Product Spotlight: Beep Egg


As its is Easter weekend, what better way to celebrate than with an egg or two! The question is; do you really know how to boil one? Or rather; do you know the exact time to boil an egg for soft,medium and hard-boiled results? I'm sure there is an app for that somewhere, but this time I have found a nice little gadget that will cater for your eggy needs. Introducing the Beep Egg.

Put this little egg-shaped device into a water filled pan with your eggs and it will alert you when the eggs are cooked to your liking. The Beep Egg contains a temperature monitor, an egg-timer and alarm rolled into a water-proof egg-shaped casing. Leave the Beep Egg to boil with your real eggs and a different alarm will sound to alert you when the egg is soft medium or hard-boiled.

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