive that whereas you’re running music. There’s no delay or lag for any Discord server, and you get the most effective quality accessible.

It is one of the most effective music bots out there. To play music while not tweaking your server or fixture exhausting to grasp commands. And premium users will play music 24/7 no end, adding audio effects, saving queues, and far extra.

Commands used for your Groovy Bot:


With this command, you’ll be able to play any song through the link or search question. You’ve entered from Spotify or YouTube. Click Enter to begin enjoying.


You’ll be able to resume enjoying the track that paused.


This can be another cool feature. Through that, you’ll be able to change nightcore mode for a lot of ambiance results and similar tracks.


Speaking of Queue, use this command to look at all the accessible tracks in your queue.


Through Shuffle, you’ll be able to disarrange the tracks other in a very queue.

Bass boost

If you wish to feature a lot of bass to the song contending, you’ll be able to boost it with this command. Inputting Reset can set the degree back to default.


Pause any song presently enjoying by utilizing this command.

How to Add Groovy to Your Discord Server

Setting up the Groovy bot is pretty easy and simple. Follow these steps to put in it:

  • First, visit
  • And click on Login within the higher right corner. If you’ve already registered your Discord server.
  • Or you may click on raise Discord on most websites.
  • Then, register along with your email credentials if you haven’t already, and sign up.
  • Here, choose the permissions you would like to permit the Groovy bot to receive. From the drop list, choose your Discord Server within the Add bot section.
  • Then select on continue so click on Authorize.
  • And now you will need to verify yourself as an individual’s. Thus follow the steps to complete the fast method.
  • Then, return to your Discord server dashboard, and you may notice Groovy bot more to your server.
  • At Last, start shaping and taking part in your favourite tunes with the commands. We mentioned it on the top.

Attributes of Groovy bot

The groovy bot has various cool attributes for playing music and commands. Which will be available handy. Once managing an outsized audience on your Discord server. Even so, before you’ll be able to begin taking part in music. You have got to form certain that the Groovy larva put in in a voice channel.

So, some features are listed below

  1. It allows you to play your favourite music from sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify.
  2. Also allows you to add music in queues, save them as playlists, pause. Resume or skip track anytime whereas a track is contending.
  3. It displays lyrics and determines that users or roles will access the Groovy bot to play music.
  4. Even, Groovy bot is free, you’ll be able to get a premium version. Wherever you get several extra advantages like running the bot 24/7, saving your queued songs. And run Groovy bot on over one server at a time.

How to use the bot on your Discord server?

After you’ve installed the Groovy Music bot to your Discord server, there are a few fundamental instructions you’ll need to know in order to utilize it. We’ll walk you through the fundamental instructions for playing music, adding songs to the queue, and more in the stages below.

How to Make Music:

You must be connected to a voice channel in order to play music using the Groovy Music Bot. You may start playing an audio track on Discord by using the command below.

-execute “link or search query”

To play the audio from a song on YouTube, for example, use the Play command followed by the URL. When you press the Enter key, the music will start playing immediately.

To pause or restart music playback, follow these steps:

To pause a track, use the following command:

The audio will be halted when you input the command pause. Music, on the other hand, can be restarted by typing the following command.


To add music to the queue, follow these steps:

To make a music playlist, use the Play command in conjunction with a link or search query from a compatible source. If a track is playing, the input will be loaded and added to the current queue.

The queue can be seen in the following ways:

Enter the following command into Groovy Music Bot to examine the current queue:


This will display all of the tracks in the queue in their appropriate order.

So, some features are listed below

  • Using this entertaining bot, users may listen to music from sites such as YouTube, Spotify, and others.
  • This bot makes it simple to display lyrics because it has a number of useful features.
  • Moderators can also determine which users or members have access to the server’s groovy bot to play music.
  • Groovy’s premium edition also allows you to save songs and offers a slew of other advantages.
  • Groovy allows users to queue music, store it to a playlist, and much more.
  • Groovy also makes it simple to utilise commands like Play, Shuffle, Queue, Pause, and Bass Boost.

The Groovy Bot has gone through several alterations in the past, but it is presently causing quite a stir on Discord. That is why people want to know how to add Groovy to a Discord voice channel. Let me now demonstrate a few ways to use the Groovy bot.

Play Spotify Songs with Groovy Bot

The Groovy bot can play music from Spotify and other platforms. You and your friends can effortlessly listen to your favorite music! You can stream your Spotify playlist by following three simple steps.

