As its is Easter weekend, what better way to celebrate than with an egg or two! The question is; do you really know how to boil one? Or rather; do you know the exact time to boil an egg for soft,medium and hard-boiled results? I'm sure there is an app for that somewhere, but this time I have found a nice little gadget that will cater for your eggy needs. Introducing the Beep Egg.

Put this little egg-shaped device into a water filled pan with your eggs and it will alert you when the eggs are cooked to your liking. The Beep Egg contains a temperature monitor, an egg-timer and alarm rolled into a water-proof egg-shaped casing. Leave the Beep Egg to boil with your real eggs and a different alarm will sound to alert you when the egg is soft medium or hard-boiled.

If this isn't enough to egg-cite you, your new little yellow egg-shaped friend can be stored in the egg compartment of your fridge along with you real eggs. The coolness of the fridge will even prolong the life of this egg-cellent device! Ok, enough of the egg puns now.

The Beep Egg is a fantastic gift for students, or those who don't want to fuss with standard egg-timers. Seriously, this is a cute and fun gadget that really works - every kitchen should have one of these!

Get yours now by clicking on the appropriate link for your country below, UK consumers can also find the BeepEgg at

Beep Egg (UK)

Beep Egg Timer Beep Egg Timer
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Beep Egg (US)

Beep Egg Timer Beep Egg Timer
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