Review: Gentle Alarm

gentle-alarmThere are so many choices out there when it comes to alarm clocks. The choice you make will depend largely on your personality and sleep habits.  Types of alarm clocks range from the old hammer and bell (pictured) to an ipod dock,  even devices that you have to chase around the room to them turn off. It has become the trend nowadays to use a more portable option; something we always have with us at all times - our trusted mobile phone!

Your Mobile Alarm

For those who use their mobile phone as an alarm clock, most are satisfied with the stock built-in function. However, for us smartphone owners, why settle for stock when we have a world of free and low-cost applications at our fingertips?

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Review: Sleep As Android

sleep_as_androidBefore anyone comments on my terrible grammar, I should inform you that “Sleep As Android” is the correct name for a popular Android mobile application. Rather than wasting any time trying to explain the unusual title for this app (please forward all complaints to the developer), I will instead be explaining how awesome it is.

Monitoring Your Sleep

'Sleep As Android' uses the accelerometer in your Android phone to measure your movements during the night while you sleep. It logs this information in the forms of graphs and statistics that can be viewed on waking. These results can then be shared via social networks or email – there is even a setting to do this automatically.

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Review: Dawn Simulation Clocks


We all know how helpful a ray of sunlight can be when it comes to waking up refreshed.  However we cannot always choose the time we wake up and certainly not when the sun rises.  There are many factors involved when it comes to the amount of light we receive when waking.   Our location in the world and the time we have to wake for work are two factors we have little control over.

Wake Up Naturally

Sure, you could relocate or change your work pattern.  But wouldn't it be easier to purchase a bit of kit to help you wake up feeling energized?  Even when its pitch black outside?  Dawn Simulation Clocks, also known as Sunrise Alarm Clocks, are the perfect solution.  The light intensity of theses clock increases gradually and naturally like a sunrise 15 - 30 minutes prior to your preset wake up time.  The light triggers the wake up process of your body naturally, which gives you a far more refreshed and energetic feeling on waking.  Some models also include a choice of natural sounds to assist the waking process, from woodland grasshoppers and singing birds to the rolling waves of the sea.  The sounds behave much like the light, increasing in volume as it approaches your desired wake-up time.  Of course there is also the standard alarm buzzer for those who need that extra kick.

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