Product Spotlight: Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener


Ask yourself the following questions:

(a) How often do you wet-shave your face/head/legs?

(b) How many shaves on average do you get from each razor?

If your answers are (a) 3-5 times a week and (b) around 4 to 7 times with the same blade and you are male, you fall into the average usage category. As you would expect, the lifetime of a razor blade varies according to the conditions it is subject to. If you are female and you only shave your legs/bikini line, the usage will be less frequent and blades will last longer. However if your hairs are darker and thicker, your blades will need to be changed more frequently. Either way, it would benefit everyone if there were a way to extend the life of the average shaving razor.

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Product Spotlight: The Withings WiFi Body Scale


If you are serious about losing weight or obsessive about maintaining it, ordinary bathroom scales just won't cut it. Imagine if your bathroom scales could communicate with you over the airwaves to your computer and mobile phone, and help you to achieve real goals. We have found a product that can do just that, and more! The 'Withings WiFi Body Scale' records more than your weight, it also detects your fat and muscle percentages along with your BMI (Body Mass Index) count.  It transmits these figures to a server, the information can then be accessed on your computer (via your web browser) and smartphone or tablet (via the free iphone/ipad and Android apps).

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Product Spotlight: Beep Egg


As its is Easter weekend, what better way to celebrate than with an egg or two! The question is; do you really know how to boil one? Or rather; do you know the exact time to boil an egg for soft,medium and hard-boiled results? I'm sure there is an app for that somewhere, but this time I have found a nice little gadget that will cater for your eggy needs. Introducing the Beep Egg.

Put this little egg-shaped device into a water filled pan with your eggs and it will alert you when the eggs are cooked to your liking. The Beep Egg contains a temperature monitor, an egg-timer and alarm rolled into a water-proof egg-shaped casing. Leave the Beep Egg to boil with your real eggs and a different alarm will sound to alert you when the egg is soft medium or hard-boiled.

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Product Spotlight: TENS Pain Relief Machines


Taking drugs for pain-relief is not always a good idea, especially when the pain is a long-term chronic condition or the circumstances don't allow for it. Technology has a solution for this in the form of the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS Machine).  Although its sounds a bit like a robot from the future, a TENS Machine is actually a portable pain-relief device that can be carried around whilst you go about your daily routine.

The TENS Machine consists of a central battery-powered unit and a collection of electrodes connected via wires.  The electrodes are placed onto the skin and the machine attaches to a belt or pocket.   The device works by emitting small electrical pulses that interrupt the pain signal before it reaches the brain. The sensations felt are mild tingling pulses that are non-intrusive.

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