  • Firstly, select the More icon, which appears as three dots.
  • Copy Song, Playlist, Album, or Artist Link under the Share menu.
  • -play [URL that was copied]

How to fix Groovy bot not Working

The Groovy Bot may have issues such as not responding or being offline from time to time. This might be due to a discord server crash; if this is the case, verify the discord service status.

Also, ensure that you’ve granted the groovy bot sufficient access, which you can do in the settings tab. If the groovy bot still doesn’t respond after following the instructions above, make sure you haven’t altered the groovy bot’s default prefix.

What are the alternatives of Groovy Bot?

There is a potential that the other music bot will have the same outcomes as the Groovy Bot. Rythm, the second greatest music bot after Groovy, has formally stated that it has no plans to shut down the bot. I’ve mentioned other wonderful groovy bot replacements and will update the list; in the meanwhile, you may try the music bots listed below.

  • Rythm Bot- It is the second most popular music bot after Groovy. It contains all of the same functions as the Groovy Bot, such as play, pause, restart, loop, queue, and so on. You should give it a shot as an alternative to the Groovy.
  • Hydra Bot – Hydra is an excellent music bot. It will connect to the voice channel and begin playing music in the same manner as other music bots. The coolest part about Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and queue by using the emotes located beneath the song thumbnail.
  • Octave Bot – Octave Bot is maintained by the same team that is running the Dank Memer Bot (one of the largest discord bot). Earlier, Dank Memer contained music feature but later they decide to separate it into a separate music bot (octave bot).
  • Mee6 Bot – It is a general purpose bot. Its a great moderation bot which can play music.

How to Use Groovy Bot with Other Platforms?

With the Groovy Bot, you can play the music by adding the name of the song or by adding a link to the song. The list of platform that the Groovy Bot support is –

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Clyp
  • Mixer
  • Bandcamp
  • Direct audio file
  • Message attachment

There are some platforms that do not allow you to directly stream the songs. We will discuss how you can stream the song from any of the given platforms and for that we will use the example of Spotify which you can apply to any other platform.

Method 1: Entering the track information

By including the Spotify song URL in the add command, the groovy bot may play the music. The groovy bot can then identify the Spotify link, and the Spotify API can then ask Spotify to find out what’s behind the link.

Method 2: Submitting all data to YouTube

While Spotify does not allow for direct audio streaming, YouTube does. The groovy bot searches YouTube’s metadata for the closest match to the tune you submitted.

Method 3: Sending Audio to Discord

You may send audio files to Discord, and Discord will listen to them. The bot will then play the file later on the voice channel.

How do I get my discord bot to work?

The Groovy Bot may occasionally experience problems, such as failing to answer or going down. This might be due to a total discord server outage; if you encounter this problem, visit the discord status page.

Also, ensure that you have granted the groovy bot necessary rights, which can be done in the settings tab.

If the groovy bot still doesn’t react after following the instructions above, ensure sure you haven’t changed the groovy bot’s default prefix.


When it comes to playing hassle-free music, Groovy is the best option for beginners, it makes it an easy and no-fluff required process.  This is all about How to add Groovy to the discord server. Hope this helped you!

Frequently asked questions about Discord

Q 1. Can you add a bot to a discord chat?

Ans- To add bots to your Discord Server, you’ll need to be an administrator of that server. If you do not own the server, it’s in all probability a decent plan. To examine with the owner before adding something thereto. From your Discord home page choose the server. You need to feature the larva (on the left-hand facet of the Discord Website).

Q2. What did groovy violate?

Ans- According to The Verge, YouTube claimed that fab had desecrated. Its terms of service by modifying YouTube’s service. And utilizing it for commercial functions. Groovy put in on 16 million Discord servers. It’s calculable that fab bot utilized by over 250 million Discord users.

Q3. Is Groovy free?

Ans- Display lyrics and establish that users or roles will access the Groovy bot to play music. Thus, the Groovy bot is free, You may get a pro when you need extra advantages. Like running the bot 24/7, saving your queued songs, and running Groovy bot on quite one server at a time.

Q4. Can Same Server Have Multiple Groovy Bots?

Ans- Groovy can’t be in several voice channels on the same server at the same time. This is a Discord restriction that is unlikely to be altered.

Q5. How can I fix not being able to hear the Groovy bot?

Ans- Make sure Groovy isn’t muted. If this is the case, make sure the “Server Mute” option is unchecked. If you can’t see this option, contact a server admin to unmute Groovy. If it appears like this, it’s because Groovy was muted on your end. Please ensure the mute checkbox is unticked.

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